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Best Manscaping Kit and How We Designed It

Below-the-waist grooming isn’t some passing fad or trend. It’s a new way to take care of yourself. It’s a reinvention of masculinity itself, and when you embrace it, you’ll find that it is popular for a reason. But, embracing it requires some things. You have to take a chance on practices you’ve never entertained. You have to shift how you think of hygiene and self-care. Most importantly, you need to get some new tools to do the job.

That’s what we’re discussing today. There are a lot of products in the world, but if you want to make everything easy, you simply need to find the best male grooming kit. We’re going to show you why The Perfect Package 2.0 is that kit, and we’re going to explain what went into designing it.

The Perfect Package 2.0

This is the kit. There’s no reason to beat around the bush here. We made the perfect kit, and we did it on purpose. We’re going to go over every item in the kit in complete detail. We’ll explain what makes them great and why we chose the functions, features, and design philosophies that gave birth to this extraordinary assortment of grooming tools.

The Lawn Mower 2.0

The Lawn Mower 2.0 is our baby. We actually invented a different groomer before this one (hence the 2.0), and while we loved it, it was an opportunity to learn as much as anything else. The Lawn Mower ultimately evolved into the 2.0, and it’s a crowning achievement of grooming engineering.

With the 2.0, we wanted a groomer that could tame the entire body. We wanted to be safe, convenient, and affordable, and we wanted to pack as much performance as possible into a single device. To do that, we have to make a few decisions.

The first thing we did was design the groomer around a rechargeable battery and waterproof concept. The challenge is that the charging port can’t compromise the water seal. It’s not an impossible challenge, but we want you to know how hard we worked on it. 

Best Manscaping Kit and How We Designed It

The other philosophy guiding the design of the 2.0 is cutting power. You need a body trimmer that can cut through any forest, but powerful trimmers tend to be big, bulky, noisy, and hot. We got around that by doing two things. First, we implemented a ceramic blade. This gave us more flexibility in the overall design of the trimmer, and ceramics stay sharper longer than steel. The second thing we did is dampen the motor. This allowed us to pack more RPMs into a smaller device. This gives you powerful cutting, but without the bulk, noise, and heat.  

The last thing governing the 2.0 is ergonomics. For a head or beard trimmer, you need a comfortable grip, but it’s not actually that important. When you’re grooming your whole body, you’re going to be working in awkward positions with sub-optimal grips. It’s inevitable. So, we poured over the ergonomics of the 2.0 to make sure it could give you proper control in any and every weird scenario we could concoct. We’ve been innovating grooming for a while. We tested weirdness you can’t imagine.

Crop Preserver

The majority of items in The Perfect Package 2.0 don’t cut hair. That surprises a lot of newbies, but the bulk of male grooming is not found in freeing your body of its hair. It’s the care that comes between male grooming sessions that has the largest impact. Crop Preserver is part of a suite of tools that cater to that ideology.

Deodorant is not a new concept. Like razors, it’s been through many reinventions, but it has been woefully absent from the part of a man’s body that actually stinks the most. Your balls need deodorant. You’ve understood that for years, but you probably thought there was no hope. You could try pit deodorant, but most of those burn. You also have to worry if they’re safe for your balls.

Best Manscaping Kit and How We Designed It

For instance, there are a lot of stories that suggest aluminum (found in most antiperspirants) is dangerous. We’ve reviewed the science, and it seems that these fears are overblown, but when it comes to your balls, you don’t want to take any chances. Neither do we. That’s why Crop Preserver is a deodorant with no aluminum — just to be safe. 

Talc is a similar story. Unfortunately, the science is less clear on talc. It may ultimately prove to be legitimately dangerous. It may not. Until we know for sure, it isn’t going in our deodorant. Instead, we use safe and natural ingredients that still reduce chafing but without giving you the kinds of concerns that keep you up at night.

All of that said, Crop Preserver is designed to promote healthy skin and hair below the waist. It has Active pH Control — a formula designed to help your skin protect itself from infection. It also has moisture control and an amazing scent. Crop Preserver keeps you smelling great. At the same time, it aims to make you feel better than ever. We fully believe it’ll put a newfound spring in your step.

Crop Reviver

If there is one thing that needed to be completely reinvented for manscaping, it’s aftershave. If you’ve ever used aftershave, you understand why it should never go anywhere near your balls. The problem is that you still need something to treat the skin after a shave, and that’s why we invented Crop Reviver.

We don’t call it an aftershave, and that’s on purpose. We had to stray so far from the traditions of aftershave that we invented something entirely new. We call it a toner and refresher, and it does a few things. Like Crop Preserver, Reviver has formulas designed to help your skin be healthy. One distinguishing element in the toner is aloe vera (you won’t find it in our other formulas). The aloe is there specifically to soothe skin after grooming, and on your private parts, it feels exceptional.

We might be most proud of the fact that Crop Reviver is extremely gentle. You’ll never regret spraying it on the boys. In fact, it’s so gentle that we recommend it as a pick me up on days when the little guys are extra ripe.

