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Best Foot Deodorant

Smelly feet are an ancient problem. In Biblical times, people actually fought over who had to wash the other's feet. It was that important. Since then, we’ve made strides, sort of. We learned that if you bury your feet under multiple layers, you won’t have to really smell the funk. But, that fails once you remove your shoes and socks. If you really want to overcome foot funk, you need a better method. That’s what Foot Duster foot spray is all about.

Not Your Father’s Odor Socks 

People have been trying to corner the market on beating foot odor for a long time. You might remember an old style of tube sock that was supposed to solve the problem. Maybe, you’re a fan of that approach, but there’s a much easier way to win this war. We’ve already solved the problem in other areas of the body. For your armpits, we use deodorant. For your balls, we use Crop Preserver ball deodorant.

When it comes to your feet, the solution is obvious. You need a foot deodorant. That’s what Foot Duster is. It’s professionally engineered to combat foot odor on multiple fronts, and it does so by using real science. You can drop the gimmicky footwear. Foot Duster is the solution to your problem

The Secret Formula

While we aren’t going to get into the chemical manufacturing process required to produce Foot Duster, we aren’t going to treat it like the Coke formula — locked in a secret vault. Understanding the key ingredients in the formula is important. It will help you know how best to use Foot Duster and why it will work.

best foot deodorant

Active pH Control

This formula lies at the heart of our working foot deodorant. Active pH Control is something invented by MANSCAPED, and we put it in several products. It’s a formula that is designed to enhance and protect the acid mantle on your skin.

For those unfamiliar, the acid mantle is a thin layer of oils and moisture that is mildly acidic. Your body produces this as a barrier between your skin and infectious diseases. When it comes to your feet, the acid mantle is particularly important. It helps avoid an overgrowth of bacteria and fungi.

Active pH Control is designed to help your skin maintain the right pH level for the acid mantle. In dealing with feet, stuffing them into a sock that holds moisture all day is a good way to disrupt that pH level. Once you do, your foot funk will be in full swing. That’s why Foot Duster is so important. Even if you’re trying to break the world record for running a mile in Death Valley in the middle of July, your acid mantle will be preserved, and the amount of bacteria and fungi that can make your feet stink will be limited.

Natural Ingredients

Even though we talk about the science and engineering that go into Foot Duster, we also acknowledge the importance of harnessing natural ingredients. We use a few, but the most prominent is cooling tea tree oil.

As the name implies, this is an oil that helps your feet maintain a cool temperature. The oil has natural thermal properties that transfer heat away from the feet. While it won’t exactly provide an ice bath to your toes, it does take the edge off of heat buildup that can be pretty substantial. Between socks, shoes, the heat of summer, and the heat produced by your own body, you pretty much need something regulating the temperatures inside your shoes. Without it, none of the rest of the ingredients in Foot Duster stand a chance.

Proactive Sweat Defense

A lot of people argue about the differences between deodorants and antiperspirants. We don’t really care. Instead, we embrace the idea that limiting foot sweat is probably a good way to manage foot odor. After all, there’s stuff in your sweat that feeds the bacteria and fungi that make you so smelly. While Active pH Control does its thing, you can reinforce the effect by cutting the food supply. 

Besides, no one really likes to have excessively sweaty feet. That’s why we put antiperspirant into Foot Duster. By lowering the excessive sweat, we don’t just combat odor. We also help your feet feel fresh and comfortable even when you work them to the bone.

best foot deodorant


The last important component for any foot deodorant is the scent. Think about it for a minute. Do your feet naturally smell good? Seriously. If you were to take a shower and not use any soap, would your feet have a pleasant odor afterward? We don’t think so, and that’s why we added the signature Manscaped scent to Foot Duster.

While the rest of the formula works hard to protect you from producing B.O., the signature scent puts a nice layer of good smell at the surface. This transforms your feet from being nasty, sweaty stumps at the end of your body to an attractive means to starting some fun foreplay. Still, you might want to shower before you get freaky if you’ve really tested your limits. 

It’s Not Just for Men 

When we named the company MANSCAPED, we had certain presumptions about our target audience. We’re trying to help men be their cleanest, best selves. Sure, that can have a positive impact on women too, but with Foot Duster, we were surprised. We’ve received countless bits of feedback. Men everywhere are telling us that their wives and girlfriends are stealing Foot Duster for themselves.

It makes sense. Foot deodorant is a criminally underserved market. Nobody wants stinky feet, and as much as the old tropes paint women as pristine creatures who don’t sweat, the reality is something else. So, ladies, we welcome you too! If you’ve ever had uncomfortably hot or sweaty feet, Foot Duster is for you too. You can skip the baby powder or other homemade remedies. A scientifically designed deodorant is now available to make your feet feel amazing.

Add a Little Male Grooming 

We’re very proud of what Foot Duster can do, but if we’re going to be completely honest, it works best if you help it a little. Some of you guys have some genuine hobbit feet out there. The layer of fur over your toe knuckles adds a dimension to the problem of smelly feet. If you don’t address it, Foot Duster is only going to help; it won’t fully solve the problem.

It’s ok to get your foot forest under control, and you can do it pretty easily. It takes a few minutes with a trimmer (like The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer). You don’t need to worry about having smooth feet. You just want the fur under control so it isn’t acting like a sponge for all of your dirty sweat. A single pass on a short cutting length is enough for most guys. Try to keep the trimming below the ankle, and go to town. You can decide for yourself just how close a crop you want to have.

The Lawn Mower 3.0.

Since you’re going to learn to groom your feet, it wouldn’t hurt to look into the rest of body grooming. A simple routine is enough to get control of all of your body hair. The full effort can make you smell better all over — not just on your feet. Personal grooming can also increase your daily comfort level. Getting the pubes under control will put a little spring in your step, and knowing that your body is at its best because you put in the work is sure to improve your confidence in bed. 

Once you finally realize we’re right about all of this, spend a little time browsing MANSCAPED.COM. We’ve made this as easy as possible for you. The single website is all you need for all of your male grooming tools and advice.



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