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What Is a Landing Strip?

We’re proud of you. If you’re here, it means your curiosity surrounding manscaping has grown, and you’re taking the time to sate it. That’s a great step. Since you want to know more about pubic hair trends, it seems you’re ready to learn all there is to know about landing strips. They are a classic pubic design, and no man can be a true expert until he understands them.

Intro to Landing Strips

Imagine you’re flying at night. It’s so dark you can’t even tell ground from sky. You know it’s time to come in for the landing, but where do you go? You look down, and there it is. A row of lights stands out in the night. It isn’t just showing you the comforting shape of the landing strip in the night. It’s highlighting exactly where you need to go. 

This is why pubic landing strips stole the name. They don’t just look like a runway — with their long, thin shape. A landing strip is a guide. It’s an invitation. It points to the destination, but it manages to do so without being overt or crass. It holds just enough subtlety to stand up to polite society. That is the landing strip.

A Little History Lesson

So, who came up with this all-time classic among pubic hair designs? Well, that doesn’t have a clear answer. Body hair grooming is as old as society. Anthropologists have found evidence of shaving and grooming that date as far back as 3,000 BC. The ancient Egyptians were crazy about fashion, and that included managing body hair.

They weren’t unique in this, either. Have you ever seen an ancient Greek statue? The cock and balls were on full display. Were any little, curly hairs carved into the image? Of course not. Manscaping is as old as feminine grooming, and both have been important to every major society in history.

As for the landing strip itself, no one can give credit to a single innovator. What we do know is that in modern times, they took favor with the ladies first. In the 70s, Brazillian waxing became the new craze. As it swept across the U.S., people grew more creative with their bikini waxes. The landing strip was one of the popular variations, and by the 80s, it was common place.

In the manscaping world, landing strips became popular around the same time that manscaping went fully viral. As soon as society embraced the groomed male genitalia, guys started adopting as many interesting patterns as possible. The landing strip was borrowed from feminine style pretty much immediately, and it’s been a reliable go-to ever since.

what is a landing strip

The Pros of the Landing Strip

Today, we have amazing tools and unlimited resources to stimulate creativity. Why should we stick to a classic when there are new horizons of manscaping to explore? While we never want to stifle creativity, the classic landing strip does have a few pros.

Bush Control

Here’s the thing. The primary reason to manscape is to get the bush under control. There’s plenty of other body hair that needs management, but the stuff that impacts your daily life the most is the bush. A landing strip is a clean, elegant way to get that shrub down to size. When you do, a lot of itching and irritation that plague your daily life will go away.

On the style side, there’s another important reason to consider something as minimalistic as a landing strip. It’s summer. Men’s swimwear has been shrinking for the past few years. As it does, it becomes a lot easier to wear something that allows a few untamed pubes to pop out and say hello. That’s not acceptable. The landing strip became popular because women were wearing bikinis. If you’re going to wear a speedo, maybe you should learn from their pioneering efforts.


The other great advantage of the landing strip is it allows you take the bald approach without adopting the bald look. It’s like this. Shaving your junk really does feel amazing. You have nice, smooth skin. It’s soft; the itching goes away; and moisture control can’t get any easier. When you minimize your crotch hair, you stop collecting sweat, and you won’t emanate the reek of sweaty balls.

The problem is that man parts don’t really look that good when they’re completely bare. Your sack is wrinkly. Your dick is veiny. The aesthetics are all wrong. When you adopt a landing strip, you get all of the positives of a bare downstairs, but you accentuate the look with a clean, mercifully distracting patch of groomed hair.

There Are Cons, Too

We’re not here to sell you on any one male grooming style. There are plenty of good reasons to rock a landing strip, but everything has its cons. This is no different, and we think it’s fair to let you know about the downside too.

what is a landing strip


Let’s be real. Landing strips aren’t the easiest grooming style out there. If you want a simple buzz cut for your helmet head, then this isn’t the style for you. It has precise lines that require regular upkeep. It’s also extremely easy to get the strip off-center, crooked or unshapely. If you’re not into the time and effort necessary to make this look work, you should find something else. A bad landing strip is an unforgivably bad way to wear your pubic hair.


There’s a second issue with landing strips. Even if you’re the best, most professional manscaper around, this still might be a bad look for you. The strip design was originally intended to accentuate feminine anatomy. It flows pretty naturally with the shape of a female. For a man to really pull it off, a certain physique is necessary. 

Specifically, the landing strip works best when you have a lean ‘v’ pointing to your goods. That’s not easily attained. Plenty of athletes and trainers are in amazing shape and still don’t have the lower abs and overall leanness to best highlight the landing strip. That doesn’t mean it’s forbidden. It just means that you might not look like the Google image search that inspired you to give this a try.

Getting It Done

Now that you know about landing strips, let’s talk about how to actually get one. Always, there’s the option of professional grooming. For a landing strip, that’s not a bad call. But, if you like self-sufficiency and doing things yourself, then a four-step approach will help you get and maintain a good strip. 

First, the Trim

Naturally, you have to get things down to size before you can do precision work. This begins with a Magic Mat and The Lawn Mower 2.0. Your first step is to trim everything down to size with the longest setting. Even the part that will make the strip has to be groomed or this won’t look right. Once you have that initial trim done, you’re going to remove the guard on your 2.0. This will let you make the line for the strip. From there, get everything but the strip as short as you can. Once you do, you can go back to the strip and shorten it (make sure to use cutting guards) to the length you like.

what is a landing strip

Then, the Shave

The bulk of the grooming is already done, but a landing strip looks best next to smooth skin. So, you’re going to stay on your Magic Mat, lube up with shaving gel/cream and grab The Plow. Take your time and get a nice, close shave. This gets the best results for a landing strip. There are no special instructions here. We assume you know how to shave. 

Follow With a Shower 

Once you’re done with the grooming, you can toss the Mat and hop in the shower. It’s pretty obvious why you want a shower after any grooming session, but we should emphasize a couple of things. First, you want to make sure you use a good soap. Crop Cleanser is designed specifically to help restore your skin after a trim and shave. The Active pH Control will rebuild the top layer that you just removed. So, exfoliate gently with Crop Cleanser, and you’ll head off irritation and razor burn.

Lastly, the Skin Care

After the shower, you want to gently pat your groin dry with a towel. Before you get dressed, you’re going to apply some ball deodorant. Crop Preserver has a formula that complements Crop Cleanser. The deodorant will help your skin maintain the healthiest moisture levels. This helps you feel clean, smell great and avoid any chafing.

The final application is Crop Reviver. It’s a gentle toner that works like aftershave but without the burn. When this works in concert with the other two formulas, you’ll have the healthiest lower-body skin you’ve probably every experienced. You’ll also smell amazing.

There you go. You just learned all about the landing strip. If you ever want to know about more styles, options and techniques with manscaping, you can find it in one, central location: It has everything you need to fully craft the perfect package.



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