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Best Men's Cologne

How do you describe the modern man? Is he tough? Knowledgeable? Should he have many skills or be a master of one? Is he refined? If you ask the internet, they’ll demand all of this and more from the modern man. He has to be the total package, and that can be tough. 

One way to overcome these demands is to improve your presentation. If you look the part, people will be more receptive, and you can focus on what matters most to you. Believe it or not, that’s why so many guys use cologne. It’s a no-effort way to smell nice and seem a little more sophisticated. When you don’t smell like a barbarian, people cross a few expectations off the list, and you can be yourself.

Naturally, this leads us to an inevitable question. Which cologne is the best? Which one should you use? The question is easy to answer. The best men’s cologne isn’t one that costs the most or has the most complicated scent. It’s the one that works the best at helping you to smell and appear your best. It’s Refined.

Refined, By Manscaped

Why is Refined the best? The answer is simple. Refined is the best cologne you can get. We’ll take you on a tour of this magnificent spray to show you exactly why it’s the scent you need.

The Signature Scent

Refined is not some cologne sitting out in empty space. It’s part of a brand — a plan. It’s built on the same signature scent that is in all of the Manscaped formulas. This makes it a proper complement to your hygiene plan instead of a cover. It won’t clash with an odd body soap or medicinal shampoo. It won’t fight against your deodorant or poorly cover your genuine body odor.

When you invest into the Manscaped line, you get a total solution and a total package. Having soap, ball spray and even foot deodorant that all work together creates a harmony of scent. This makes Refined more effective as a cologne than any solitary bottle of oils could ever hope to be.

Balanced Strength

Utilizing Refined in concert with other hygiene products comes with some huge benefits. This cologne doesn’t have to work nearly as hard. It utilizes a light fragrance, so it won’t make your eyes water like a 14-year-old discovering body spray for the first time. Instead, it provides a noticeable aroma that doesn’t have to fight its way to the forefront of anyone’s attention.

That doesn’t mean that Refined is weak. If anything, we would describe it as assertive. It gets attention, but it does so without trying to hard or compensating for any shortcomings. It’s a cologne designed to reflect the man we all aspire to be.

best men's cologne


There is a lot of science at play beneath the surface of a bottle of Refined. Plenty of that went into crafting the signature scent and balancing the strength, but there was something else we couldn’t ignore. A lot of colognes (and perfumes) can be pretty rough on the nose. Whether through allergies or irritants, some people take a whiff of a brand and it’s like sniffing pepper.

Refined is produced exclusively with non-allergenic materials. This is to eliminate that peppery feeling and minimize any chance of a bad reaction. You won’t have to worry about ruining a date because they just couldn’t handle your choice of cologne.

Whiff Labs

Since we’re talking so much about the precise science and engineering that runs Refined, it’s worth mentioning Whiff Labs. They are a company that specializes in producing signature scents. So, when they partnered with Manscaped to change the landscape of masculine cologne, it’s no wonder they ultimately developed Refined.

While Whiff likes to keep a few secrets about how they do things behind the scenes, we can tell you that nothing about Refined is an accident. Everything we’re praising, from its gentle nature to the complementary scent, was developed through careful and precise technique. It makes Refined perfectly reliable as a cologne that will always meet your expectations.

For Best Use

Refined is impressive stuff. It’s pretty hard to use it wrong. In fact, it’s near idiot-proof. Even so, a few tips and tricks can help you get a little more mileage out of your cologne. For starters, this is not a feminine perfume. Don’t spray it in the air and walk through the mist. It’s embarrassing how many time we have to explain that to guys. Male colognes have their own method, so follow the easy steps and you’ll do just fine.

Watch Where You Spray

Traditional wisdom suggest that you should lightly apply cologne to your neck and collar bone. Traditional wisdom is completely wrong. If you shave with any regularity, you’re going to encounter a situation where you’re applying cologne straight to a razor cut. As much as we brag about the gentleness of Refined, it’s still going to burn. 

Instead, you should apply the cologne behind the ears and/or to the back of the neck. This will get you in the habit of avoiding sensitive skin that was just butchered by a knife. It reduces irritation and feels better in general.

As a bonus, this makes intimate settings even better. When someone is getting close and kissing on your neck, you don’t want to reward them with a mouthful of cologne. We’re not to proud to admit that this stuff smells much better than it tastes. 

And, because we know one of you needs to read this, don’t spray it on your junk. There’s stuff made specifically for your balls, so stick to it. If you get cologne on sensitive skin after a manscaping session, you’re going to ruin your day. 

best men's cologne

Application Technique

Every manufacturer will have slightly different advice on how to apply your cologne. For Refined, it’s pretty easy. Apply it to dry skin, and spray when the bottle is about three inches away. 

If you happen to be in a hurry and you’re still damp from the shower when you spray, it won’t turn you into a wet dog. All that happens is that the moisture on your skin will slightly dilute the cologne, and it may take a little off of the cologne’s longevity for the day.

Help it Out

The last way to push your cologne over the top is to give it a little help. No cologne should ever be used to mask another scent. Whether it’s B.O., car grease or something else, applying cologne without adhering to the rest of the hygiene routine is a great way to create some Frankenstein smell. Nobody wants that.

Shower, or at least be clean, before you apply Refined. If you really want to go the distance, go all the way with your manscaping. When you reduce your body hair, you reduce ways to trap bad smells, and you make it easier to be clean. This is especially true with you trim your pits, balls and ass. Those are the smell traps of the human body, and any effort to tame that hair will reduce the stank you can carry. That’s how you avoid Frankensteining your B.O. into some unimaginable beast, and it will make you more attractive in every way.

If you really want to understand how to master manscaping and hygiene in general, there’s plenty of help available. has the tools and advice you need to up your game. Everything on the site is as meticulously crafted as Refined, and all of it works together in concert. When you adopt the Manscaped line, you surround yourself with the means to find success in male grooming and beyond. When you add the pages upon pages of advice available, you have a treasure trove of manscaping goodness.



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