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5 Trending Male Pubic Hair Designs Men Are Shaving into Their Body Hair

We’re glad that you’ve taken such a proactive approach to your manscaping. You’ve learned to enjoy it, and we can trust that you have the basic competence to groom your pubes without damaging your junk. That’s good. Now, you think you might be ready to advance your sense of pubic style. That’s great! We always want to help your endeavors, so here’s a quick list of what’s trending in the world of manscaping.

The Classics

We’ve commented on manscaping styles plenty of times before. Doing so as often as we do, you come to recognize a difference in temporary trends and eternal classics. We’ll discuss some of those trends in a minute, but it’s always best to give credit where it is due first. These are the five classics that will always be part of the manscaping discussion. 

First up is the natural. Don’t let the name fool you; this is not a leave-it-alone style. The natural aims to incorporate light grooming in order to leave the bush looking like a bush but with a little less wilderness. A proper natural won’t have clean lines or closely cropped pubes, but anyone who has seen an ungroomed body before will instantly recognize the work that goes into it. 

Contrary to the natural is the mega-bush. This is the style where you just let it all hang the way it was made. No trimmer or razor ever touches the mega-bush. It’s a bold style, but it shouldn’t be adopted lightly. Most prefer some grooming down there, but for the (very) few who are fans of a mega-bush, nothing less will suffice.

Getting into more contemporary looks at manscaping, we come to the triangle. It’s exactly what the name suggests: you trim your pubes into a tight triangle. Alone, it’s a nice enough look, but the triangle is also the first stage for a bunch of other, more advanced grooming designs. We’ve covered that in detail before. One thing to note about the triangle (and the next design we’re about to mention) is that it requires shaving of the pubes. Be careful. You need the right trimmer and plenty of patience. Without both, shaving the pubes can be miserable.

The landing strip is another modern classic. It doesn’t lead to additional designs, but it’s basic, clean look is appealing to the masses. Just groom from happy trail to shaft in a single, thin line of hair. The landing strip itself should also be trimmed down to a reasonable level.

The last classic look is known by many names: the baldy, the prepubescent, the swimmer, and the naked mole-rat. As some of these nicknames imply, it isn’t always an attractive look, but there are reasons to go completely bald below the waste. Sports are a primary motivator, and the occasional request from a sexual partner is also a good enough reason. Whatever your reasoning, a bald undercarriage is a lot of work. 5 trending male pubic hairs designs men are shaving into their body hair

The Face-Hugger

Now that we have the classics covered, we can get into some new trends. The face-hugger isn’t viral yet, but we think it will be soon. How is this best described? Do you remember those toys that had a bunch of metal pins in them? They might be called a pin art set. You could put your face into it and it would create a mold. That’s the inspiration for the face-hugger.

The basic idea is that your groin hair will lightly tickle your lover as they graciously provide you divine fellatio. That requires your bush to become a reverse mold of a person’s face. It is not easily done, but the sheer wow factor when you pull it off is worth all of the effort. The only reason it isn’t the leading trend is because of the difficulty of execution. Still, can you think of a better way to extend a polite invitation for someone to put their mouth on your junk? 

The Holiday Special

The holiday special is a two-edged sword. On the one hand, it will keep you from getting lazy or complacent with your manscaping. On the other, it’s a lot of work. The key here is creativity. You take impending holidays as inspiration and groom accordingly. Here are a few obvious hints to get you started. Carve a jack-o’-lantern into your pubes for Halloween. Consider decorating with bells and streamers for Christmas. Is the 4th coming soon? How about stars and stripes to adorn your manhood? 

The ceaseless rotation of themes will prevent your pubic style from ever growing stale, and that’s good for you. When asked what they like in manscaping, one of the most common female responses was creativity. Holidays give you excuses to experiment with color, accessories, and all other fashion of genuine pubic creativity. If you need more help getting started, here are some upper-deck ideas

Don’t Forget the Thighs

This might feel like cheating because it isn’t a specific style per se, but we’ve seen a trend that a lot of ladies are noticing a common problem in the manscaping of their men. Your legs grow hair all the way up to your balls, so you need to consider them in your manscaping. If you have the most perfect lawn in the world only to be overgrown at the edge of your thighs, you’re undercutting your own success. Match the upper thighs to the rest of your groin. It’s just common sense.

5 O’Clock Shadow

We mentioned a survey of women before. More specifically, Rebel Circus asked a ton of women what they want out of their man’s lower grooming. Creativity was the second most popular response. Keep that in mind after reading all of this. If you have a cool idea, go for it!

That said, the most popular response was some variant of a 5 o’clock shadow. Just as the rugged imagery has been attractive on men’s faces for eons, women have noticed that the visual appeal works just as well downstairs. The exact nature of your shadow might vary. Some women like straight-up stubble. Others prefer that you keep the hair just long enough that it can be soft, but they still want it to look as close to the shadow as possible. You’ll have to decide where to draw your own line, but once you figure it out, maintaining the shadow is easy. Just find the right length guard on your Lawn Mower 3.0 and go to town. It’s some of the easiest manscaping maintenance out there.

5 trending male pubic hair designs men are shaving into their body hair

Putting it to Practice 

The thing about trending pubic hair designs is that they require effort and skill. We give a lot of advice to beginners, but if you’re ready to advance your game, we have a few specific tips to help you get there.


The key to advanced trimming is to use The Lawn Mower 3.0. This might sound like a shameless plug, but we’re really focusing on SkinSafe™ technology. The blade on the 3.0 allows you to really press into your skin without getting any nicks or cuts. This helps you get really good lines and clean shapes out of your advanced designs before you grab a razor. That’s important.

5 Trending Male Pubic Hair Designs Men Are Shaving into Their Body Hair


The Rest

Here’s the good news. No matter how technical and impressive your grooming becomes, the rest of manscaping doesn’t change. You still want to follow each grooming session with a shower that utilizes the Active pH Control of Crop Cleanser. And each shower should be followed by a healthy application of Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. The only thing to consider is whether or not your manscaping efforts are going to add extra irritation to your skin. If so, a little extra Crop Reviver through the day should take care of it.

Congratulations, gents! You’re now up-to-date on manscaping fashion. You’re armed with the tools to make a true impression with your sub-naval stylings. That should help your love life and keep your days interesting. Just remember: no matter how beautiful your junk becomes, unsolicited pictures and exposure are still illegal. Until next time, stay fresh out there and stay tuned for more updates at MANSCAPED.COM.



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