Best Manscaping Kit and How We Designed It

The Magic Mat

You’re going to think that we’re exaggerating when we say we reinvented the newspaper. Bear with us a minute. Covering things with a newspaper is one of the ultimate staples in male cleaning. We have traditionally laid down papers to catch all kinds of messes, from handy work around the house to training a new dog. It’s good at this job.

There’s one problem. No one actually subscribes to printed newspapers anymore. It’s kind of a waste since you can get all of that information on your phone (or any other device). Newspapers are primarily digital these days, and that leaves men everywhere short on cleaning supplies. 

That brings us to the Magic Mat. It really is just a newspaper. We include a few in every Perfect Package 2.0, and they’re intended to catch your grooming mess. Easy clean up is the best clean up. But, we did do a little reinventing. Instead of reading about boring politics and how many points your retirement fund just lost, the Magic Mat is full of print you’ll enjoy. While it takes the worst pain out of manscaping, it also adds amusement to the process.


After using the best manscaping kit out there, you need to house your man goods properly. This is why once you're finished with trimming, deodorizing, and spritzing, you need to don some high-tech underpants to keep your boys safe, secure, and sexy. Manscaped boxer briefs feature a laundry list of features that will make you wonder what you ever did before they were invented. Made with sweat-wicking fibers, they feature a no-roll waistband and Crop Cooling Technology. Plus, they come in sizes small to double extra-large (for you big boys out there, wink, wink).

Some Extra Goodies

We would love to put everything make into one men's grooming kit to make things easy, but there comes a point when you’re overstuffing. We make a lot of manscaping tools, and cramming them all into a shed will destroy the convenience we crafted into our perfect grooming kit. That said, there are a few more goodies you should consider, and both of them will fit in your Shed if you prefer to store them that way.

Crop Mop

Crop Reviver is a great pick me up, but it doesn’t clean your sweaty balls. The Crop Mop does. It’s a treated wipe. It will feel cool and refreshing when you apply it. Most importantly, it will actually remove the stuff that is making you sweaty and uncomfortable. It leaves you fresh and pristine, and it features our signature scent. Best of all, it’s completely biodegradable, so you don’t have to choose between hygiene and sustainability.

 Keeping a few Crop Mops handy is always a good idea, and that’s why we package them so they’ll fit in your wallet. You can also throw a few in the Shed to stay supplied, but you can see why we didn’t think it was vital to put these in the same kit.

Crop Cleanser

This is another of our crown jewels. You need soap. You need shampoo. You need conditioner. We can admit that we weren’t the first to combine all three into a single bottle. However, we were the first to do so with manscaping in mind. This 3-in-1 isn’t just convenient for washing your hair and your skin. It’s designed to treat your body hair too.

Whether it’s pre or post grooming, Crop Cleanser softens the hairs. It cleans the pores and makes body grooming a more pleasant experience. It’s also the hardest working agent we have for grooming recovery. Active pH Control and some of our formulas are in a lot of our products, but Crop Cleanser gives you a powerful dose in a scrubbing environment. 

A Symphony of Grooming

The Perfect Package 2.0 gives you what you need to groom, but it doesn’t teach you how to use those tools. We’re going to cover that right now. These steps are pretty easy; we’re not going to get into the intricacies of grooming here. The most important thing is to pay attention to the order of operations. It’s important.

Step 1: The Magic Mat

The first step is to lay down your mat. It’s easy enough, but if you forget until your pants are down, your balls are lubed, and you’re ready to go, you’ll shrug off using your mat and regret it later.

Step 2: Trim Freely

The Lawn Mower 2.0 is made for the entire body. Whether you like to do all of your grooming in one marathon or you prefer to split things into different days, this groomer is making your life easy. Pick the guard you want and have at it. There’s no special advice needed.


Step 3: Shower

We’ll never stop our crusade. Men either groom in the shower or after they shower. We know it’s prevalent. It’s why we make our tools waterproof. But, it’s better to groom and then shower. It boils down to two things. First, you need to wash after grooming. Trimming and especially shaving expose your skin to microbes and can create small fissures in the skin that increase the risk of infection. Showering afterward cleans the affected areas and prevents that infection.

The second reason is that showering after you groom shortens your showers. Long showers are bad for your skin, and that exacerbates shaving irritation. Be kind to yourself and shower on the tail end of grooming. It’s easy enough. 

Step 4: Skincare

The last step is incredibly easy, but it’s super important. The healing process that begins with a shower continues when you use two products: Crop Preserver and Crop Reviver. We designed it this way on purpose. After you shower, gently towel dry. Apply Crop Preserver to the dry skin. Then, let it dry. This might feel like an extra step, but it usually takes less than a minute. From there, spritz a little Reviver and get dressed. You’re good to go, and your skin will be recovering from your grooming throughout the day. Plus, you get all of those benefits we already discussed. 

That, gentlemen, is how you groom. It’s efficient. It’s effective. It will leave you feeling like a new man. The purpose of The Perfect Package 2.0 isn’t to reinvent grooming for men. It’s to empower you to reinvent yourself. You’ll find the tools and all of the advice you need to use them at You’re ready to enter a new era in your life.



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