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5 beard styles for every man

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



5 beard styles for every man

Do you enjoy growing a beard? Most guys do. If for no other reason, it’s easier on the face than shaving every day. If you really want to rock a beard though, you have to find the style that works for you. One of the easiest ways to do that is to pair your beard with the shape of your face. 

There are a handful of different face types that are common in men. When you think through them, you’ll start to see why guys should and do favor certain beard styles over others. Here’s a guide to help you.

A square-faced look

Perhaps the best-known square face in the business is Brad Pitt. If this is your face style, congratulations. You have basically already won the Sexiest Man Alive award. It’s all downhill from here.

As for beards that look good, go Google some Brad Pitt photos and note what you see. A square face has a great jawline, so you want your beard to take advantage of that shape. A rounded beard is good. A triangle beard also, that points to the hair on your chin is ideal.

Essentially, your jaw and chin should guide the shape of the beard.

good looking man with beard

Expressing the oval face

When it comes to beards, oval faces are the envy of all men. To put a picture in your head, imagine Jake Gyllenhaal. Once again, guys in this category won the genetic lottery. Since you look exactly like a famous, sexy actor, you’re off to a good start.

The thing about oval faces is that they have strong shapes and soft corners. It means you can do literally anything with your beard and it will work.

If you want a specific beard style that is sure to last the test of time, go for a short beard with clean lines. It’s not a goatee or any clear style. You’re going for a strong show of facial hair that is still short enough to show off your handsome face.

Bringing ridges to a round face

Round faces don’t offer as much freedom in your beard style, but you’re not in a bad place here. The best example of a round face is probably Jeremy Renner, which means you’re an actual superhero. That’s probably fun for you.

The best way to work the beard on a round face is to focus on strong lines and edges. You have good roundness and softness already, so clear beard lines add a lot of contrast that looks good.

Think goatees, but you can get away from the traditional look if you want. An anchor beard or Van Dyke will look great on the majority of round faces.

With a round face, you have a go-rogue alternative option. If you want to look young and cute, keep that baby face smooth.

round face man with beard

Softening a rectangle face

Some people distinguish between a rectangle face and an oblong face. We’re mashing them together this time around. This is a longer face, which gives some of the most distinct characteristics.

Here’s your visual. Idris Elba. Congrats on that.

So, the thing about a rectangle face is that you don’t want a bunch of hair hanging off the bottom. That would accentuate an already long face. Instead, focus the hair higher up on the cheeks. Work on your sideburns and extend them down to full chin straps.

In fact, Google some chin strap beards, and pay attention to face shapes. You will instantly notice that it looks great on rectangle faces and weird on a lot of other face types. This is your wheelhouse.

Working the jaw of a triangle face

A triangle face features a protruding chin. It’s prominent, and it gives you the chance to portray a strong style that looks uniquely you and good at the same time. What’s the best example of a guy with a clear triangle face? How does Ryan Gosling sound?

If you’ve ever been jealous of people swooning over that hunk of masculine sexiness, you can put it away. You have the same face. 

Here’s the thing about the triangle face. You don’t want bushy cheek beards. They’ll mess with the shape of your face, and you’ll lose that natural Gosling charm.

Instead, keep the beard short on the cheeks. Actually, keep it short in general. You can grow good sideburns, but don’t do a full chin strap unless it’s short and well-groomed.

triangle beard

Bonus: Falling in love with a heart face

We promised five beards, but there’s a sixth important face style. The heart-shaped face is another aesthetic that makes guys look amazing. It comes with a thinner jawline, but that hardly keeps the sex appeal away. If you have any doubts, just take another look at Justin Timberlake. He has a clear heart face, and he’s doing great with it.

So, when you take a break from counting your Grammy awards, you can think a little about beard style. Because your jawline is thin, you don’t want to hide it with a bushy beard. Instead, you want stubble. Work that five o’clock shadow, and you’ll be turning heads for years to come.

Those are your beard styles. Obviously, you can experiment and find something that you truly love. But, when you think about your face shape along the way, you can avoid unfortunate mishaps and maximize your sexiness with each style you try.



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