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Best Anti-Friction Spray for Men

Balls. They can be a blessing and a curse. They're certainly important, particularly if you're in the market for making babies or simply enjoying the pleasures that come after you release the elements that build up in them throughout the day or night. But the stuff that builds up on them? That's a whole different matter. In fact, if you don't take proper care of your private parts, you could find yourself with rashes and irritation that go well beyond anything that'll be sufficient to Google remedies for while you're at work. At best, a set of chafed balls can be incredibly itchy. At worst...well...they're balls. You can use your imagination to uncover the possibilities if you leave them to their own devices.

For these reasons—and many others—Manscaped created Crop Reviver. This revolutionary toner and refresher was specifically formulated to keep men's below-the-belt areas protected with a barrier of aloe and witch hazel extracts—both of which act as anti-inflammatory and anti-burn elements for parts that need a little extra attention, particularly after a trim or shave.

So, what exactly is a ball toner and refresher? How can it help you achieve the balls you've always wanted to grow between your legs? Great questions! Let's take a look!

An Aftershave for Your Down-Under Areas

If you adhere to a manscaping regimen, skipping out on a toner simply isn't an option. Why? Because your balls are begging you for a calming comfort after you've exposed them to a trimmer and razor blade. Even the most careful man who imparts the slowest, most meticulous shave will still leave his sack asking for aftershave. It's not about you, dude; it's about your guys. They expect you to take care of them, and they certainly can't reach for a body spray themselves, so it's on you to incorporate a proper manscaping technique that covers everything from the moment you slip out of your briefs to the second you slide another pair over your package.

Need a rundown of a proper manscaping routine

1. Make Cleanup Easy

No, this step shouldn't be saved for last. Trust us. If you put The Magic Mat down before you begin plowing your garden away, you'll be so much happy when it's all over. You'll simply need to gather the edges of the mat and toss it into the trash. No curly qs will be left behind if you proactively protect your floor.

best anti-friction spray for men

2. Trim Your Hairs

It's never a good idea to put a razor to your rogue hairs before you trim them down and tell them who's boss. The Lawn Mower 2.0 was intentionally designed to prevent tugging, tearing, ripping, and pulling—all words that you don't want to use when you're describing your area down below.

3. Take a Razor to It

With the long hairs out of the way, you can let The Plow go to work, creating a smooth, refined surface on the skin.

4. Shower Off the Hair and Grime From the Day

A quick (or not-so-quick) shower will wash away the dirt, grime, and extra hair that's still clinging to your skin. Be sure to use a pH-balanced body wash like Crop Cleanser for best results after you shave.

5. Deodorize Your Dudes

Listen, man. Nobody wants to smell your stinky balls when you're sitting in a conference room or riding in a work truck. Do the world a favor and lather on some Crop Preserver ball deodorant before you leave the house.

6. Apply Aftershave Toner

This brings us to the point of this post. A quick hit of a body spritz that's formulated with refreshing and soothing ingredients will set your set up for success throughout the day.

best anti-friction spray

Cool and Refreshing Elements

Thanks to the aloe and witch hazel, your nuts can feel the cool, refreshing hit of this spray anytime, day or night. Slip a spray bottle in your gym bag or laptop case so you can get a few squirts in before your next meeting. Don't worry; we won't tell. And these squirts are far more acceptable than any other sprays you could be giving off during the day.

Bringing Your Balls Back to Life 

Stay calm. Stay cool. And stay refreshed. Crop Reviver has everything you need to bring your balls back to life if they've had a bad day. Don't let dirty sweat or too-small drawers hold you down. Crop Reviver's sole purpose in life is to give your sensitive skin the protection it needs to combat your shorts and all the discomfort your cotton and denim can bring. A quick spritz will leave you feeling rejuvenated, fresh, and ready to battle the day again.

Think of it as a cool shower on a hot day—without the shower.

Making a Difference With the Right Ingredients

If you've never experienced ball-burn, good for you. You're probably among a very elite class of the few. For the rest of you, you know how bad ball-burn can feel, especially if you're expected to act like a human specimen when you're out in public. Ball-burn, by definition, brings on a painful burning sensation that can happen if you shave too quickly, incorrectly, or with the wrong tools. It can also happen if you're super active, hitting the gym or doing a lot of moving around while you're at work. The end result can bring awkward dances to your pants as you shift up and down and try to discreetly calm the irritation without making your hands noticeable as they crawl around the inside of the crotch of your pants. 

You don't want to be that guy, do you?

Crop Preserver's anti-friction ingredients protect your sensitive skin from this burning sensation. It's specially formulated for high-friction areas (read: that area between your legs that can't seem to get a break in life). 

Optimal Dryness and Moisture at the Same Time

That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn't it? 

Here's the thing: your balls need to maintain a certain amount of moisture, but they shouldn't be soaking wet from sweat (or anything else). This is a hard balance for most products to achieve because many elements that keep the skin dry will dry it out completely, leaving an unbalanced environment down below. On the other hand, products that are intended to moisturize other areas of the body could be improperly applied to men's privates, often leaving greasiness or a weird excess leftover of moisture that doesn't belong in your boxers.

Crop Preserver doesn't adhere to either of these scenarios because it was created just for your junk. Featuring Active pH Control™, this little bottle enables your balls to stay dry and wick sweat away while simultaneously keeping the natural sebum moisture your body needs to stay healthy and—quite frankly—happy.

Think About It This Way

When you shave your face, you probably apply some sort of aftershave, right? You get that cool, calming, tingling feeling that lets you know you did a good job. When your barber trims your hair, he might even spritz an aftershave onto your neck and hairline to soothe your skin after he's all done. If you're paying this much attention to your above-the-belt region, why would you skimp on the area that's not seen by everybody? Just because it's out of sight, it's certainly not out of mind. Even a minor irritation or ball-burn will quickly remind you that the details do matter. Take care of your parts. Impart Crop Preserver into your manscaping regimen.

If you're looking for a way to make your unmentionable parts happy during the day, while you sleep, or whenever things are getting a little hot and heavy, you've come to the right place. Manscaped makes specially formulated products and particularly designed tools just for men's nether regions. Start with The Perfect Package 2.0 today, and get ready to see why manscaping has gone from a trend to a way of life for today's modern gentleman.



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