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Best Hair Removal for Men

Every summer, you get cornered on a hot day. You try to endure the high temperatures while your body betrays you and you stew in your own filth. Nobody likes it. If you want to beat the heat, there’s an easy way to make your body stay cooler at all times: do a little grooming. Removing body hair will transform your life, and it doesn’t have to be difficult at all. When you get your hands on the best hair removal tools for men, you can make hair removal easy, fun, and pleasant all around. 

The Lawn Mower 2.0

Any discussion regarding the best hair removal for men starts with The Lawn Mower 2.0. This is the ultimate tool for male grooming. It is designed from end to end to make trimming easy, safe, convenient, and controlled. Let’s talk about how that is achieved.

Ceramic Blade Head

The part of the trimmer that actually cuts is the blade head. For the 2.0, this head is made with small, ceramic blades. The entire thing is packed into a module that is easy to swap or replace. By utilizing ceramics instead of steel, you get some huge advantages.

First, ceramic blades are harder and can hold a sharper edge than steel. They are also less porous and by extension more resistant to growing bacteria. Perhaps most importantly, ceramic blades are able to hold more precise shapes, and this empowers the 2.0 with a cutting design that can get much closer to your skin with a reduced risk of cuts and nicks. We named this feat of engineering SkinSafe. 

The Motor

Our ceramic blades are amazing, but they would be useless without a good motor. If you don’t believe us, try using your trimmer without turning it on. In the 2.0, we went all out. We designed a powerful motor that runs at 6,000 RPM. This high cutting speed allows the blades to mow through dense hair without and snagging or tangling. It makes the process more comfortable, and it means that you can cut through a disturbing amount of bush even when you’re in a hurry. It also means that you have better precision and control when you’re trying to get creative with your grooming.

Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is deceptively important in a trimmer. Sure, there’s a comfort factor. Nobody wants their trimmer to sound like a gas-powered weed whacker while they’re working their junk. That’s nerve-wracking at best.

The science behind noise reduction is actually more important. The loud noise comes from the powerful vibrations that are inevitable when you utilize a high-RPM motor. Rather than skimp on power, we decided to address those vibrations head-on. So, we build a dampening system into the design. While it cuts the noise of the trimmer considerably, it also makes the whole thing vibrate less. This means your hand won’t go tingly after a few minutes of trimming, and it further reinforces your control when you’re trimming around the balls.


There are three things that make the 2.0 extremely convenient. The first is the cordless design. A lot of guys underestimate this feature. When you trim your beard, the cord doesn’t really matter. It’s pretty easy to manage, and it means you don’t have to worry about batteries.

That equation changes when you shave your ass. Think about it for a minute. What does it take to get a trimmer between your cheeks? Those awkward positions can be downright precarious when you’re fighting with a cord. We killed that problem out of the box. 

The 2.0 is also waterproof. That means you can safely take it into the shower if you need to consolidate parts of your daily hygiene (don't forget your Crop Cleanser). It also means you can use the 2.0 anywhere in the bathroom without fear of a violent shock or untimely death. We think that’s pretty nice.

Lastly, the 2.0 runs on a rechargeable battery. Not having to buy batteries is great, but there’s something else at play. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can output a lot more power than your standard AAs. Remember that powerful motor? It wouldn’t be possible without this convenient battery design.

The Perfect Package 2.0 

Here’s the final secret to hair removal: it involves more than cutting hair. If you really want the best of the best, you need a good support crew. Trimming and shaving come with negative side-effects, even when you use the best tools on the market. The Perfect Package 2.0 has some extra tools to overcome those side-effects and leave your post-groomed body in the best condition possible.

Crop Preserver

This stuff is magic. It’s deodorant designed specifically for your balls. That means it’s gentle, smells amazing, and works overtime to help you manage moisture levels between the legs. On a hot day, Crop Preserver’s powder-like base will keep you cool and dry. It also reduces friction, so you don’t have to worry about chafing and other trouble.

More importantly, Crop Preserver uses our special Active pH Control formula. This is designed to help restore a health layer to your skin after a grooming session. Once you’ve removed the hair, take a warm shower, towel dry, and rub some Crop Preserver into your groin. It will soothe and restore the skin while it helps you smell fresh throughout the day.

Crop Reviver 

Crop Reviver is designed to be a complement to Crop Preserver. This is a toner for your balls. It’s a gentle spray that helps with smell and reinforces the restorative effects of our Active pH Control. Because it’s so gentle, it can serve as a refresher at any point in the day. If you ever need a little extra something to stay fresh, one or two spritzes of this stuff gets it done.

Magic Mat

The last piece of the puzzle has absolutely nothing to do with your body. The Magic Mat is a little bonus we include to make your life easier. As the name implies, it’s a mat that lies on the ground. Do your bushwork while you stand over it, and it collects the clipped hair. Clean up becomes a breeze, and the worst part of manscaping is no longer a problem.

When you have the right tools, you can elevate your game on many levels. The Perfect Package 2.0 has the best hair removal tools and the accouterments they need to perform at their peak. With these tools in your corner, you’re in good shape, but there’s a final resource that puts it all over the top. is a total male grooming library. We have all of the knowledge you need carefully curated in a single space. We fully encourage you to take advantage of it.



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