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December 07, 2018

Perfect Christmas Gift for Him That He's Guaranteed to Love

Ladies, do you have trouble getting Christmas gifts for your man? Oh, you already found something great? That’s ok. This is better. Unless he already has it, The Perfect Package 2.0 is possibly the best Christmas gift a man can receive. It’s pretty nice for his partner, too. Let’s take a look together at everything that makes it great for both him and you.

The Perfect Package 2.0

We call it this for a reason. Everything a man needs for top-class manscaping is consolidated into a single toolkit. It includes a state-of-the-art trimmer, elegant razor, life-changing ball deodorant, skin-saving spritz, and cleanup friendly disposable mats. It’s all placed in a complimentary carrying case, known as the Shed, to keep everything as clean, orderly, and convenient as possible.

We don’t expect you to make this decision on a list of products. Instead, we’ll talk about how this package can change a man and, as a result, his relationship.

Greater Confidence

We could stop here. Manscaping is about feeling good, and that can’t happen without building confidence. Manscaping well and regularly will help your man look his best. More importantly, it will help him feel his best. You’ll see a new spring in his step and twinkle in his eye that will translate to better performance at work, at home, and in bed. Feeling good and confident is at the core of success on every level. Manscaping with The Perfect Package 2.0 won’t give anyone magic confidence, but when used properly, it will add a little oomph that can go a long way.

A Smoother Body

Everyone is into their own things. We get that. We also know that most women (and a lot of men) prefer at least a little smoothness somewhere on their man’s body. If we can promise anything from this gift, it’s smoothness. That’s kind of how manscaping works. Wherever you want to be able to feel a gentle caress and sensual skin, you can help your man achieve it.

This is great on multiple fronts. It won’t just be nice for sexy time (where it will be very nice). It can improve cuddling, sleep, friendly massages — pretty much anything the benefits from physical touch. This is probably one of the key ideas you had in mind when you started reading. You won’t be disappointed.

perfect Christmas gift for him

A Healthier Man

Let’s take care of some pseudoscience right away. The verdict is still out as to whether it is healthier or not to groom body hair. There are pros and cons both ways, so that’s not what we’re suggesting. What we’re saying is that The Perfect Package can help with healthiness regardless of a man’s grooming habits. The pros and cons of trimming and shaving aren’t what matters.

What does matter is the skin-saving formula baked into several of our products. Crop Preserver is a deodorant that is specifically engineered to help maintain a healthy pH, moisture levels, and skin consistency throughout the day. Swamp crotch doesn’t just smell bad; it can lead to bad skin conditions. When you pair the deodorant with a good body wash and refreshing toner, you get peak-level skin health. We often explain that it’s the most important part of manscaping — not the grooming.

A Better Smell 

Speaking of swamp crotch (and other odors), manscaping is the best way in the world to combat the natural processes that assault your nose. For starters, managing body hair helps reduce the negative impacts of sweat. It can’t collect, and the gross micro-organisms that thrive on it don’t fare quite as well.

Add to that the skin-health benefits and superior pH, and you end up with a man whose skin is actively resistant to smelliness. Whereas most males would succumb to nature and give off a nearly visible odor, a manscaper continues to delight those around him with his improved aroma. 

The real clincher is that this stuff smells great. We’re talking about body wash, deodorant, and a refresher. Each one is designed to smell attractive. Even if they weren’t eliminating odors at the source, they’d still be leaving a protective, good-smelling barrier. When you do it all, you’re left with a man whose scent can and should drive his partner wild.

He’ll Use It

That’s always the catch. Chances are that you’ve considered other “self-improvement” gifts for him before. You want to help him be his best, but if he’s not into it, then it’s really a moot point. The Perfect Package solves this in two ways. First, we’ve engineered every single tool in the kit to overcome his natural laziness. We’re guys, too, so we understand the common obstacles.

The bigger motivator we’ve include is Crop Preserver. Yes, we’re back on that again. It’s the easiest thing to use in the whole kit, and it feels so amazing on the balls that we’re sure it’ll be enough to reel in even the most reluctant men. Once they’re hooked, you can trust that they’ll want to keep up with their manscaping

Perfecting the Package

When you get him the right tools for the job, you do a wonderful thing. We’re going to match your commitment by showing him how to use those tools. It’s a brief tutorial, but it should be enough to get him going in the right direction.

Magic Mat

Before you get started, find your stack of Magic Mats in the package. You only need one. Spread it out on the floor where you plan to do the deed (note: you should not be grooming in the shower). This Mat does two things for you. Obviously, it catches the hair clippings so cleanup will be easy. Secondly, it has amusing “news” written all over it. Hopefully it makes grooming feel like less of a chore.

The Lawn Mower 2.0

the perfect Christmas gift for him that he's guaranteed to love

Once you have your mat ready, grab your trimmer. Use the longest guard and go to town on your loins. Then, stop. At this point, it’s ok to ask your partner what he or she likes. They went to the trouble of getting you such a nice gift. This is an easy way to give back. If you two aren’t sure, this is good enough. If you have some ideas, try them out with the shorter guards. We just want to warn you of one thing. Stubble feels terrible against the balls and shaft. Keep that in mind as you get things progressively shorter.

The Plow

Still on your mat, it’s time to shave. Again, this can be a team decision. If you’re trying to surprise him or her, or you two are looking for tips, we recommend starting with just the balls. Take your time and use short strokes. That should be enough to get you through this safely.

Crop Cleanser

This one isn’t included in The Perfect Package 2.0. It’s still worth the investment. It’s the only body wash on the market that is designed specifically for manscaping. It has a patented formula (called Active pH Control) that is engineered to help your balls (and other parts) recover from manscaping. If you want to avoid itchiness and such, it’s a savvy investment. Just scrub gently after you groom. You’ll be sensitive. 

Crop Preserver

We already mentioned this one. The trick is to dry off thoroughly from your shower before you apply it. Simply rub it into the skin. It should only take a minute. 

Crop Reviver 

The final soothing formula is in Reviver. You spritz it down there and leave it be. It’s gentle, so you can give yourself a little refresher any time during the day that you might need it. 

There you have it. The Perfect Package 2.0 is an amazing gift for men. It also happens to give back to their partners. You two have what you need to get into a smoother, more manscaped relationship than ever before. We wish you all the best, and  to order this perfect Christmas gift for him that he's guaranteed to love, visit Manscaped.com. Happy holidays!

the perfect Christmas gift for him that he's guaranteed to love


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