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Avoid Cutting Balls While Shaving by Using MANSCAPED™

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Avoid Cutting Balls While Shaving by Using Manscaped

We get it. Modern men face some ridiculous standards. You’re supposed to be built like a Greek god with the social graces of a Roman diplomat. You have to master fashion to the point where you should be featured in magazines. You also have to unlock hygiene levels previously undiscovered. It’s not enough to be fit, smart, fun and well-dressed. You also have to carefully manicure your body hair. It’s a lot. 

Worst of all is shaving the balls. It’s basically expected at this point, and very few guys actually enjoy it. Putting a razor blade against your most precious flesh induces a unique kind of stress into your life. Even when you’re a paragon of care, it’s still easy to cut yourself. On your ball sack. How is any of this fair?

You don’t need to worry too much. Being a guy might be tough, but we have some tips and tricks that are going to help you meet these demands with a lot less suffering. This post is for anyone who has ever cut their balls while shaving. It’s also for anyone afraid to shave for that same reason. Here are the trade secrets to getting rid of pubic hair without bleeding for the cause.

Prep Your Pubic Region First

If you’re going to shave your balls, the most important thing you can do is prepare the area beforehand. Regular skin care can soften the skin and the hair — down to the follicle. Both of these outcomes help the shaving outcome. They reduce the risk of tugging and snagging, and they help the razor blade glide smoothly while you shave. Clearly, shaving lubricant is important for that, but it works better when you’re taking good general care of yourself. All of these tips are aimed at that goal. 

Use Deodorant On Your Genitals

It might sound a little weird, but deodorant is one of the key ingredients in keeping your balls from being diced when you shave. We’re not talking about slathering any old armpit stick on your genitals. That would be weird. What you need is a proper ball deodorant, designed specifically to help that part of your body achieve greater general health. 

Crop Preserver is the perfect ball deodorant. While it does live up to its name and prevent the nose curdling smells of swamp crotch, it does a lot for your general nether health too. Crop Preserver is designed to reduce friction and chaffing, and it helps you maintain healthy levels of moisture between the legs. If you’re too sweaty, you’ll get byproducts on your skin that make a smooth, safe shave impossible. If you’re too try, the razor will disagree with the roughened skin. Crop Preserver helps you find the Goldilocks zone.

MANSCAPED Crop Preserver & Foot Duster

Full-Blown Skincare

The job started by Crop Preserver is finished by Crop Reviver toner. This formula is deployed through the mechanism of a gentle toner. You can give yourself one or two light spritzes every day, and it does the rest. 

Crop Reviver has our special Active pH Control formula. So, while the toner is aiding your deodorant in managing moisture, and it’s adding an extra layer of defense against nasty odors, it’s also strengthening your skin health. Keeping things at the right pH helps your skin stay resilient, and it promotes your most prominent natural defense against skin infections. All of these features come together to make your skin more shaveable. 

Take Better Showers

If we’re going to talk about skincare, we also have to bring up showering. Most guys aren’t very good at showering. It’s a rough thing to say, but that’s just how it is. Guys typically think of showering as a chore. They get in, they get rinsed, and they get out. Minimal time is spent scrubbing, and soap, while technically used, is not the focal point of the shower. 

Then you get the opposite guys. They like to enjoy a good steam while they’re supposed to be getting clean. They take long, hot showers. They do spend enough time to get soap on their bodies, but the focus is on the pleasure of the shower — not the technique of getting clean.

The truth is that you need to shower with the same sense of purpose that you take to the grocery store. It’s not enough to just lather a little soap on your body. You need to spend time exfoliating, and you need to do it correctly. You also need to use a good soap. 

Crop Cleanser hair and body wash is designed to make sure your whole body gets every treatment it needs each time you shower. When it comes to your balls, gently exfoliating with Crop Cleanser helps remove dirt buildups, pore clogs, and pubic gunk. All of those things help turn a ball shave into a red nightmare. Simply washing with a good soap and gently exfoliating will make your next shave go so much better.

The Obvious Solution To Avoid Nicks & Cuts

You’re here because you are looking for better ways to shave your junk. We get that, and we tried to give you valuable answers to your question. All of that said, you’re asking the wrong question in the first place. You don’t need to be worried about better ways to shave. You need to look for better ways to groom.

It might feel like we’re being pedantic, but there’s an important point here. Shaving is not always the best way to manage pubic hair — especially around the balls. You can use a safety razor to refine, yes, but the better option is to use a good trimmer. When that trimmer is The Lawn Mower 3.0, you win in a lot of ways. 

MANSCAPED Lawn Mower 3.0 On A Docking Station


Benefits of The Lawn Mower 3.0

The 3.0 is a trimmer designed specifically for male grooming. It has a ton of features that make ball hair trimming an amazing experience. For starters, the trimmer has SkinSafe technology. Basically, this is a blade module design that makes it very difficult to cut yourself. This one feature alone can solve all of your problems, but it isn’t alone.

The 3.0 also has impressive cutting features. The sharp, ceramic blade and the powerful, 7,000 rpm motor work in tandem to give you a safe, controlled grooming experience. To put it simply, when you work a sharp blade at high RPMs, you minimize tugging and snagging. That reduces irritation and cutting risks, leaving you with a great trim and no ill side-effects.

Bonus Advantages of Trimming

Aside from leaving your precious undercarriage intact, trimming offers some important advantages. The first of those is reducing razor burn. Razor burn can be initiated by a couple of things. For some guys, the simple act of scraping a razor against the flesh causes inflammation in the form of burning, itching and/or red skin. For a lot of other guys, the problem emerges when prickly hairs start pushing back through the surface of the skin. Trimming clearly sidesteps both of these issues. 

