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5 best mustache styles for 2022

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



5 best mustache styles for 2022

You might have noticed. Mustaches are making a comeback. There was a period in the 2000s where they were only allowed to be a part of a beard. They gained a little ground in the 2010s, but now, it seems guys are growing significant mustaches all over the place, and everyone seems ok with it.

If you want to jump on the trend, there are various thick and thin mustache styles that can help you capture the look you want.

How does your facial hair naturally grow?

You can’t pick the right mustache style unless you first evaluate your own facial hair and face shape, similar to choosing a beard style. How does your facial hair tend to grow? Is it thick and visible? Is it thin and hard to see? Are you mostly gray or still far away from silver mustache hair? When you consider these factors, they’ll inform your mustache decision, so let’s start here before getting into thin and thick mustache styles to try in 2022.


How thick does your mustache naturally grow? This is different for every single guy, and it largely dictates which styles are right for you. Some styles cater to thinner mustaches. Others require such bushy facial hair and routine beard trimming that you could never hope to fake it. So, be honest about how your hair grows, and it will help you pick the right style.

thick mustache


For the most part, mustaches will keep growing as long as you let them. So, how long do you like your facial hair? Some guys love the tickle of a mustache on their bottom lip. Others can’t stand to have to filter a drink through the long hairs. This is about preference, but it helps to think about how your mustache looks as it gets longer.


Color doesn’t matter as much for style, but it’s still worth thinking about. A lot of bushy mustaches look great with a little gray mixed in. Sam Elliot has been rocking an all-gray mustache for decades, but he’s proof that you have to own it.

Outside of gray hair, most mustaches look fine in any color. Blonde hair, dark hair, red hair, or anything else is fine. The thickness and length matter more.

What are the best mustache styles for 2022?

You’ve thought about how your mustache naturally grows. Now, you can explore the popular styles for 2022 and see if any fit. Before that, let’s hit some general points.

First, mustaches are back in. You don’t have to have a mustache, but one natural consequence of a pandemic and lots of isolation is that facial hair is thicker and more prominent than it was a few years ago. Classic bushy styles are quite acceptable these days, although no one really knows how long that will last.

The other thing is that you really can keep your mustache shaved or integrated into your beard style. These styles are for guys who just want a mustache. They’re good ways to go, but you don’t need a prominent mustache to keep up with the Joneses.

Alright, let’s get into it.

1. Pencil mustache

pencil moustache

Most people know about pencil mustaches, but for anyone who is unsure, it’s a mustache that tries to minimize the upper-lip hairline. It’s a very thin mustache and ideal for guys who don’t naturally grow bushy hair on that part of their body.

It is supposed to be a high-class or elegant style. On the other hand, it’s also regularly associated with sleazy behavior. Mustache beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

If you want to see a great example of a pencil mustache, look at pictures of Luke Evans. He seems to be a big fan.

2. The handlebar mustache

This is one of the most recognizable mustache styles. It’s where you grow your mustache straight to the right and left, and you make sure it is bushy.

The thing to remember about a good handlebar mustache is that it requires a lot of upkeep. You don’t want to end up looking like Dr. Robotnik.

But, if you pull it off, it’s a hyper-masculine look, and it portrays toughness in a good kind of way. 

3. A horseshoe mustache

The horseshoe is a mixed bag. This is where you let the stache grow down the sides of your face — closely resembling the shape of a horseshoe. It’s not the cleverest name, but you get the idea.

The thing with the horseshoe is that isn’t definitely not guaranteed to look good. It doesn’t go well with a long or narrow face, and it doesn’t mix with preppy or high-class clothing styles. It’s great when you aren’t trying to look like a 1920s aristocrat, but it’s not a universal look.

4. Chevron mustache

chevron moustache

This is the mustache of mustaches. From some point in the seventies and through the eighties, every guy wore his facial hair like this, for some reason. If you want to envision a chevron, think of Tom Selleck or Ron Swanson. It’s the bushy dad mustache.

The cool thing about a chevron is you can let it run free a little bit. You need to keep it trimmed, but it doesn't require much styling. The bad thing about a chevron is that everyone will make strong assumptions about your personality and sense of humor. If you wear this mustache and don’t make terrible puns, what are you even doing with your life?

5. The gunslinger mustache

Some people will tell you that a gunslinger and walrus are the same kind of mustache. Others argue that the gunslinger needs a good beard to go with it. You can decide that for yourself. Since the beard is the major distinction in that argument, let’s talk about the two mustaches as though they are the same thing.

A gunslinger is named after the men of the wild west who popularized it. We’re talking about Wyatt Earp and the like. These are manly mustaches for men who live outdoors and can handle a gun.

That’s not literally true, but the mustache tends to invoke that imagery. Just rewatch Tombstone and you’ll get it.

Here’s the thing to remember about the gunslinger. If you’re going to have a beard, it better be full. You can’t mix a bushy mustache like this with a patchy beard. If your beard isn’t full, just keep the cheeks and neck clean-shaven. You might have to call your mustache a walrus instead of a gunslinger, but you can still look rugged and tough.



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