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Advice for Men: Top Grooming Advice You Have Never Thought of

In many respects, male grooming is a lot easier than what our female counterparts have to endure. We can get fuzzy on the face, and it's simply called a sexy five-o-clock shadow. We don't have to worry about the hair on our legs or the fur under our arms if we don't want to. And we certainly don't have to subscribe to daily rituals in which we pay special attention to our faces and private places.

Or do we?

Manscaping is an all-body way of living. Once you endeavor on the right men's grooming tips, you'll never want to go back to the way things used to be. With that said, there are probably plenty of tidbits you've never thought about when it comes to keeping your tidbits clean and well-kept. Fear not, gentlemen! We've got the secret stash right here!

1. Shave Your Face Before Bed

Have you ever noticed that your eyes are puffier and darker in the morning than they are as the day wears on? This is because your body was horizontal for seven or so hours during the night, meaning the blood and fluids tend to hang around because you're not at a vertical stance. As you wake up and start moving around, the fluids start draining back into your body.

What does this mean for your shaving routine?

If you shave in the morning, your skin is at its puffiest, which can make even the cleanest shave look a little prickly as your face starts going back into its natural form. This is because, when your skin is puffy, you're able to grab less hair with your blade when you shave. The follicles are overtaken by swollen skin cells, meaning you get only a fraction of the hair you actually want to remove.

By shaving at night, your face will be at its tautest, and you can get down to the root of those hairs without much effort.

2. Exfoliate Before and After a Shave

Advice for Men: Top Grooming Advice You Have Never Thought of

Shaving alone isn't enough; you need to take care of your skin. After all, you're subjecting it to a cold, sharp razor that's running over it with reckless abandon (even if you're being extremely slow and careful). 

Exfoliation does a couple of things:

  • It gets the dirt and grime out of your pores before you start shaving so you have less of a chance of getting bad bacteria into your skin after your follicles are freed up.
  • It helps prevent hairs from curling up underneath the skin after you've shaved, which could otherwise cause ingrown hairs and painful bumps.

3. Trim the Hedges Before Putting the Razor Into Play

If you're ready to manscape, it may sound simple enough to put the razor to work right from the get-go. Rest assured, dear friends, this is not the way to go about it. 

You need to trim the hedges with a manscaping tool that's equipped for the unique challenges posed by coarse body hair before you let the razor do its thing. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is specifically designed to mow down the hair in some of those hard-to-reach places without inflicting inflammation or injury during the process. If you're prone to itchiness after you shave down there, make sure you put The Lawn Mower 2.0 to work before you let The Plow do its thing. This will ensure the hair is at an optimal height for being shaved away without forcing your razor to do more work than it's supposed to.

Advice for Men: Top Grooming Advice You Have Never Thought of

4. Keep Travel-Sized Hair Products On-Hand

Every gentleman who's ever traveled knows there are no bounds when it comes to looking awful after you step off a plane. It could be a short flight that leaves you on the tarmac longer than you're in the air, or it can be an international flight that's hopping across a huge pond. It doesn't matter. You're sure to look a mess as soon as that plane touches down.

By keeping travel-sized hair products on hand, you'll be able to put yourself back together in the airport bathroom before you even meet with your client or significant other.  Dry shampoo is a miracle in a bottle. It doesn't matter if you tout messy tresses, or you've got a sleeked-back 'do that would make James Dean jealous, dry shampoo will take care of you. Its purpose is to absorb the oil and dirt that accumulates on your scalp when you don't have the time (or means) to shower properly. 

Beyond that, a little bit of travel gel or spray can go a long way, especially if you're going from meeting to meeting without much room to breathe in between.

5. Keep Your Lower Hair Trimmed to Eliminate Odor

You've probably never thought about where your swamp crotch actually originates from. It doesn't come from sweat, per se. But, it does occur when the sweat hangs around long enough to create bacterial colonies around your junk? Sound awful? Well, it smells awful, too. 

To remedy swamp crotch odor, keep your nether region trimmed or shaved. This prevents bad bacteria from having a playground it can cling to when it's ready to do its damage. Longer hairs in the pelvic region invite a plethora of living bacteria that are happy to settle in and call your privates home. The shorter your crop, the fewer stinky residents you'll find in your short hairs.

To help keep your lower region clean, wash all your parts with the all-over body cleaner Crop Cleanser. This pH-balanced formula is infused with calming aloe and soothing sea salt—the perfect ingredients for after-shave hydration and pre-day cleanups.

Advice for Men: Top Grooming Advice You Have Never Thought of

6. Set Aside Cleansers for Different Parts of Your Body

If you grew up being a bar-of-soap kinda guy, you may not have ever stopped to think about how gross a bar of soap can actually be. If you're rubbing the same suds on your nuts as the ones you use to clean your face, you're clearly missing out on opportunities to be as clean as you can possibly be. Sure, it sounds obvious when you put it down on virtual paper, but a lot of guys don't even think about the grossness they're spreading around their bodies with a single bar of soap.

Eliminate the "ew factor" by dedicating face wash that's only meant to be used on your face. Employ a washcloth or loofah to get the down and dirty parts of your body clean (and be sure to switch that puppy out regularly to prevent the spread of additional bacteria).

7. Sprinkle a Bit of Special Seasoning on Your Sensitive Spots

Sure, manscaping involves a bit of trimming the hedges, but that's not where experienced manscapers stop. You see, when you shave the nitty gritty parts of your bits, your sensitive skin can create a backlash pretty quickly if you don't pay attention to it. Have you ever found yourself hiding in alleyways and dipping into the nooks and crannies of your office so you can scratch your spots unnoticed? That's because you didn't pay attention to the full process when you shaved your man parts.

The skin around your scrotum is no laughing matter. It's sensitive on purpose—which means, if you use tools that are foreign to your natural skin, you need to give it extra loving care before you put your boxers on. 

Manscaped's Crop Preserver provides the barrier you need to put between your balls and your briefs. Thanks to its anti-chafing, talcum-like gel formula, your guys will be sitting pretty in the seat of your pants without any uncomfortable itching or weird smells rising up from the seat you're sitting on. It's formulated to fight bacteria while simultaneously providing your private parts with the elements they need to stay properly hydrated. 

One more thing—Crop Reviver is an aftershave spritz that's meant for your man bits. The aloe vera and witch hazel formula ensures your skin is calmed and cooled, even after it's gone head-to-head with a straight razor. Its sole job is to keep your skin calm, cool, and collected so you can get to work or play without worrying about uncomfortable itchiness creeping up from the southern corridor.

Manscaped is the place where guys come to makes sure they're presentable to strangers, familiar faces, and awkward places. If you're ready to discover the secrets to looking good and feeling confident, purchase The Perfect Package 2.0 today!




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