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Top Rated Holiday Gift for Him That She'll Love Too

Fellas, we give you a lot of attention. Today, we’re going to be addressing the ladies. Ladies, Christmas is just around the corner. If any of you have any concerns as to what they should get the man in their life for a gift, we’re going to make it easy for you. The Perfect Package 2.0 is a gift that shows how much you care. Then again, the best gifts are at least a little selfish. If you want to get your man something for yourself, this is probably your best bet. We’ll show you why. 

The Perfect Package 2.0

It’s right there in the name. This gift package from Manscaped, the top brand in the world for male (read: below-the-waist grooming) is already perfect. Since you can’t do any better than that, you’re welcome. That’s one more check off of the Christmas gift list.

Ok, fine. If you’re one of those shoppers who needs more than a clever name, keep on reading. We’ll go ahead and break this down and show why it isn’t just a great gift for him. You might enjoy it more.

The Lawn Mower 2.0 

This is the flagship of everything we do at Manscaped. It’s the best body-hair trimmer on the market and not by a small margin. The ergonomic design is completely cordless and waterproof. That makes it easy to use and easy to handle. Every aspect of the 2.0 is engineered to optimize body grooming and get the best possible results. Even first timers can take this trimmer and transform themselves from sasquatches into refined gentlemen. It’s so good that people often assume there’s a little bit of wizardry involved.

Why is it good for you? Well, do you like back hair? Do you find it fun to snuggle up to your man and get a face full of chest hair? Let’s not even get started with that mess downstairs. The beauty of The Lawn Mower 2.0 is that we’ve made it so easy, he doesn’t have any excuses left. If you want your intimacy to get a nice boost, get him the best trimmer around. He’ll actually use it, and you’ll be sending us a thank you package.

Crop Preserver

Crop Preserver is going to be his favorite part of this gift. To put it simply, it’s ball deodorant. You’re already nodding in approval, but you’re underestimating how awesome this stuff really is. Crop Preserver utilizes a special pH control formula that helps sensitive skin deal with the hardships of body grooming. It’s also made from a talcum-like gel. This reduces friction, helps keep the boys cool and manages moisture throughout the day. It will definitely keep him smelling pleasant through a hard day, but it will also keep him feeling great.

You’ll love this because his man meat won’t be emitting noxious fumes when he gets hot or stressed. You’ll also love it because it will add a little spring to his step. If you want to bring out the best of any man, make his junk feel better. It’s a guaranteed formula.

Top Rated Holiday Gift for Him That She'll Love Too

Crop Reviver

Crop Preserver is amazing, but we weren’t satisfied with it. We found that for best results, we could supplement it with another powerful formula. That led to the creation of Crop Reviver. It’s a toner and refresher that emphasizes revitalizing skin after manscaping. Trimmers and razors can cause redness, irritation or dryness. Crop Reviver clears that up pretty quickly. Also, it’s the gentlest formula around and smells great. That means your guy can do a little courtesy spritz if he’s having a particularly smelly moment.

You’re going to enjoy this for a lot of the same reasons you’ll appreciate Crop Preserver. He won’t smell like a dude all the time, and he’ll feel better downstairs. The other reason you’ll be glad he has Crop Reviver is for what it will do for his skin health. If you want your guy to have healthy, smooth, pleasant skin, then this is for you.

Top Rated Holiday Gift for Him That She'll Love Too

Magic Mat

The Magic Mat was designed for a specific problem. Manscaping is messy, and no one wants pubes all over their house. A lot of guys try to tackle this by grooming in the shower, but that’s just trading one messy problem for another. We’re quite proud of how easily we fixed the issue. The Magic Mat is simple. You throw it on the ground before you groom. It’ll collect the mess, and then you can just toss it. Easy peasy. We may have taken a little inspiration from Adam Sandler in Big Daddy, and we see nothing wrong with that.

If you share a bathroom with your man, this will easily be your favorite part of the Perfect Package 2.0. Even if you’re lucky enough to have a guy who cleans up after himself, you’ve still face a pube apocalypse at some point. The Magic Mat is the end of all of that. 

Top Rated Holiday Gift for Him That She'll Love Too

Manscaped Boxers

Whether you don them yourself for a little naughty foreplay, or simply admire your man while he's wearing them, Manscaped Boxers elevate a man's style and support his family jewels. Made of a proprietary anti-chafing microfiber, these sexy boxer briefs will be the ones he reaches for time and again. 

The Shed

The last item on the list is a little bonus gift we throw in as a thanks. It’s a travel bag that keeps all of the tools organized. It makes it easy to keep up with grooming on the go, and it minimizes clutter in the bathroom at home. We didn’t really reinvent the wheel with this one. We just think it makes sense to keep the Perfect Package in something that resembles packaging. Add a bow and your man's Christmas gift is DONE!

Top Rated Holiday Gift for Him That She'll Love Too

For Best Results

Michelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel by using state-of-the-art technology. He did it with knowledge and skill. We’ve made the best tools around to help guys get started, but there really is no substitute for doing things correctly. If you want your guy to actually benefit from his gift an make his own Sistine Chapel, he’s gotta learn a few things. These tips are for him.

Groom Before You Shower

This isn’t just about mess management. Yeah, clogged drains suck, and if you always groom in the shower, your drain will clog. There’s another reason to do things in the right order. Even with our tools, trimming and shaving (obviously in that order) will still irritate your skin. Following that part with a shower will help you soothe the skin — especially if you use Crop Cleanser. The key is to exfoliate with your soap. It’ll make sure you get every last stubborn hair clipping, and it’ll help the skin start the recovery process.

Top Rated Holiday Gift for Him That She'll Love Too

Apply Formulas Dry

Clearly you want to apply your deodorant after you shower and not before. Also, it’s not a shaving lubricant. Just, no. To get the best results from Crop Preserver, use it after you have completely dried. If it’s a grooming day, try to gently pat dry. This will help with skin recovery. When you apply the deodorant, just rub it in. That’s all it takes.

As for Crop Reviver, you want to give a couple of spritzes after your deodorant is absorbed. It doesn’t take long, so you won’t be standing naked in the cold. Once you spritz Reviver, you’re good to get dressed.

That’s about everything there is to say. We call it The Perfect Package 2.0 for a reason. It has everything a man needs to take full control of his manscaping destiny. If he uses everything in the kit in the order we recommend, he’ll be looking and feeling his best. If that’s still not enough, we’ve filled with tutorials, advice and anything else a man needs to be a man.

Merry Christmas to your man (and you, wink)!



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