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7 Easy On-The-Go Male Care Tactics for Men

It's no secret that people are busy in today's world. They've got clients to meet with, kids' after-school activity schedules to maintain, and relationships to retain. This is a multi-faceted world where everybody is connected to everything all the time.

How does this constant connectivity incorporate itself with men's hygiene regimens? It may seem like a stretch, but rest assured, there are some dirty secrets hiding beneath the surface of this topic that you probably haven't explored before. For men to make sure they look good and feel confident all the time, they need to integrate on-the-go male-care tactics that keep them clean and well kempt, no matter what situation they may run into.

In honor of all men who want to get laid again at some point in their lives, we've compiled this list of seven easy male-care tactics that you can easily take care of when you're on the go.

1. Carry Cleansing Wipes to Keep Your Crevices Clean

Throughout the day, it can be easy for your man parts to accumulate bacteria and bad smells beneath your boxers or briefs. Before you step into a major meeting or sit down with a great date, be sure to wipe the bad stuff off your balls. 

Manscaped's Crop Mop is every man's quintessential cleanliness accessory. Measuring in at about the size of a credit card, these ball-deodorizing wipes can easily fit in your back pocket, gym bag, or leather wallet. When you need to feel a little refreshed below the belt, simply whip out one of these single-serve sized sheets and wipe the grossness away. These powerful little packs are formulated with Active pH Control™ and soothing aloe to moisturize, refresh, and protect the sensitive skin that resides around the south pole.

7 Easy On-the-Go Male Care Tactics For Men

2. Cultivate a Wardrobe that Makes Sense

Here's the deal—you don't need a ton of clothes; you just need a few key pieces that'll put everything else into place. While women rely on their little black dresses for after-hours affairs, they often have outfits that can easily convert from office hours to happy hour with the switch of a pair of shoes or the elimination of a piece of clothing that keeps them covered.

Men can enjoy the same go-to convertible comfort if they curate their closets correctly; they just need to understand how to put a few key pieces into position.

If you're in the midst of doing a rack renovation on your retail purchases, consider adding a few items that can stand as grab-and-go outfits, no matter who you'll be meeting up with. The right items make mix-and-match options simple, reducing the time it takes to put the right look together when you're in a pinch for time.

3. Find Ways to Brush and Floss Throughout the Day

Gone are the days when you had to lug a large toothbrush and full tube of toothpaste around in your back pocket if you wanted to get rid of dirty backwash. Today's breath-freshening devices are made for on-the-go men who might need to reach for oral cleansers at a moment's notice. 

Keep your medicine cabinet, office drawer, and car's glove box stocked with disposable toothbrushes that include built-in toothpaste. While you're at it, make sure you have a stash of travel-sized mouthwash and dental picks or floss so you can make sure that embarrassing appearance of spinach magically finds its way out of the public eye before you head out to imbibe.

No time to put your travel toothbrush to task? Always have a tin of Man Mints standing in case you find yourself in sticky (breath-stinky) situations.

7 Easy On-the-Go Male Care Tactics For Men

4. Hack Away at Unwanted Hair

Okay, we don't literally mean "hack", and if you want to be a burly, hairy dude by choice, that's your own decision. But, if you're just hanging onto your rogue hairs because you're too lazy to do anything about them—or you don't know how to get to the root of the problem—you're not seeing the forest for the trees, so to speak.

No matter how much unwanted hair you have on your body, every extra follicle that's hanging out uninvited is standing in the way of your achieving optimal confidence. If you're ready to trim down your extra layer of fuzz and fur, follow these steps:

  • Lay down the Magic Mat. This nifty tool will keep your short-and-curlies from creating paths that lead to the crevices in your bathroom. Easy cleanup is an essential tool in the arsenal of the on-the-go guy.
  • Mow the lawn. Take a trimmer to the tufts of hair that need to be whittled down. Whether you're planning to go soft, smooth, and bald beneath the belt, or you want to keep the fuzz that frames your phallus, every hair-removal process begins with the blades of a great trimmer. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is specifically designed to manscape the nether region of men's bodies, ensuring clean, accurate trims without unwanted worry around the testicles.
  • Plow the Field. With the excess hair out of the way, it's time to get down to business. The Plow was built to deliver intimately smooth scrotum skin while steering clear of painful irritation, itching, and burning that could otherwise occur with low-quality razors.
  • Wash your body. Hop in the shower and get the goo that's on your body to go down the drain. When you have an awesome body wash on hand, you don't have to take a three-hour long shower; you just have to expose every inch of your body to a cleanser that's formulated with elements that make sense for a man's body. Crop Cleanser, for example, contains ingredients that both clean and hydrate the special skin that needs extra soothing protection after it's been shaved.
  • Deodorize your balls. A quick touch of anti-bacterial, barrier-protecting below-the-deck ball deodorizer will make your day so much better. Douse your dudes with this stuff after you step out of the shower, and you'll be in good shape for a stench-free crotch for many, many more hours. The Crop Preserver is your one-and-done deal when you're looking for a way to deodorize your balls once and for all during your daily regimen.
  • Revive your crop. A quick spritz of Crop Reviver is all it takes to make sure your manhood is protected from friction, razor burn, and post-blade distress. 

7 easy on the go male care tactics

5. Take Skincare Seriously

Naturally, we want you to nurture your nether region, but that doesn't mean we want you to neglect the skin that everybody else sees. Your body is an important vessel, and every inch of it needs to be nourished and protected. Always wash your face with a solid skincare product before you go to bed and after you wake up in the morning. Once or twice a week, exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells that can make your face look dull and lifeless. Moisturize your skin with high-quality moisturizer, and never leave the house without a great sunscreen to protect the parts of your epidermis that are regularly forced to face UV rays.

It only takes a second to ensure your skin looks its best, and once you get into a regular routine, the entire thing will be second nature.

6. Trim Your Nails

Males can have nails, but they can't have claws. If you want to turn a potential partner off as soon as he or she sees you, keep your calcium-fortified fingertips long, ragged, and caked with dirt. 

If you this sounds like everything you don't want to be, keep The Shears near your ready-to-grab stash so you can file the gross things away before you scare your date away. A thorough handwashing, followed by a self-prescribed manicure may be just what the doctor ordered if you want to keep your potential mate's attention.

7. Never Over-Spray

Body spray can sound like a good idea when you want to mask the funky musk emanating from your armpits, but if you spray on a scent you don't normally wear, you may arise suspicion from the people around you. Even worse, if you do imbibe in a scent you're known to sport, your nostrils may be too accustomed to the smell, which can cause you to over-spray and become "that guy" in social situations. You know—the guy who makes everybody's noses crinkle in disgust as you walk by in a painful cloud of olfactory clutter.

Don't be that guy. Never over-spray.

Manscaped's The Perfect Package 2.0 will put you on the right start to a stench-free, sexy body. From proper prep to a seamless cleanup, we've got you covered. So, order your Perfect Package and get ready to get uncovered today!



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