Similarly, trimming helps you avoid ingrown hairs. Those occur when cut hair has trouble breaking back through the surface of the skin. At the risk of stating the obvious, you can’t get ingrown hairs if you don’t trim them down to a super smooth shave. With a trimmer, ingrown hair is largely impossible. 

If you’re not fully convinced, then you should also consider style. When you take a razor to ball sack, there’s only one possible outcome, stylistically. You’re turning your nuts into a naked mole-rat. Sure, shaved balls are widely accepted in modern society. That doesn’t mean they represent the pinnacle of male grooming. Instead, shaved balls are the peanut butter and jelly of male grooming. Sure, they’re reliable, but when you branch out, your options blossom. 

Instead of going bald, you can use your trimmer to make your pubic hair look however we want. Usually, we’ll give out some ideas to stimulate the brain juices, but we don’t want to stifle your creativity today. Simply realize that a trimmer is a better tool than a razor for your balls. The rest can come to you in good time.

More Shaving Alternatives

We’re firmly convinced. When it comes to grooming your balls, trimming is the best option. If for any reason, you can’t or won’t take the trimming route, there are two more alternatives to consider.

Waxing is first on the list, and you can see how easy it is for us to recommend trimming over this option. Waxing the balls definitely hurts, and it can leave you bloodied and crying on the floor. If you somehow manage to endure waxing, it is better than shaving in a couple of ways. First, wax can’ cut your jewels. It might hurt. It might even make you bleed, but it will never cut you. Second, waxing lasts a long time. Overall, you might suffer less from wax than from a blade.

But, since waxing is out for most guys with a sense of self-preservation, you need another option. Hair removal cream often comes to mind. Before you hop into the car and head to the store (who are we kidding, you’re shopping online for depilatories), you want to know that they can be rough. Even if they’re advertised as being super gentle and ball friendly, you might react adversely to the chemicals. The smart choice is to always test your reaction to a cream on your wrist or another safe body part before you commit chemicals to your balls. If you find something that works, then you have a painless way to keep the boys nice and smooth.

Focusing Your Male Grooming

Now that you’re thoroughly convinced, you’re going to switch from shaving to a better alternative in order to manage your ball hair. Razors are still fine on other parts of the body, but that simple switch is going to change your life. From here, we should take a brief minute to put everything into context. We’re going to walk you through grooming under the drawers. It’s a simple routine, but mastering makes like comfortable and easy, and it will help you live your sexiest lifestyle.

The MANSCAPE Perfect Package


If we’re all on the same page, here’s the game plan. You’re going to completely replace your razor with your Lawn Mower 3.0 for the purpose of grooming your balls. The next step is to learn how to really do that.

You’re going to have to make a choice. The 3.0 can get a pretty darn close trim. You’re going to have to decide if that’s what you really want. The veterans of male grooming among you should already understand that cropping ball hair super short comes at a price. You get testicular stubble. That’s not a disease, but you might think it is. Short, sharp little ball hairs pretty much turn your own skin into sandpaper, and it’s not nice. You can groom every day to overcome this, or you can give in and let the hair rest a little longer.

The second option is a pretty popular choice with most guys. Instead of removing the guards and getting as close a trim as humanly possible, you’re going to leave the guards on. If you have a good idea of how long you need to leave the hair, you can pick the shortest reasonable guard from the start. If you aren’t sure, start with the longest and work your way down. The idea is that you’re getting the ball hair as short as possible before it bristles.

You’re still going to have beautifully groomed testicles. In fact, a proper trim looks better than a complete shave on most guys. The aesthetic will work. You’ll also get that freeing feeling of having untangled pubes that don’t catch and tug throughout the day. Most importantly, you’re completely eliminating skin damage from shaving, along with razor burn and prickly ball hair. You’re winning several times over.

Before we move on, there’s one last trick to learn about trimming down under. You want to do it before you shower. We’ll explain that more in just a moment, but if you aren’t trimming in the shower, you need something to help with the mess. We make just the thing, and we call it the Magic Mat.

Shower After Grooming

We’ve already talked about Crop Cleanser and exfoliating, so we won’t rehash those concepts. Instead, allow us a moment to explain why grooming in the shower is not ideal. Mostly, it boils down to two simple truths. The first is that body hair clogs drains. You can catch some of it with a mesh drain guard, but the little clippings will still get in the pipes. Eventually, you’re going to have an expensive problem.

If you’re not worried about plumbing, worry about your skin. You’re showering in tap water. It has hard sediment and chemicals that dry out the skin. Sure, you counter that with moisturizers and other products, but it seems counterproductive to pit your shower against your skincare. As long as you don’t take brutally hot showers and keep your overall shower time to a reasonable number of minutes, getting clean won’t really be bad for your skin. That becomes impossible when you groom in the shower. It’ll keep you in the water too long, and you’re limiting the benefits of switching from a razor to a trimmer. 

Keep up Your Skin Care

We’ve explained this enough, too. This is just a little reminder to help you build a good routine. After you shower, pat yourself dry. Apply Crop Preserver to dry skin (a little dampness is fine; you’re just avoiding outright beads of water). Rub it in until it dries (which might take a whole minute). Spritz your Crop Reviver at this point, and allow it to dry. It also will take a painlessly short amount of time. From there, you’re safe to get dressed. You can always try MANSCAPED boxers for the very best results

This concludes today’s lesson. The extremely short summary is that you’re going to stop shaving your balls and trim them with a Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer instead. If you want all of the products we mentioned, check out The Perfect Package 3.0. We’ve consolidated the essentials and put them in a travel case for you to make things as easy as possible. Aside from that, you can find plenty of additional advice on male grooming, and life in general, at MANSCAPED.COM. Feel free to spend as much time there as you like.



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