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Best Body Groomer for Manscaping

You still hesitate when it’s time to groom? If you’re not ready to embrace the countless benefits of managing body hair at this point, then clearly something has gone wrong for you. Maybe you’re the one posting horror stories on Reddit. Maybe you’re just too scared to get started. Whatever the case, the remedy to your problem is to rethink how male grooming works. There’s a lot that you can get into, but this really all starts with a simple trim, and a good, safe trim starts with the best body groomer for below-the-waist grooming. It’s called The Lawn Mower 2.0, and we’re going to explain why it’s so awesome.

Two Kinds of Trimmers 

Let’s be honest. There are a lot of companies that make excellent hair trimmers. But there is an immense difference between a trimmer that is designed for male grooming and one that is rebranded for it. A lot of companies sell the latter. You really want the former.

When Less Is More

One of the biggest differences between The Lawn Mower 2.0 and it’s primary competitors is the size of the trimmer. When you first grip it, the 2.0 feels so much smaller than other trimmers. Even a lot of dedicated beard trimmers are wider and heavier. This is a classic case of less being more. 

For starters, the light weight of the 2.0 makes it so easy to handle. That’s incredibly important when you work around the balls. Even with safety features, a trimmer can draw blood on your sack if you don't have good control. The 2.0 manages to provide extensive control without any extra bulk getting in the way.

That lack of bulk, by the way, might be the most powerful feature in the 2.0. So many guys who manscape use larger products, and when it comes to working the shaft and the balls, things get awkward. Most trimmers are designed for your head or your face. So, even when you use a beard trimmer, it’s engineered around the curves of your jaw, which are much wider than what you’re packing downstairs. The thin build of the 2.0 is intended to fit cleanly between the shaft and balls when you groom.

Really focus on that part for a moment. Trimming the outer perimeter and pubes is the easy part. Getting under the balls can be a little awkward, but it’s manageable. The single trickiest area to trim is between the shaft and the sack. You have to pick up your little guy and maneuver an electric trimmer in that space. As soon as you do this with the 2.0, you’ll understand and appreciate how brilliant our engineering team is.

Keeping It Quiet 

There’s another way less is more, and that applies to noise. It’s so easy to misunderstand the role that noise plays in grooming. When you first turn on your Lawn Mower 2.0, you’re going to wonder if it’s defective. It’s shockingly quiet, and until you experience it firsthand, you’ll undervalue this feature.

There’s a psychological component to trimming your pubic hair with something that sounds like a lawn tool. The noise makes you hesitate and hold back. Even when you get used to it, there’s still a subconscious objection to putting that loud sound next to the boys. The very first time you trim with the 2.0, you’ll understand the difference. You’ll feel free and comfortable getting up in there. It makes the trim faster, easier and more controlled.

Trimming Guards

This is the last point we want to make on this topic. Rebranded trimmers weren’t intended for male grooming. If you have doubts about the width, ergonomics or loudness of the trimmers, understand that the trimming guards matter a lot. Something made for the face or head has guards designed for that work. They’ll be much wider than anything that comfortable gets around your manhood, and they’ll be set to different lengths.

It’s that second point we want to emphasize. The Lawn Mower 2.0 has trimming guard lengths meant for lower body hair. If you’re new to manscaping, pay close attention to this part. The 12mm guard is an ideal first pass. A lot of guys who have never managed their pubes before aren’t mentally ready to trim things too short. At 12mm, you get the hair out of the way. It’s no longer catching on things, and it’s not a deterrent to everyone’s favorite nocturnal pastime. But it’s still long enough that the overall coloring doesn’t change. When you go below 12mm, the color of your skin starts to show through the hair a lot more strongly. For some of you pasty boys out there, that can be a shock.

Even as you go down in size on the 2.0’s guards, you find that each length has a purpose. It’s only when you get to the shortest length that you’ll have to worry about the hair getting spiky (which is infinitely uncomfortable for the balls). Whether or not that shortest guard is right for you varies from man to man. So, when you go with a rebranded trimmer, you’ll find some similar lengths, but you won’t find all of them. You’ll also be working with guards that are just too wide to comfortably fit between some of your body parts. 

More Features

There’s more to The Lawn Mower 2.0 than a slim design and good trimming guards. We packed it with convenience to try and make it the most approachable grooming tool on the market. The entire thing is cordless and powered by a rechargeable battery. The charge lasts for multiple grooming sessions, and it charges on a standard USB port, so you can use it pretty much anywhere in the world.

The cordless design also allowed us to make it waterproof. Everyone knows that you should clean your trimmer between uses. Few people actually do. Well, when your trimmer is waterproof, cleanup gets pretty easy. You can give it a quick rinse, pat it drr, and then follow the instructions to keep it in pristine shape. 

Best of all, the Lawn Mower 2.0 comes as part of a set (although you can also buy it individually). With The Perfect Package 2.0, you get our favorite trimmer and all of the other things needed for top-tier grooming.

Going Through the Motions 

When you use the whole package along with your Lawn Mower 2.0, your grooming accomplishes things you didn’t know were possible. Allow us to explain.

A Better Trim

Your first step in any grooming session is a trim. So, you’ll use the 2.0 to accomplish this, but you also get to make use of the Magic Mat. It’s our custom cleanup kit that catches all of your clippings to make sure cleanliness isn’t a hassle. If you wanted, you could use a newspaper to accomplish the same thing, but when was the last time you actually had a newspaper at your disposal?

A Healthy Shower

Once you finish grooming, you want to take a warm shower. At this point, you’re going to gently exfoliate your skin (especially the area you just groomed) with a soft agitator (like a loofah) and Crop Cleanser. This will prevent any skin infections that could accompany razor work, and it’ll protect you from razor burn and general irritation.

Prep for the Day

The last step in grooming comes after your shower. Towel dry and apply a dab of Crop Preserver. This ball deodorant continues to protect your skin throughout the day, and it keeps your boys smelling nice. Follow up on Crop Preserver with Crop Reviver. They hydrating formula includes an aloe agent that helps soothe skin after a shave.

With that, your session is complete. You can have a beautiful lawn that highlights your best features, and you can get there without torturing yourself. That’s the MANSCAPED advantage, and it’s why we do what we do. The only way you could improve your grooming game from here is to expand your knowledge, and you’ll find that is easy when you browse


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