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Top 10 Women on Instagram That Love MANSCAPED™ Men

As much as society has progressed in the last few decades, some changes come too slowly. Have you ever wondered how to tell someone they have bad hygiene? We’ve all been caught saying things we probably shouldn't, and we’ve all dropped the ball on male grooming at some point or another. If you’re one of those stubborn holdouts who needs more convincing to get on top of your male grooming, this will be the day you finally submit. If you’ve already caved and wanted some vindication, you’ll find it here. We’ve rallied the manscaped models who love a groomed man. We’ve weeded through the Russian bots and shameless plugs and found real smoke shows who want you to groom. Stop taking it from us. Take it from them instead.

1. Lana Alexandra

Lana Alexandra is a manscaped model who has appeared in Playboy, Maxim, GQ, and many other publications. She works as a personal trainer and Instagram model. When you follow her social media, you’ll see exactly why she likes a manscaped man, and if her curves don’t convince you to start grooming vigorously, nothing will.

2. Audrey Smith

Hailing from Austin, Audrey Smith is one of the cutest girls on the planet. Her Instagram and other social media is full of gorgeous photos, silly jokes, and fun adventures. If you give her a follow, you can get some exclusive discounts on your Manscaped products. If you’re learning what these women are teaching, a discounted Lawn Mower 2.0 might be the best thing you can hope to find.

3. Kelsey BeYourWild

The beyourwild Instagram page is truly inspiring. If you like travel, exotic locations, and provocative pictures of attractive women, this is the one for you. While she shows off her fascinating life on Instagram, Kelsey works as a fitness and nutrition coach. She won’t just teach you important things about manscaping. She’ll show you how to be a better man all around. If you get a little turned on in the process, that’s ok.

4. Jace Marlee

Jace Marlee is the unspeakably hot party girl you’ve always wanted but could never get. She has a booty that could a man weak at the knees and an insatiable appetite for fun. The best thing about following Jace is that you’ll get insight into the wild life you know you want to conquer. It’ll take a lot more than just manscaping to get you there, but as she said herself, it’s a great place to start.

5. Courtney Tailor

Courtney Tailor’s Instagram might make your head explode. She flaunts what she’s got, and nobody is sorry about it. Now is an especially great time to get into her social media because she’s having a lot of fun with March Madness. If nothing else, she can be the blond bombshell who inspires you to get your shit together.

Man Holding A Lawn Mower 2.0

6. Robin Martin

Robin Martin is the deadly duo. She’s more than just a gorgeous model. She’s also a Yoga instructor. Based out of Seattle, she has filled her Instagram with poses that show you just how good she is at what she does. Yes, she’s in better shape than you are. Yes, she’s so flexible it will make you dizzy. Yes, you should do whatever she tells you to do because this woman is straight amazing.

7. Stephanie Marie

Using the handle stephaniefitmarie, Stephanie is a sexy woman who is equal parts inspiring. She’s currently fighting Crohn’s Disease while maintaining her status as an elite athlete. For anyone who doesn’t know, Crohn's Disease afflicts the digestive tract and can be incredibly painful and completely life-altering. It’s not uncommon for those afflicted to make frequent trips to the hospital and even require organ transplants. None of that keeps Stephanie Marie from showing us all how it’s done.

8. Vanessa Nieto

Vanessa Nieto is a coach and athlete, and when you see her amazing body, you’ll understand why. She offers workout advice and fitness programs to help people get fit. She’s also a straight shooter. By her own words, if you want to get a girl like her, “you have to take care of your balls.” If she can’t convince you, no one can.

9. Sexy Model Center

Ok. If we’re being fair, this isn’t a woman on Instagram. Instead, it’s an entire collection of eye-melting hotties who all have committed to #manscaped. If that doesn’t tell you something important about male grooming then there’s really no hope left for you. When you see just how many gorgeous women are on this bandwagon, you’ll understand why you should be too.

MANSCAPED Models Holding MANSCAPED Products

10. Beersweatsports

Once again we’re looking at a collection of women rather than a single model. The lovely manscaped models of beersweatsports could entertain you for hours. Their content is committed to being as fun as it is sexy, and it’s certainly living up to both of those promises. If you like any of what you see here, then you already know what to do.

Now that these influencers have shown you what you need, it's time to learn how to play the game. After all, the prime age for men varies based on what you're talking about, but there's never a bad time to get down with your grooming habits. We’re going to take you through a lightning-fast tutorial to make sure you’re ready to groom at a level that could please the kind of women you’ve no doubt already followed. This will be your roadmap to taking the advice of those incredible ladies and making yourself more appealing to even the hottest models on Instagram.



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