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The best razor for men & women in the military

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



Best razors for men & women in the military

To the men and women of the armed forces, thank you for your service! You do tough work in hard times, and the least the rest of us can do is take a moment to appreciate that. As part of our appreciation, we wanted to do a little something for you. It’s not life-changing, but we wanted to provide some of our specialized advice for grooming your body while you serve. You’re supposed to keep things clean and tight, and that gets easier when you have the right razor, so here are our recommendations for you.

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What should you look for in an electric razor?

There are certain things that everyone needs out of a razor. It has to remove hair without hurting your skin, and most modern electric razors can accomplish that. When it comes to military life, you have advanced needs. Especially on deployment, the wonderful men and women in our military require shaving tools that can be used quickly and safely without falling apart under harsh conditions. While most electric razors are safe while you have time, many fall off once you’re doing a military shave. So, let’s consider these three features at length before discussing a trimmer that meets all essential criteria.

The speed of your electric trimmer is important

Sometimes, you have to get through a quick shave. Perhaps more important than anything else, your trimmer needs to provide you with speed. For guys shaving their faces, they need something that can handle the rapid pace of a military morning. For anyone shaving something other than their face, it’s important that the electric razor can work quickly with the small scraps of time that you might get here and there for self-care.

Don't forget about maintenance

Military life doesn’t always leave you with plenty of time and resources to be fixing a razor or shaver. You have more important things to do, and considering how military life can be hard on your possessions, you need something that is up to the challenge.

Whatever you choose as your trimmer, you want it to be able to work under adverse conditions with absolutely minimal maintenance on your end. That includes blade replacement or sharpening. Many people think that a straight razor would be great, but they forget how much care the blade needs to stay sharp and effective over time.

Instead, you want something with a blade that lasts and a design that doesn’t crumble under the hardships of military life.

Safety should be a key feature

The last thing you need on deployment is to worry about nicking and cutting yourself with your razor. You need something as safe as it is fast, so when you go through your daily shaving routine, you can run it on autopilot without really thinking. This is why electric razors and shavers are often a good choice. As long as you can provide a charge, the safety features allow you to get a regular, close shave with absolutely minimal risk to your skin. Safety features cannot be overvalued.

the lawn mower 4.0

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The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is the best electric razor for military personnel

If you want one device that can live up to all of these needs, what you’re looking for is The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer. It’s great on every front.

Let’s start with speed. It’s an electric shaver. As long as it gets charged, it can make quick work of any body hair. You don’t need shaving cream or special lubricants. You don’t have to prep your skin with a compress or a shower. You can just pull it out and remove hair. Speaking of showers, because it’s waterproof, you can get a quick shave or trim while you’re in the shower to make your routine more efficient.

Wireless charging means no plugs

It’s also incredibly low maintenance. The trimmer has no plugs. Anywhere. That means there are no places that collect sand or grit or anything else that ruins most electronic devices. Its ingress rating is solid, and it’s going to stand up to even the harshest deployments. The only maintenance it requires is an occasional blade replacement. Since the blades are made from ceramic, they last a long time. But, when it’s time for a new one, you can pop in a fresh blade in a matter of seconds. You’ll likely only go through two or three blades a year, so this trimmer is ideal for military life.

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is all about safety

There’s also the factor of safety. The Lawn Mower trimmer utilizes SkinSafe® technology. It’s designed to reduce the risks of nicks and cuts, and it’s quite effective. You can use the trimmer to get aggressively close shaves with no cutting guards. Even if you’re shaving while groggy, it’s going to work hard to protect your skin, and it’s going to prove safer than any razor you can find.

In all of these ways, The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer is perfect for men and women in the military.

the ultra smooth package

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Don’t underestimate the Ultra Smooth Package

If you want more than an electric trimmer in your arsenal, you can look into the Ultra Smooth Package. This is a kit that includes everything men and women need for shaving their lower body.

The package includes The Crop Shaver™ groin razor, which is designed for easy handling when you’re shaving less-common parts of your body. The shorter handle and widened lubricating strips allow you to have a smooth, controlled glide no matter what hair you’re removing. 

The package includes two other products that are invaluable for anyone shaving their nether regions. Those items are Crop Exfoliator™, creamy groin exfoliator, and Crop Gel™ clear shaving gel. The exfoliator allows you to take good care of your skin. Simply use it on an area you shave when you shower. It's great for men and women and will help clear the skin and reduce the risk of razor bumps and irritation.

Crop Gel™ shaving gel is a shaving gel that lubricates the skin when you shave. Overall, the Ultra Smooth Package is efficient and consolidated into a travel case that is easy to manage. You can take good care of your skin and keep your stuff organized with these goodies.

You have plenty of options for keeping your body hair under control. Manscaped™ has amazing products that we want you to enjoy, and as a final gesture, we’re offering 20 percent off to members of the military. We hope it helps.



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