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Best Male Pubic Hair Trimmer

Let's face it: Most men have, at one point or another in their lives, looked for the best male pubic hair trimmer for their male grooming needs. Having a good trimmer is crucial: It will reduce hair and trim a man's nether zone quickly, effectively, and with no snags or nicks. Not only that, a trimmer needs to be ergonomically sized, so it can fit around a man’s below-the-waist area easily and comfortably. But there’s more to male grooming than just trimming your pubes. Read on, friends!

History of Below-the-Waist Grooming

Below-the-waist grooming has been around for thousands of years, and you can thank the Egyptians for starting the grooming trend -- They regularly indulged in male grooming, since having too much hair was viewed as barbaric (we agree!). The Egyptians didn't have trimmers, though, so they had to pluck or tweeze body hair away. Ouch! Luckily, we don't have to do that anymore. Electricity and batteries changed the game. Enter the trimmer. Trimmers use power to quickly and effectively remove hair from your head, face, or body.

Why get rid of pubic hair at all?

The Lawn Mower 3.0     

There are plenty of reasons why men should reduce the amount of pubic hair they have. You may just think of aesthetic reasons, but there are actual health and hygiene reasons to reduce the amount of hair in your pubic area. If you use the same trimmer or razor for your pubic area as you do for your face, you may be transferring bacteria that's specific to your testicles to your face. This can cause a host of problems. You can experience acne, inflammation, or even infection which may require antibiotics or other harsh treatments. According to this GQ article, "There are certain bacteria and yeast that live in your groin area, and you don’t want to spread these to other parts of your body... this can cause fungi, like jock itch or ringworm, to spread."

What to look for in a trimmer

When purchasing a trimmer for your pubic area and testicles, you need to keep a few things in mind. Any trimmer won’t do, so forget about using a facial one or a mass produced drugstore trimmer. Here’s what to look for:

the lawn mower blade module

Speed/Power - You want a fast trimmer. One that works quickly to trim the coarse hair around your manhood. Here’s what to look for in a trimmer: A powerful 7,000 RPM motor, long lasting battery life, and 7,000 cutting strokes per minute. You also don’t want to be messing with cords that can limit your range of motion while trimming. So you want a cordless, chargeable male pubic trimmer. Just walk on by when you see a cord!

Size - When you’re comparing pubic trimmers, size is an important consideration. As you very well know, the male pubic area features various hills and valleys, straight lines and curves. A large trimmer simply will not fit and maneuver around a man’s goods. A small, made-for-men trimmer will be compact enough to safely get around your man bits without nicks or snags.

Quality - A high quality trimmer will have several features that stand out. Here are a few: Nick reduction and safety guards, tough ceramic blades, and a non-slip, palm grip assembly. Plus waterproof construction. A high quality trimmer will last you many years, saving you money over having to replace a trimmer every few months or every year.

The Lawn Mower™ 3.0 from MANSCAPED™ fits all of these characteristics. It’s a high-powered, compact, portable electric trimmer designed for the hard-to-navigate and the highly sensitive areas of a man’s body. Plus, it fits firmly in the palm of your hand for optimal maneuverability and accuracy. Here’s what else it features:

  • A powerful 7,000 RPM motor with 7,000 cutting strokes per minute
  • Cordless and rechargeable with a long lasting battery life
  • Nick reduction with safety guards
  • Multi-adjustable cut length
  • Ceramic blades
  • Waterproof

What other products should I use with a male pubic trimmer?

Though a trimmer is a key tool to your male grooming routine, there’s more than just trimming when it comes to grooming down south. You need complementary products and tools to maintain an attractive male genital zone. The first step in any below-the-waist routine is trimming, using a male-specific trimmer that features all of the characteristics mentioned above. And while you trim, make sure to use complementary products such as those found in MANSCAPED's Perfect Package 3.0.

A good cleanser like Crop Cleanser™: This uniquely formulated moisturizing hair and body wash was designed specifically for high activity and total body cleansing (including hair). Natural ingredients include soothing aloe, sea salt, and other hydrators to leave your skin clean, fresh, moisturized, and reinvigorated. Perfect for post trimming using The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer, as well as everyday showering.

crop cleanser


A moisturizing ball deodorant like Crop Preserver™: This one-of-a-kind, multitasking deodorant and moisturizer was designed specifically for the unique needs of a man’s most sensitive zone. Crop Preserver is a residue- and oil-free, anti-chafing liquid powder gel which features ingredients that preserve skin’s essential barrier, promote antibacterial protection, and maintain all-day freshness.

crop preserver

An allover body spritz like Crop Reviver™: This spray-on body toner and spritzer has been designed especially for highly sensitive and high friction areas of the body. It features soothing aloe and witch hazel extracts for anti-inflammatory, anti-burn protection, and helps maintain optimum pH levels for dryness and proper hydration.


crop reviver

Shaving mats like the Magic Mat™: Keep your bathroom clean and tidy while grooming by using a shaving mat like the Magic Mat. This disposable shaving mat keep trimmings in one place for easy disposal, and also serves as a source of humorous news. Utilize its handy functionality while grooming, then neatly discard. The Magic Mat is custom-sized for optimum floor placement and collection, and easy-to-use and dispose. Three replacement mats included.

As you can see, The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer from MANSCAPED is the top choice for the male pubic trimmer. To purchase, visit



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