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4 essential beard products for winter.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



4 essential beard products for winter

Winter is a great time for a beard. Just ask any man ever.

So, if you’re planning to grow out your facial hair (or if you already have), then it’s time to think a little more about beard care. Winter might be a fun time to have a beard, but the winter months can actually be harder on your beard and face than the other seasons.

With that in mind, come with us on a short journey while we show you four essential beard products that will get you through the winter.

The Beard Hedger™

Do you need the Beard Hedger™ for the winter? Well, yeah. You need a good beard trimmer throughout the year, and if you haven’t heard the good news, MANSCAPED® now makes a dedicated facial hair trimmer.

You’re already familiar with our other products, so allow us to keep this simple. We designed a beard trimmer that is intended to replace everything else you’ve tried. We know you expect it to be amazing. If you’re curious, you’ll find a run-down of features in the next section, but if you want the quick story, here it is.

Even though it’s common to let the mane grow a little longer in the winter, you still want to keep it under control, and your beard trimmer is the key, essential tool for that.

bearded man in winter

What to look for in a trimmer

What separates one beard trimmer from another? There are a few aspects of quality that can make your life (and more importantly your face) a lot happier.

First, you want strong, waterproof blades. It’s pretty normal to trim and shave in the bathroom, and blades that rust are a pain. Have you ever had to clean rust stains out of bathroom grout? It’s not fun.

Titanium steel makes for excellent blades. It’s as strong as steel can get, so the blades don’t dull easily, and it’s a waterproof steel. And speaking of blades, you want to be able to customize your beard length. That's where a rotary zoom wheel with 20 different length settings comes in.

Come to think of it, you want a trimmer that is completely waterproof. Why stop at the blades? A waterproof trimmer is safe to use throughout the bathroom, even in the shower, and that’s nice.

Also, you want all of the features of convenience. Modern trimmers are wireless, have rechargeable batteries, charge quickly, and don’t require a lot of maintenance. If they use standardized features, like a USB-C charging setup, then that’s all the better.

If you have a good beard trimmer, everything else follows from there. You can have the beard you want. After that, you just need to know a couple of care tips, which we’re going to show you.

Beard oil

Beard oil is your best friend, especially in the winter. And, yes, we make beard oil now.

Ideally, you should be using it around twice a week. There isn’t a single, magical, universal number, but start with twice a week and go from there. If your beard feels too oily, scale back. If your beard loses its shine and softness, you can increase your oil usage.

Actually, this will make more sense if we explain exactly what your beard oil is doing to your facial hair (and the face under the hair).

What your beard oil is really doing

You already know what beard oil does, right? It adds a little sheen and makes your beard calm down so you can twirl your mustache like a classic villain. What more is there to know?

Well, those first points are true, but there are a few more points we’d like to add.

First off, beard oil is great for hydration. If your facial hair starts to get a little dry (which is a very common problem in the winter), a single application of oil can reverse that issue. It will soften the hair and make you much more approachable for intimate and sensual moments. Also, the beard oil can moisturize your face, which is important, too.

On top of that, the oil really does make your beard shine. And, it can help you with styling. If your beard gets a little unruly, rub in a little oil, and then you can style it however you like, mustache twirls and all.

bearded man in snow

Beard shampoo

You need a good shampoo and conditioner for your beard. 

Now, we’ve made formulas in the past that are designed for convenience—a single body wash that can go on your hair, face, and armpits, all at the same time. We stand by those formulas, but if you want high-level beard care in the winter (when your beard is most likely to get dry and brittle), then specialized formulas are in order.

Fortunately, we handle that, too. We now make a Beard Shampoo and a Beard Conditioner that are made with these ideas in mind. Allow us a moment to explain the finer details.

The benefits of beard shampoo and conditioner

Beard shampoo and conditioner do the same things as any other shampoo and conditioner; they’re just optimized for use on your beard.

They help clear out foreign substances. They strip unwanted oils while helping your hair to maintain a healthy level of natural oils. They infuse your hair with nutrients that make it strong and healthy.

Even while doing all of this, our beard shampoo and conditioner are designed for the coarse hair that is commonly found on men’s faces. The nature of beard hair requires a different formula if you really want to optimize these benefits, and we’ve taken that into account. You can count on us for the right formula, and now you have access to a shampoo and a conditioner that will make your beard healthier, more attractive, and more pleasant than ever.

Beard comb

Really? A comb?

Yes, really.

We make a full suite of beard products. You’ll find specialized trimmers, razors, balms, and more. So why, in the face of all of that, are we focusing on the beard comb?

It really comes back to winter. Most beard products are essential throughout the year. While you’ll use your comb year-round, it’s most essential during the winter. In particular, our beard comb can help you spot and resolve problems with your beard that are most common during the colder months, in addition to evenly distributing the aforementioned beard oil.

The Beard Hedger

Finding problems

What problems are those? They mostly boil down to dandruff and skin conditions.

Let’s talk about dandruff first.

Beard dandruff can happen at any point, but it’s much, much more common in the winter. This has to do with drier air and the fact that a lot of diseases spread more easily during the winter.

With that in mind, your comb is your best friend in spotting dandruff (and any related skin problems). If you comb your beard daily, then any dandruff issues are going to present themselves during that combing session.

It’s easy enough. Spot the dandruff, and then take care of it using the tools we’ve already mentioned. If you keep your face moisturized, then dandruff shouldn’t be a problem.

But, there are two issues we want to mention in more detail.

First, if you can’t get the dandruff under control, consider trimming the beard completely. Take care of your face and get everything managed. Then, you can grow your beard back. It’s not fun, but it’s better than trying to mask underlying skin problems. Please, just trust us on that.

Second, if your dandruff includes abnormally large flakes or excessive flakiness, it might be the symptom of a skin condition, such as a fungal infection. In that case, go talk to your doctor. They will help you resolve the skin problem, and then you can get back on track with your beard.

There you have it: four essential beard products for winter. Stay tuned for our beard lineup launch to make all your winter beard dreams come true.



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