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Benefits to shaving your balls

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Benefits to Shaving Your Balls

Men of the world, if you’re wondering if you should shave your balls, the answer is a resounding YES!

We at MANSCAPED™ have been waiting for you to join us on this train, and we promise you will not regret it. In fact, we promise that not only will you enjoy your freshly shaved and smooth gonads, but your partner will as well (current or future). 

So that also means yes, men shave their balls across the world. You’re joining a big club and we’re so proud of you. We even have a symbolic imaginary trophy you can have because you’re that special. 

But seriously, it’s time. 

Shaving your balls is actually quite simple and there are a ton of benefits:

  • Improves hygiene and health
  • Partners actually prefer smooth balls (yes, there are studies about this that you can Google)
  • Gives you a boost of confidence
  • Feels more comfortable all around   

the lawn mower 4.0

Improves hygiene & health

A current customer of ours once described his un-shaved ballsack as smelling at the end of the day like “a butcher’s shop on a hot summer’s day.” We think you’ll agree with us when we say nobody wants to deal with smelly balls. They are just not positive and after a hard day at work or a strenuous workout at the gym, an affront of odor coming from your nether regions is undesirable, to say the least. 

Male grooming is all about health. Part of an overall person’s health is eating right, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and taking care of yourself. Being clean and putting good personal hygiene habits in place is critical and it does not just mean you take showers regularly. 

Good job, though, for taking showers regularly. 

Hopefully you are using soap and really getting all of those nooks and crannies squeaky and sparkling clean. In addition to regular bathing WITH SOAP though, grooming is also an important component of male hygiene. 

Grooming your hair on top of your head, taking care of that hair on your face, trimming your body hair and bush to keep it under control, AND…drum roll…

Shaving your balls. 

The silkier-smooth your balls are, the fewer places bacteria have to hide. Crotch stink is often created by the bacteria that fester in your pubic hair and nether zone.

Step one is to keep that bush of yours trim and tame, but step two is to have a groin-specific razor and shaving cream for the gonads. 

Enter The Crop Shaver™ and Crop Gel™

Step three is to let everything hang and dry when you’re done shaving.

Step four is to protect the boys from the day and keep the odor away with our Crop Reviver® ball toner and refresher solution. 

We recommend a weekly routine for shaving the balls, but depending on your hair growth, personal preference, and your partner’s preference you might want to shave more often down there. 

Partners prefer smooth balls

Let’s face it, balls are not the most desirable area of a man’s body and it takes a lot of commitment for a partner to give them attention. For the sake of your partner, if nothing else, shave your balls. The experience will be more sensual for you and a lot more pleasant for them. Not only in terms of smell and general feel, but nobody wants ball hair stuck in their teeth or wants to stop because they have pubic hair in their mouth. 

If you’ve never shaved your balls before, it will also be a well-received surprise - trust us!

Trim the bush, shave the balls, and reap the benefits. 

We actually have had correspondence from people telling us how they will refuse to go down there with their partner if they are not trimmed with shaved balls. There are other antidotes about how someone and all of their friends will not even continue dating a guy if they do not groom their body and pubic hair. 

Be someone your partner talks about in a loving way to their friends and give them a good experience. Show them you care by shaving your balls. We bet you didn’t know how simple love could look like. 

the crop shaver

Boost of confidence

Men of the world, be proud of your balls and give them attention! When you look better and take care of yourself, you feel better and others will notice as well. Men who groom are go-getters, they take destiny into their own hands regardless of what genetics did or did not give them.

Proper hygiene and grooming routines will give you a boost to your day-to-day and bonus - you’re going to smell so nice, too! 

Trimming your man hair and shaving those balls of yours will put a spring in your step, a strut in your posture, and a smile on your face. Not to mention, you’ll serve as a model for other men and your partner will greatly appreciate it which means you might get even more positive attention. 

Check out The Lawn Mower® 4.0 for the ultimate below-the-waist trim and remember The Crop Shaver™, Crop Gel™, and our Crop Reviver®.

Confidence is a mindset and can be directly related to self-care if you put in a little extra effort into your bathroom routine. 

Feels more comfortable 

Just in case you were still not convinced that shaving your balls is the right move, how about the fact that it just makes you feel more comfortable. The combination of trimming your pubic hair man bush and shaving your balls just feels better in your clothes.

Pubic hair is rough, coarse, and curly and it can get stuck in clothes, in the folds of skin, etc. which pulls and itches. With less hair in your crotch area, underwear sits better and you’re not dealing with embarrassing scratching moments as much. 

In addition, a huge bush and excess pubes keep moisture and smells trapped. Give your down-there area a chance to breathe and air out. Trimming and shaving reduce extra heat and sweat from hanging around which helps eliminate irritation and odor as well. 

Transform your balls

Now that you are fully committed to making the shaving of your balls part of your weekly shower routine, let’s make sure you don’t cut one of your nuts off. 

We’re kidding, we’re kidding, no nuts need to be harmed. 

Shaving your balls is actually a very simple process and you’re talking about a small area, so it’s also pretty fast. Just take your time the first few rounds to figure out what you’re doing and then you’ll be a pro. 

We have an extremely detailed article that actually goes into depth on all the steps, but the general idea is as follows.

Give yourself time and space

Men get in the bad habit of rushing through their morning bathroom routine or becoming masters of the too-quick two-minute shower. While we understand that a quick rinse is sometimes needed, take your time with your hygiene routine. This will not only ensure maximum cleanliness, but maximum attention. 

Trim first

When it comes to body and bush hair, you can actually do what is called a dry trim. Meaning that you can trim everything outside the shower to get a good look and spread out. Yes, spread your legs and give yourself working space. 

We even have The Magic Mat® that you can stand over to catch all your hair trimmings so they don’t stick all over your bathroom floor. 

The Magic Mat

Get into the shower to rinse, soap and wash, and get ready to shave those balls

Getting into the shower post-trim will really rinse away any trimmed hair and will give you the opportunity to get fresh and clean. You always want to have a clean working space before shaving because you are removing hair and can risk cuts or infection. 

Get wet, get out the body wash, and really clean your body. Then, apply that Crop Gel™ we keep talking about, get out that sharp razor that is specifically designated for your balls, and get excited. 

Shave your balls carefully 

While we recommend always shaving carefully no matter where, you really want to pay attention when shaving your balls. This is also going to be a pretty intimate experience for you, so don’t get intimidated. They are your balls, you can touch them, and you’ll need to touch them to get a close shave. 

After you’ve washed and applied shaving gel, pull down on the boys to get a smooth surface to shave. That’s the key, pull one way, shave, pull the other way, shave, pull down, shave, pull up, shave. You should shave your balls just like your chin in one solid stroke, then rinse your razor, and shave the next part. 

Rinse and double-check that you didn’t miss anything

If you miss a spot, just lather back up and try again. Rinse, feel how smooth everything is, and you’re done! Wasn't that incredibly easy for you?

(And just because we can) fun facts about balls

Ball chop

In the Middle Ages, men who wanted sons would have their left testicle chopped off because they thought the right testicle made male sperm, and the left made female sperm.

To balls do I swear

The word "testicle" comes from the Latin word testis, meaning "witness." In Roman times, men placed their right hand on their family jewels before giving testimony in court.

High producers

Balls produce 200 million sperm A DAY.

Ball enlargement

Balls can grow up to twice their size during sex.

Hangin’ high & low

Most men's left testicles hang lower than their right. This asymmetry means they take up less space.



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