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4 ways to prevent chafing in your groin & thigh areas

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



4 ways to prevent chafing in your groin & thigh areas

You try to live an active lifestyle. You enjoy moving around and doing fun things, but sometimes, your body gets unhappy with it all. In the worst possible scenario, you find that the life you enjoy causes your thighs or groin to rub itself into oblivion. You have a chafing problem, and you need something that can help.

Fear not, we have powerful solutions that will manage the friction and help you find comfort even while you stay active.

Start with grooming

When chafing is a problem, the best place to start is with your grooming routine. This might sound counterintuitive, but grooming gives you two ways to combat bad friction.

Let’s start with the obvious. Your body hair can poke you and irritate your skin. If you keep it under control, the irritation goes away. Now, shaving isn’t always the right choice. Sometimes, that trades one problem for another. But a controlled trim allows you to get your body hair to a perfect length that suits your comfort level which can help prevent some of that irritating chafing that you're dealing with.

The other advantage of grooming is that it can help with skin care. A lot of times, chafing is related to dry skin. You can remove excess body hair, and suddenly moisturizing your delicate skin is a lot easier and can go a long way for your groin and thighs.

Skincare goes a long way

That leads to an important point. Skincare is a powerful way to fight off raw rubs. When you take good care of your skin, it stays soft and strong. Soft skin doesn’t chafe as hard when it rubs against something, and strong skin is obviously a good idea for this battle.

There are three particular aspects of skincare that give you extra mileage when you’re battling severe chafing.

crop cleanser

Wash properly

Chafing is exacerbated by dry and dirty skin. Anything on your fleshy parts that can make rubbing worse will compound your chafing troubles. Dirt and sandpaper are literally made out of the same stuff. That should be compelling enough on its own.

Additionally, dry skin gets irritated a lot faster. So, you want a good body wash that helps you thoroughly remove dirt while hydrating your skin and combatting general irritation. Crop Cleanser® Groin Wash is the perfect solution to help with your chafing problems.

Use good deodorant

You might not think that deodorant helps with chafing, but when was the last time your armpits felt raw?

More seriously, good groin deodorant is designed to reduce friction. Crop Preserver® Ball Deodorant uses tapioca starch to minimize friction and therefore minimize chafing. It also has great hydrating ingredients extracted from coconut oil and aloe leaves.

A daily dose of Crop Preserver® keeps everything hydrated, soft and frictionless, so you don’t struggle with chafing around the boys.

Hydrate and fight inflammation

You can add to your skincare regimen with one simple formula: Crop Reviver® Ball Toner. It uses witch hazel and aloe to help reduce inflammation. So, if your skin is ever irritated or feeling more susceptible to the woes of chafing, these ingredients head that problem off nicely.

Reviver is also great for keeping your skin moisturized. The formula is designed to compliment Crop Preserver®, ensuring that everything downstairs is as healthy as possible and able to withstand your active lifestyle.

perfect package 4.0

Choose better clothes

They say that clothing makes the man, and when it comes to lower-body comfort, it’s completely true. If you pick clothes that help battle the main causes of chafing, your whole life will improve. That might sound like an exaggeration, but chafing is the worst, and your clothes are part of the problem.

There are mostly two things you want to think about when picking clothes. You want to minimize any moisture build-up in the thighs and groin. You also want clothes that don’t rub you raw.

Moisture wicking matters

Moisture-wicking materials are your best friend in this battle. Most of the moisture that builds up under layers of clothing comes from you. It’s your own sweat, even when you’re cold. Wicking materials get that sweat off of your skin so that it isn’t creating friction problems that rub you in all the wrong ways.

Cotton is your enemy. Any areas that chafe should never be subjected to pure cotton again. Instead, look for wool blends (pure wool is itchy beyond reason) or nylon blends. They are great at controlling moisture and improving your general comfort. This matters most on bottom layers, like your underwear.

Control friction

What materials feel the best down there? Microfiber blends are the champions. You can get a number of different blends, so you want something that feels soft and wicks moisture. When it comes to underwear in particular, MANSCAPED™ has you covered. Our special boxers are designed for both moisture-wicking and reducing friction. We know what feels good and what doesn’t, and we put that knowledge into our boxers.

Remember leg day

Reading that heading, you might think that this is about getting thinner legs or something. That’s not it at all. You don’t need a thigh gap to manage chafing issues. You don’t need to lose weight either. This is about general leg strength and endurance.

This might sound weird, but it makes sense once you think about it. When your legs are stronger, you tend to have more control in your gait and leg movement. Often, chafing is exacerbated when your legs get tired. Stronger legs with better stamina reduce this problem and help you avoid friction that leads to chafing. It’s really that simple.



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