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Best Body Wash for Men

Humans are animals. Animals, by default, get dirty. Fortunately, we don't have to roll around in dust and clay to get cleaner. For obvious reasons, that wouldn't do the humans skin much good when it comes to getting dirt off our bodies. We're also fortunate in that we don't require our parents, siblings, or lovers to pick creepy crawlers from our manes. Although we're certainly part of the grand animal kingdom, we're afforded some luxuries that most of our animal cousins will never encounter: body wash.

That's right—soap in a squirt bottle. While humans often take this body cleaner for granted, it's really one of the best things that sets apart from our four-legged and semi-pedal cousins. We have the ability to turn a few nobs in the shower an instantly have water that's just hot or cold enough to feel exhilarating. For some people, the initial interaction with the shower is the best part of their day, but, of course, while they're in there, things only get better.

Real mean integrate outstanding body washes into their overall manscaping routines. Guys who are wise to great ingredients reach for Manscaped's Crop Cleanser. This stunning little cleanser is the perfect complement to The Perfect Package 2.0 because it's specially formulated to take care of your body from head to toe, including those sensitive spots that hang out around your balls. 

Let's dive into some of the reasons Crop Cleanser stands above the rest when it comes to men's hair and body wash.

Best Body Wash for Men

1. Ingredients are Formulated to be Ultra-Soothing

You might be surprised to find that many body washes are created with ingredients that can cause more harm to your skin than good. Many body washes use ultra-harsh chemicals that may get the dirt to go away, but they often strip the skin of essential moisture it needs to stay protected long after you towel off. A clean body doesn't do you much good if you spend the day itching like you woke up in a beehive.

Among other ingredients, Crop Cleanser contains two vital moisturizers: soothing aloe and sea salt. 

These ingredients can be used all over your body, including as a shampoo or rinse for your toe jam. Specifically, it's designed to do the duty between your down-under region, alleviating your balls and butt crack of the bad bacteria and subsequent stench they've accumulated throughout the day. In particular, with regards to manscaping, Crop Cleanser's soothing elements calm freshly shaven skin, ensuring the dermis's natural sebum (moisture layer) is in balance so unwanted itching or irritation doesn't occur.

2. All-Over Body Cleanser

Reduce the clutter you have lining your shower because Crop Preserver is an all-over body cleanser. It works just as great as a shampoo as it does when it's doing its work below the belt. This single bottle of cleansing awesomeness is intended to give you the one-and-done feel of squeaky cleanliness every time you towel off. This luxury foaming gel wash will tackle the dirtiest of bodies and hardest-to-reach areas with gentle-yet-effective ingredients that get the job done.

3. Unique Scent

This one can be tricky. You want to smell manly and clean, but you don't want everyone to run off the elevator as soon as you start to step on. That's never a good way to make friends. We all know there are plenty of men's hygiene products on the market that are overpowering and exert far too much "manliness" when they're released from their bottles. We would never want that for you. Manscaped's Crop Cleanser is formulated with a unique scent that brings the best of your own hormones and pheromones to the forefront, while leaving unnecessary colognes alone. After all, the best-smell man is a clean man. That's our sole intention with this product. It has just enough scent to tout the fact that you actually did take the time to shower or bathe, but you're not going to set off any alarm bells when you walk into the office. With that said, don't be surprised if you see a couple heads subtly follow your path as people get the light whiff of your body-cleansing routine.

best body wash for men

4. pH Balance 

Here's the thing, fellas. Your girlfriends froo froo body wash is okay when you're in a pinch and don't have anything else to reach for when you're in the shower, but that shouldn't be the norm. Her body is much different than yours (as we hope you already know), and the chemicals secreted by women's bodies don't need the same attention as those given off by guys. pH balance is essentially the thing that keeps your skin from becoming too acidic (which can actually remove the good bacteria from your skin, as well as several healthy acids including: sebum, lactic acid, and amino acids.)

On the other hand, a lack of pH balance can cause your boys to be exposed to too much alkali. In these situations, your skin will be stripped of the moisture-holding cells that help keep the skin hydrated and healthy. This, in turn, can lead to itching and irritation. 

To ensure overall comfort, always use pH-balanced body products, especially when you're manscaping your sensitive parts. The chemical components between your natural body and the products you use will make all the difference in terms of comfort, care, and kindness to your genitals.

5. A Complement to The Perfect Package 2.0

Manscaped makes a large line of products that are specifically designed to help men to tailor their landscapes down there. Crop Cleanser is just one of many components for a full-package manscaping endeavor. Here's a quick breakdown of the best ways to use Crop Cleanser when you're a manscaping man who wants to get rid of excess hair (because, let's be honest, rogue pubes are nobody's friend).

  • Lay down The Magic Mat. If you think cleanup will be a breeze by simply sweeping up your short-and-curlies, you've got another thing coming to you. Pubic hair has an annoying habit of finding itself in cracks, crevices, and hidden spaces, and it seems to only make its appearance when something embarrassing could cause you to blush. Avoid pubic hair backlash by laying The Magic Mat down before you begin your process. It'll gather the hair as it falls from your body, keeping it nice, neat, and contained so you can quickly toss the paper in the trash when your initial trim and shave is finished.
  • Trim You Tree Trunk First. Never let the razor go to town before you've laid out the proper path. Long hair shouldn't have its day with a razor blade until it's been trimmed down to a more reasonable length. That's what The Lawn Mower 2.0 does for you. By shortening your pubic hairs to a reasonable length, you're giving your razor the best shot at doing a great job. It's important to use the right trimmer because cheaply made trimmers—or those with rotating blades—can easily grab your pubic hair, twisting it from the follicle and causing painful ripping. These aren't words you want to have associated with your junk, so do yourself a favor, and trim right from the very beginning.

best body wash for men

  • Shave Your Body. With trimming out of the way, you can now make a clean shave. Put The Plow to work, allowing it to gently glide over your sensitive skin without pressing too firmly. Be sure to pull your balls taught so there aren't awkward wrinkles or crevices that could derail your shaving efforts.
  • Now It's Time to Shower. Use the cooling effects of Crop Preserver to wash your body, head to toe. Your freshly shaven parts will particularly appreciate the cooling ingredients.
  • Deodorize Your Balls. Let Crop Preserver lead the way with its anti-chafing, anti-bacterial ball-protecting formula. Rub a little bit of this liquid talcum-like gel on your jollies, and you'll soon realize a new level of confidence after a day's work.
  • Refresh Yourself. Just one more thing—a quick spritz or two of Crop Reviver helps build an anti-itch, anti-inflammatory barrier between your boys and your shorts, even if you've just shaved.


Manscaped is every man's answer to better hygiene with products that can easily be ordered right online. Start with a Perfect Package 2.0 and add Crop Cleanser if you're just beginning your manscaping adventures, or check out our Replenish Plans that'll keep your most essential items returning to your front door just when you need refills.



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