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Beard Grooming 101: How to maintain your beard.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



how to maintain your beard

We’re sorry.

It’s a little uncommon for us to open up a tutorial with an apology, but it’s necessary.

Up until now, we’ve been throwing you to the wolves when it comes to beard care. We make these awesome products for all kinds of body grooming, but we’ve left your beard largely neglected.

Those days are over. MANSCAPED™ has a whole new lineup of dedicated beard products launching soon, and we’re celebrating that by giving you a rundown of the basic elements of beard care. We’re righting a wrong today, and the good news is that you can have the most awesome beard ever.

Beard maintenance starts with cleanliness

You know the drill. The first step to taking care of any part of your body is hygiene. If you let things get dirty and unkempt, you risk infections, bad smells, skin problems, ugliness, and all kinds of issues that we don’t really want to list. 

Thankfully, you don’t need to reinvent the principles of hygiene here. Shower regularly. When you shower, wash your beard.

If you only do that much, your beard will be ok. It might not be the ultra supreme version of a beard that it could be, but it’ll be ok. Especially if you use good shampoo and conditioner.

Beard shampoo

If you want a clean beard, then you need a good beard shampoo. That makes sense, right?

A lot of you have been using your scalp shampoo and conditioner up to this point. That’s not the worst thing you could possibly do. Scalp products are better than never washing your beard in the first place.

But, we all need to recognize that beards and scalps aren’t the same thing. We’re all on the same page with that concept? Good.

To really take proper care of your beard, a specialized shampoo goes a long way. And wouldn’t you know it, we have a shiny new MANSCAPED™ Beard Shampoo for you. It’s designed for the thick, coarse hair that is common among beards. It helps with skin hydration, hair health, and also removing gross things from your beard.

Everyone dreams of being a mountain man until they remember that mountain men don’t get to date.

On top of all of that, it smells nice, so when you wash your beard, you’re ensuring that it has an attractive aroma that is sure to garner all of the right kinds of attention throughout the day.

man in shower

Beard conditioner

If you know anything about washing hair, then you already understand that shampoo is the first step. Conditioner is the second step.

When it comes to beards, a dedicated conditioner is very important. This comes back to how coarse and stiff beard hair can be. A dedicated conditioner gives you a little more control over how you combat beard stiffness so that you can have a soft beard if you want.

MANSCAPED™ Beard Conditioner is designed with that in mind. It helps hydrate your hair and skin with natural oils. It also has an infusion of nutrients that help your beard stay strong and healthy without being rough.

A good routine will keep your beard healthy

Like we said, showering is super important, but it’s not the end of the story. With a little more care, you can have a lush, shiny beard that is the envy of everyone. Men will want your beard. Women will want to touch it. Angels will descend from the heavens and serenade you as you walk to work.

For the most part, you can take care of your beard by infusing it with a healthy product or two. Beard oils and beard balms are the trick here. You don’t need to use them every day, but you can if that feels right. Basically, go with a trial-and-error approach until you find a usage frequency that has your beard looking and feeling its best.

Beard oil

You have some freedom with how you use beard oil. You can use it as a styling product when you comb your beard at the start of the day. Or, you can just use it as a health product that is good for your beard and face.

Regardless, the point of beard oil is that it hydrates and softens your beard.

That’s starting to sound like a bit of a theme, right? That’s because maintaining a soft beard requires serious effort.

Our new MANSCAPED™ Beard Oil is designed for all of the things that you care about. It helps protect your beard from the elements so it doesn’t dry out and get brittle. It’s good for the skin under your beard. It can also help control and reduce beard dandruff, which is always nice.

man touching beard

Beard balm

Your other option is beard balm. Typically, you won’t use beard balm and oil at the same time. You can rotate them so that throughout the week you get the benefits of both. If you prefer one over the other, that’s fine, too.

Beard balm is basically a thicker version of beard oil. It still works to help keep your beard shiny and protected, but it’s not a literal oil that goes into your beard.

As for the MANSCAPED™ Beard Balm, it is designed around helping you style your beard while providing good hair and skincare to your face.

Grooming never hurts

The last trick for maintaining your beard is the physical grooming part. This is where you comb it, cut it, brush it and comb it as needed. (And then use beard balm and/or oil.)

We’re going out on a limb here and assuming that you already know how to shave. You’ve probably used a trimmer at some point before, too. There’s no need to waste time on the things that you know.

Instead, we want to highlight our new tools that will make it easier than ever to groom your beard appropriately.

Beard trimmer

When it comes to actually cutting your beard hair, there are only two options: trimmers and scissors. Well, razors are an option, too, but that’s an extreme solution. We’re really talking about taking care of your beard rather than completely obliterating it today.

Considering what we do around here, you won’t be surprised to know that we have created a new trimmer. The Beard Hedger™ applies everything we’ve learned about grooming over the years to beard care and then manifests that knowledge in the form of a dedicated beard trimmer.

This trimmer is waterproof and wireless. It’s made from bathroom-safe materials that are easy to maintain.

It has a titanium blade that will last a long time and make easy work of coarse beard hair. Perhaps best of all, there are 20 different precision settings, allowing you to groom your beard with absolute freedom.

Every beard and beard style is unique, so we can’t give you one-size-fits-all advice for beard grooming. Instead, we’re providing you with a trimmer that can do it all.

man looking at self in mirror

Beard scissors

While the trimmer does the heavy lifting, you want good beard scissors as well. These are ideal for routine maintenance. Tackle any detail work with our Beard Scissors, crafted from stainless steel with an adjustable tension screw and finger rest for ultimate precision and ease of use.

Basically, your beard hair will never grow evenly. That’s just not how nature works. As your beard grows, uneven hairs will start to become noticeable and ruin any style you have going for you.

The simple solution is to take out your scissors and trim errant hairs to keep everything looking sharp.

The technique is simple. Take your beard comb and brush the hair up and away from your face. Look for hairs that are noticeably longer than the rest. Trim them so that they match the rest of your beard.

Do this one to two times a week, and your beard will stay even and sexy.

Keep your beard pretty for best results

The previous section covered the cutting tools. Now, we’ll talk about the styling tools.

Beard comb

There are two other things we haven’t fully covered. You need a good beard comb and good beard brush.

As we said before, every style is different. Some beards are kept shorter while others are long and glorious. We’re not here to tell you which style you should choose, but we will tell you which beard comb to use.

Perfect your beard styling with our dual-sided beechwood Beard Comb, a naturally anti-static tool designed to detangle knots for a neat lay.

If you keep your beard long enough, a comb is invaluable. It allows you to brush the hair to get it in line. It can also help with trimming and maintaining your beard. You can even use it to make sure your beard is clean and healthy by combing it to clear anything that gets caught up in there.

Beards can be attractive and awesome, but they can just as easily be gross. It might sound weird, but a good comb is one of the best tools to keep yourself in the former group rather than the latter.

Beard brush

Our boar-bristled Beard Brush does a lot of everything for your beard and skin beneath: it exfoliates, cleanses, stimulates, massages, distributes moisture and oil, tames, de-frizzes, shapes, and shines.

Styling products

When it comes to styling your beard, our Beard Oil and Beard Balm do the trick. You don’t need extra products like beard gels or anything. They won’t add anything new to the mix, and they won’t help you style your beard beyond what you can do with oil or balm.

On top of that, most other styling products are not designed to maximize beard health while you use them.

It’s easier to stick to the classics and reap the benefits from using known, trusted beard products.



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