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Advice for Men: Lifestyle of a MANSCAPED™ Man

There are guys who manscape, and then there are guys who live the life of a MANSCAPED man. 

Is there a difference?


You see, guys who manscape might put a trimmer to their hair every once in a while, de-fuzzing the rogue wool that grows around their whatnots. Men who live the life of a MANSCAPED man, on the other hand, deliver the whole package of sophistication and confidence from head to toe, inside and out. They endeavor on well-rounded skincare and exercise regimens that keep them feeling fit and looking good. It's part of their routine, and each tool, appointment, and article of clothing is intended to facilitate this lifestyle of sophisticated, manly aesthetics.

So let's take a deeper dive into the things that really contribute to the lifestyle of a truly MANSCAPED man.

1. Be On-Point with Your Gym Appointments

Nobody's saying you have to look like a 1990s Arnold Schwarzenegger, but if you're trying to keep your body healthy, fit, and trim, you can't skip the gym. 

Men who lead the lifestyle of a MANSCAPED persona schedule their gym appointments, and they don't make excuses when that time rolls around. Are you a morning person? Great! Take a jog before you settle into your workday. Do you sit in an office all day? Put specific spots on your calendar to hit the gym during lunch. Do after-work activities get you bogged down? Try alternating a couple days of the week with before-, during-, and after-work workouts so you can see what works best for your needs.

The point isn't to get extra big and burley (although, you certainly can, if you're so inclined); you just need to find a workout schedule that works best for your own calendar so you can keep your heart fit and fight the fat that can settle in you're living a sedentary lifestyle.

advice for men lifestyle of a manscaped man

2. Be a Boss at Your Job

There are two ways to be a boss: managing people (which you don't have a lot of control over if your position doesn't entitle you to manage people) and owning your responsibilities in a way nobody else can.

It doesn't matter if you're the CEO of a global corporation or an hourly employee at a local fast-food joint, you can still be a boss at your job. 

  • Study up on your industry
  • Be the guy people come to when they need their questions answered
  • Shadow superiors or mentor underlings
  • Be early. Stay late.
  • Find ways to build a better mousetrap within the organization of your company.
  • Dress the part.

That last one is important. You have to look important to feel important and when you feel important, others will treat you as though you are important. No matter what you do, own your sh*t. When it comes to living the lifestyle of a manscaped man, the key is confidence.

3. Be Best Friends with Your Barber

While the fairer sex may find that best friendships with their hair stylists are optimal for advice and gossip sessions, guys need to hit the chair in the name of a well-manscaped appearance. Your hair grows fast, and it doesn't take long for it to lose its shape and become disheveled looking, which immediately detracts from the look of a put-together dude. (Yes, we understand that "disheveled" can actually be an intentional hairstyle, but even men who sport messy tresses know the importance of checking in with their barbers on a regular basis.) 

4. Be Attentive to Your Appendages

The modern man who knows how to show the world that he's a force to be reckoned with always puts his best face forward, but he also takes just as much time with the body parts the general public doesn't see as he does with the stuff that's above the belt. No well-rounded manscaping regimen is complete without regular trips south of the equator.

The truth is, no matter how clean a guy keeps his crotch, it's going to start to get swampy if he doesn't use the right products on his privates. Men who truly lead manscaped lifestyles incorporate a combination of tools and products to keep their parts protected from potentially embarrassing situations.

What's the right way to take care of your downtown region, you ask?


Utilize the Right Tools

The rogue hair that grows down there can get gross pretty quickly, given the cramped confines of the space in which it lives. Long pubic hair invites excess bacteria to hang out in this hot and sweaty region. The more bacteria you have hanging out around your balls, the more likely your crotch is to get swampy. Besides that, it's simply impolite to let the hair between your legs get long enough to braid. Have you ever come face-to-face with a crotch creation that would make your hairstylist squeal with excitement? That kind of pubic hair presentation is hardly ideal for oral or other intimate interactions.

Keep your lower crop in good working condition by trimming it down with The Lawn Mower 3.0. This body-hair trimmer was specifically designed to mow down the coarse hair that resides in your nether region. Thanks to its powerful 6,000 RPM motor and QuietStroke™ technology, you can easily set your secret spot up for success without worrying about painful pulling or uncomfortable irritation. Don't fret about the mess! Before you let the blades go to work on your balls, lay down the Magic Mat. This little gem makes cleanup a breeze, even where hard-to-catch crotch hair is concerned.

Incorporate an Arsenal of Products That'll Keep Your Privates Clean

Removing phallus fuzz is just the first step. Sure, that gets rid of the garden that enables extra bacteria to grow, but that action alone can't keep your balls from building up an offensive odor that people will certainly...remember. Before you bury your lower area beneath your boxers, be sure your manscaping process includes the following products:

  • Crop Cleanser. This all-over body wash is a real beaut on the balls. Thanks to its pH-balanced formula and soothing sea salt and aloe ingredients, it calms just-shaved sensitive skin and ensures the goo that accumulates around guys' junk goes down the drain. 
  • Crop Preserver. A sophisticated man would never step out of his house without arming his underarm area with deodorant. Why should his balls be any different? They stink and sweat just like armpits do (but the result of a neglected nether region can often be far more offensive than a day that didn't start with the right dose of underarm deodorant). Your balls need a barrier of protection that battles bacteria and promotes an anti-chafing environment that's suitable for post-shaved sensitive parts. That's what the liquid talcum-like gel of Crop Preserver provides.
  • Crop Reviver. Finish off with an anti-inflammatory aloe-and-witch-hazel spritz that's specially designed for your sensitive skin that's also exposed to high-friction possibilities throughout the day.
manscaped formulations

5. Get Up at the Same Time Every Morning

Sleeping all day is something you won't find in the lifestyle of a successful manscaped man. It's all about consistency and starting each day with the type of attitude that you can tackle the world and take on any challenge life throws at you today. Do like Santa and make your list and check it twice, bro, because you've got a lot of stuff to do if you want to drum up the kind of attention and respect you know you deserve. 

Snooze buttons have no place on your priorities list. Make your alarm clock a one-and-done interaction so your body knows it's time to rise and shine the second that sound starts going off.

6. Eat Well, Be Well

Nobody's saying well-rounded gents don't do burgers from time to time, but generally speaking, they adhere to healthy diets, taking care to incorporate the entire food pyramid. They also don't skip meals. If you need help getting your food habits onto a highly functional schedule, start planning tomorrow's menu the night before.

Manscaped is the place where you'll find everything for your manscaping needs. The Perfect Package 3.0 comes complete with The Lawn Mower 2.0 hair trimmer and a few elements that'll keep the itch and stink away from your private spots. Ready to experience grooming the way the modern man takes care of his body? Get started by ordering your Perfect Package 3.0 today!


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