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Belly button dirt: Why does my belly button smell?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Belly button dirt: Why does my belly button smell?

Are you an innie or an outie? That’s an appropriate way to open a conversation, right? 

In all seriousness, we do need to talk about your belly button. That little scar on your stomach (yes, it’s really just a fancy scar) is probably not something you think about too much. You might not clean it too much, either.

Here’s the issue. A belly button can house a pretty intense stench. If you don’t stay ahead of it, you can clear a room pretty quickly — especially if you have your shirt off. OK, we might be exaggerating a bit, but still. While people recognize B.O. in most circumstances, it’s not always obvious that the smell is coming from a belly button. It’s a little weird to even think about.

So, we need to cover a few things. First, you need to know how to tell when your belly scar is stinking up the room. Then, you need to know why. Finally, we’ll show you what you can do about it so your belly button aroma doesn’t ruin your social life.

Checking for unpleasant odors in your belly button

muscular torso

Obviously, you can’t just lean over and give your belly button a sniff. That kind of flexibility would probably constitute a yogi superpower or something.

The easy way to do this is to put your finger in there. Then, pull it out and sniff your finger. It’s a lot like checking your breath. If for any reason your finger doesn’t seem viable, you can use a q tip. Put it in there, pull it out, and see how things smell. If they’re at all unpleasant to you, you can bet anyone else thinks it’s a lot worse.

What makes your belly button smell bad?

If you notice a little stink, it’s because your belly button is a perfect harbor for microbes. When you sweat, it gets into the little stomach scar. Dirt and grime from the day can get up in there. It certainly stays warm in the belly button. All of these conditions make it a perfect place for bacteria to grow, and when they do, they tend to produce belly button odor.

Belly button discharge

In addition to a belly button smelling a little gross, some people notice a white or yellow discharge or pus coming out of their belly button, redness or swelling around it or crusty pieces stuck inside. This discharge itself can smell horrible, and things like this can be a sign that there is something a little more wrong with your belly button than just needing to clean it. 

Fungal infections, bacterial infections, infections from a piercing, or even a larger problem like a gland cyst can all happen in the belly button region, and if you’re noticing any of these issues, it’s time to go to a doctor. Most belly button infections can be addressed by keeping the area clean and using an antibiotic cream or oral medication, but a cyst might need to be drained or even removed by a dermatologist.

You can combat things like belly button infections by taking care of your personal hygiene. Yes, we’re a broken record.

Belly button rub a dub dub

Ultra Premium body wash

The real solution here is to clean your belly button regularly, don't ignore it. We know a lot of guys are guilty of the “too quick” shower or the “well, I rinsed off” mentality. That’s not gonna cut it, and you know it.

Follow these steps to really clean your naval. Before you get in the shower, make sure you have a soap that actually cleans things and doesn’t just smell good. Ultra Premium® Body Wash is ideal for washing your belly button and the rest of your body.

Get in the shower. Wet, lather and rinse your whole body. Don’t just give attention to the pits and crotch. Your whole manly body stinks. Treat it accordingly.

When it comes to the belly button, you want plenty of suds and wash for it. You’re best served by using an agitator to actually scrub the belly button. Finish the rest of your shower, and you should be good to go.

If you still have a smelly belly button after that, a more thorough washing routine should fix the issue. For this, you want a cotton swab (or q tip) and rubbing alcohol. Dip the swab in the alcohol and gently clean the inside of your naval. If the swab gets visibly dirty, swap it for a fresh one. Repeat this until the swab comes out clean. That should clean any extra grossness hiding out in there.

However, if you are noticing a bigger problem or have discharge as mentioned above, even alcohol swabs sometimes just can’t cut it. You might need professional help. Yeast and bacterial infections in particular are very difficult to clear up sometimes and require constant topical applications, change in fabrics or prescription medication. Your doctor is your best friend in this case.

Be a cleaner man

The truth is that your belly button is just one part of a whole. You’re better off being clean in general, so invest some time and money into a hygiene routine that really works. Take advantage of the whole MANSCAPED™ lineup. We have a solution for every problem. Just let us help.



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