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At Home Waxing Kits vs Male Grooming with Manscaping Kit

Hairy balls are great for—tennis players?

Let's be honest; who wants to have a pair of hairy balls in their hands when things are getting down and dirty in the sheets? 

Your body produces hairy balls by nature, but that doesn't mean you're required to keep your below-the-belt accessories covered in fuzz. You have plenty of options—some of them are better than others. If you're like most guys, you want to de-hair your nether region in the privacy of your home; salon settings can lead to embarrassing positions and situations you don't need to subject yourself to unless you're really just a glutton for punishment.

With this in mind, should you go for an at-home waxing kit or opt for male grooming by way of a manscaping that's got everything from trimmers to post-shave solutions?

Let's take a look at the kind of guy you are to determine which hair-free solution would work best for you.

1. Scalding Scrotum Pain Is Your Kind Of Game

If you're a fan of unnecessary pain, at-home waxing kits are right up your alley. They're filled with everything you need to rip your hair out right from the roots. 

Are your eyes watering with gleeful misery yet?

Just wait until you slather on a strip of that steaming hot wax. You may think you've been living an adventurous life, but you haven't experienced anything until you allow your sensitive scrotum skin to get scolded by hotter-than-room-temperature wax.

Not up your alley? Don't worry—MANSCAPED's Lawn Mower 3.0 will take care of your bevy of ball hair without necessitating any triple-digit temperatures. In fact, the entire MANSCAPED experience is pain-free and super simple. With the quick back-and-forth motion of a trimmer that's designed to do its due diligence to your down under, you can eliminate unwanted hair and settle into your favorite boxers or briefs.

at home waxing kits vs male grooming with manscaped kit

2. Nothing Makes Your Nuts Happier Than Getting to the Root of the Problem

Are you a fan of heading off hairy issues right at the root of the problem? If so, waxing is probably a good fit for you. The waxing process takes hold of every follicle, grasping each piece of hair so tightly that you'll have holes embedded into your sack for the rest of your existence. 

But wait! Even after you endure the pain that comes from waxing, you won't be in the clear. In fact, those pesky pores will reproduce hairs time and time again. If you decide you're a man who's committed to at-home waxing, you'll have to subject your scrotum to continual root-grabs and painful after-maths.

Want a simple (and safe) solution? Steer clear of the wax and put The Lawn Mower 3.0 That's right, it will conquer your pubes and put you at ease without ripping out ample amounts of the protective layer Mother Nature has gifted you.

3. You Just Can't Get Enough of the Maybe-I'll-Be-Hospitalized-This-Time Adrenaline

Adrenaline junkies, pay attention! If the thrill of jumping out of airplanes gives your willy a rise, the ongoing possibility that this time could be the time you send yourself to the hospital with third-degree burns, pick up an at-home waxing kit right away. The exhilaration of never knowing when you could lose days or weeks of work because you subjected your lower half to situations it wasn't built for is enough to really boost endorphins in men who love to test the boundaries of their body chemistries. 

On the other hand, if you're a dude who just wants to get rid of the fuzz without the worry of bandages in weird places or explaining to your boss why you can't make it into the office, manscaping is definitely the better move. Thanks to its hygienic, replaceable ceramic blade module and SkinSafe™ technology that's intentionally designed to prevent nicks and snags, your sack is safe in the comfort and protection of the ultimate trimmer. 

the lawn mower 3.0

Rest assured, you can still jump off bridges, drive race cars, and do any of the other crazy things that'll get your blood pumping beyond a normal pulse, but, in our opinion, you should really leave the area around your penis protected. Hot wax is simply not the way you should test the limits of your testosterone.

4. You Want to Create Shapes in Your Southern Hemisphere

Here's the thing with waxing—once you've grabbed the follicles from the roots, those suckers aren't coming back until they feel like it. You'll have to give it a few weeks before you've got a landscape that's ready to embrace artistic pubic creations again. That means, if you have an ideal shape in mind but misdirect the application of your wax, you're going to be stuck with a weird shape around your wiener. The alternative? Wax it all off and go ultra-bald until your boys grow back their hairy barrier.

When you choose the manscaping route, on the other hand, you're putting your member's aesthetics right into the palm of your own hand. You want to shape your pubes into a heart-shaped haven? Have at it. You've been dying to put shape your lower-hemisphere hair into a lightning bolt so you can make corny jokes about the thunder down under? We're not here to judge.

Our sole responsibility is ensuring you have the tools you need to craft the desired art from your body's canvas. MANSCAPED is proud to be the premier product-provider for private parts everywhere. Get ready to get a little weird with your below-the-waist backdrop, or simply clean up rogue hairs with skin-safe tools that'll take the tufts of hair away from the areas where you say. This is your world shaped your way. 

5. You Like to Put Wooden Sticks in Weird Spots

Hey, everybody's got their thing. Some people like to use flavored lube on their lower halves; other people like to poke wooden tools in places they probably weren't intended to go. If you fall into the latter category, waxing is totally your thing. With this method, you're free to spread your legs and slide sticks of hot slime all over yourself.

Sound awful? Don't worry—you're not alone. Plenty of guys have no desire to stick wooden sticks anywhere around their private parts (let alone the sacred holes that dwell south of their elastic bands). For you, our friend, manscaping is the perfect solution to getting rid of unwanted hair without enduring self-inflicted probes. With a little pre-prep by way of a trimmer that boasts of a 6,000 RPM motor, and some post-shave treatments that keep irritation and itchiness away, MANSCAPED takes care of your unwanted hair without weird sticks in strange spots.

the perfect package 3.0

6. You're Not a Professional Pubic-Hair Remover

Some parts of your body are better left to trained professionals if you're angling toward using hot ingredients or items you wouldn't otherwise find in your household. If you've withstood all of the other reasons we've given you to avoid waxing—and you're still hell-bent on exposing your bare skin to flaming-hot elements—we implore you to seek the assistance of a waxing professional. There are nooks and crannies that are susceptible to lots of damage if you do it wrong.

Think we're kidding? It won't be a joke if you leave some of your sensitive skin on the wax strip after you rip it up.

Trust us—manscaping is the way to a softer, balder bottom without hiring a professional. You can manscape yourself within the privacy of your own space—any time, anywhere.

MANSCAPED is the place where men go when they need to make sure their manly parts are being presented to the world without pain or other unpleasant situations. If you're ready to embrace a set of smooth, silky, balls, we're ready to help you get there. Order your Perfect Package 3.0 today and get ready to experience a brand new feeling below the waist.


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