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Best Ball Deodorant

In the peak of summer, it can be tough to be a man. Even if you work in a climate-controlled building, you’ll still find yourself working up a sweat on a long day. You take measures to keep your B.O. under control, but no matter how hard you try, the hottest days end with something unpleasant wafting off of your body. You know it’s coming from the balls, and you know it’s one of the worst smells your body can produce. Still, there’s no escaping this fact of life.

Crop Preserver

There is a solution. You don’t have to let hot, sticky balls dictate your social and professional life anymore. You can take control downstairs and enjoy a sense of freedom you never knew existed. It’s a simple idea, really. If deodorant can work on your armpits, why can’t it work on your balls, too? Obviously, you don’t want to put pit deodorant on the boys. That would burn pretty fiercely. Instead, you want Crop Preserver ball deodorant. It’s a deodorant designed specifically for man parts, and we’re going to show you how it works.

crop preserver

Moisture Control

Sweat is the enemy. It’s what makes you stink, right? We’ll actually get into that science in a minute, but if you want to control your ball sweat, you actually need to consider every aspect of moisture control. Crop Preserver does that for you. The talc-like base is intended to keep your skin cool, and it reduces friction. If you have an active day, you don’t have to worry about rubbing your thighs and nut sack into oblivion. Instead, they’ll gently slide past each other.

The formula also helps you avoid sweat buildup. The cooling sensation will limit how hot you get in the crotch, and even when you do sweat, the absorbent formula will keep it from being as bad as normal.

Lastly, Crop Preserver moisturizes. That might seem counterintuitive, but if you use too many agents to eliminate sweat, you end up with dry, irritated skin. The moisturizing element in Crop Preserver keeps that negative outcome at bay, so you’re left with dry, smooth skin that feels great all day long.

Microbial Combat

Let’s revisit something. It’s not actually the sweat that makes your balls stink. Sweat contributes to the problem, but the culprit is actually microscopic organisms. Namely, bacteria and fungi are want create crotch stank. That means defeating the smell will require you to win a war against these microbes.

As you probably guessed, Crop Preserver is designed to do exactly this. The key weapon in this battle is Active pH Control. This is formulated into the deodorant to keep your acid barrier strong and fresh. That barrier is something your skin naturally produces, but a number of things can overwhelm it. With Active pH Control, chafing, sweat buildup and excessive heat won’t erode your acid barrier, and your skin’s natural defenses will do a better job of keeping microbes at bay.


best ball deodorant

There’s a final point to consider with ball deodorant. Your jewels don’t smell good. Really think about it. Have you ever taken a soap-less shower? Did you sniff your balls? If you did, you would learn that your natural musk isn’t actually appealing. A rinse in the shower will remove the excess funk, but left alone, your nuts are still unpleasant.

Among all of these functions, Crop Preserver is a deodorant. That means we designed it to smell nice. While it’s working overtime to keep your balls from attaining their natural grossness, it’s also coating them with a pleasant aroma. We like to think of it as a thank you to anyone generous enough to get their face near your balls. Such actions deserve a reward, after all.

A Few Extras

The last thing you need to know about Crop Preserver is that it is residue-free and oil-free. This is more important than most guys realize until they use a lesser product. Residues transfer to clothing. That means that a poorly-designed ball deodorant will stain your drawers. That’s the last thing you want, because you can get some creative and disturbing colors down there.

Additionally, oil can have positive effects on moisture control, but it comes at a cost. Aside from contributing to stains, it makes your skin feel unpleasant. An oily residue is slick, and sometimes slimy, and it undercuts the feeling of cool, pleasant freedom we want Crop Preserver to invoke. This deodorant is designed to make you feel good and comfortable all day. We’re not going to let an oily residue undermine that effort. You’re welcome.

A Little Extra Help

If the only change you make to your life is incorporating a daily use of Crop Preserver, it’ll be a happy change. No, it’ll be a life-defining change. Still, there’s a lot more you can do for yourself. Moisture and smell management are a lot easier when you tame the shrubs. It’s common sense when you think about it. Pubic hair traps sweat and bacteria. Of course it’s going to make problems worse. So, if you want to really push your balls to the limit of happiness, you’re going to have to take up manscaping.

A Little Trim Goes a Long Way

The first step in becoming a manscaper is learning to trim your groin. There’s a lot more that can be mastered later, but this is key. It’s a lot easier than you probably think it is. Simply get your hands on a Lawn Mower 2.0, use the longest cutting guard in the kit, and give your entire groin a once over. To make life easier, you might want to throw a Magic Mat on the floor before you start.

This is not the most impressive display of male grooming you can do, but it’s the right way to start. This alone is enough to combat genital funk on a whole new level. If you want to get stylish or creative from here, go ahead. 

the lawn mower 2.0

Don’t Start With a Shower

Clearly, showering is essential to keeping your balls from smelling terrible. It has to be a part of your routine, but it shouldn’t come first. It’s important to shower after you do your grooming. This will clear away any bacteria and prevent infections if you cut yourself. Also, when you exfoliate with Crop Cleanser, you immediately start to heal any skin layers that were damaged from the grooming process. If you remember the acid barrier we talked about earlier, this is where it matters most. Grooming, especially shaving, literally scrapes away part of that barrier. Crop Cleanser starts the restoration process.

Prepare for Your Day

After you shower, you should pat dry. An aggressive towling will further irritate your skin, so be gentle. When you’re dry, it’s time to apply Crop Preserver. We won’t rehash everything you just learned about it. Instead, we’ll point out that you have to rub it in a little. It takes about a minute to apply, so it’s no big deal.

What we haven’t told you is that Crop Preserver has a complement: Crop Reviver. This is an additional spritz that reinforces the positive things being done by your deodorant. If you spritz it after a grooming session, it will accelerate the restoration of your skin. More importantly, it’s extremely gentle, so you don’t have to worry about using it daily, or even a few times a day. If it’s extra hot or your day is extra tough, a refresher spritz can go a long way.

That covers today’s topic. You should now be fully equipped to overcome the stink emanating from your balls. At least, you will be when you get the grooming goods from MANSCAPED. When you utilize the best ball deodorant and follow a good grooming routine, you won’t worry about stinking up the place. You can walk with a little more swagger in your step, and you’ll see how it translates to a more confident lifestyle. If, however, reading this single blog post doesn’t completely transform your life, there’s plenty more help available. We’re working taily to put everything we know about men, lifestyle and male grooming into a single repository. It’s located at



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