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Best Men's Grooming Shaver

Manscaping. Is it more art or science? No one knows, but if Michelangelo was using the most advanced tools of his age, you should too. There are a lot of devices and aids that you might want in your manscaping bag. You’ve probably thought long and hard about which trimmer you should use. You might not have given such careful consideration to your razor. You’ve been shaving for years. You know what you need, right?

You poor, ignorant child. Nothing in your manscaping kit is more important than the razor. An inferior trimmer might be annoying. It may tug on your pubic hair, but it won’t ruin your life. The razor does the most dangerous work, and not all shavers are created equally. There are things you need to know about these tools in order to make sure you’re using the best men’s grooming shaver. For those in a hurry, here’s a spoiler. The Plow, by Manscaped, is the best grooming shaver for manscaping. If you want to understand why, keep reading. 

What Makes a Bad Shaver?

Everyone always talks about what makes a great shaver, but no one wants to be the guy who calls out all of the bad junk out there. Those days are no more. A bad razor isn’t the opposite of a good razor. There are things you want in your blade (to be discussed later), but there are designs that are specifically bad for a body shaver. Some of those things are features you might appreciate in razors meant solely for your beard.

Multiple Blades

You can get a razor with three, four, or five blades. Maybe someone out there is working on an amazing 10-blade system. Who knows? What you need to understand is that this is not optimal for shaving your body. The multiple blades are great on your face for a couple of reasons. First, facial hair is usually much denser than body hair. The extra blades help you cut more hair with fewer strokes. That’s good for reducing irritation. 

On your body, the extra blades cause more harm than good. For starters, you have to make a wider razor head to accommodate all of those blades. In case you haven’t noticed, your body is shaped a bit differently from your face. When you’re trying to get the most pristine manscaping imaginable, you have to get into some nooks and crannies. Bulkier blades are your enemy, and they can cause you unimaginable distress if they aren’t used correctly. 

Another problem is lubrication. With your face, you’re going to get plenty of lube all over the beard. This is important with multi-blades because they are actually a lot worse for tugging. When you’re doing the total manscaping thing, you won’t always have optimal lubrication, and you don’t want five distinct blades all tugging on your body hair. It’s an easy way to get cut, despite the safety features on those razors.

Lastly, multi-bladed razors are less precise. You may have noticed that some of those designs have multiple blades on one side and a single blade on the other. That single blade is for precision work. Well, the majority of body shaving will be what you consider precision work. Why invest in extra blades that you won’t use?

best mens grooming shaver

The Disposable Design

It’s a little weird that disposable razors still exist. They’re pretty much universally regarded as the worst thing you can do to your face, so you definitely don’t want to use those things on your balls. Sure, when you were young and just starting college, a cheap razor could handle your peach fuzz. Plus, your skin was extra resilient, and the low-quality razors didn’t really ail you. 

There’s also this weird group of guys out there. They seem to think that there’s some pride in using garbage razors? What does anyone gain from hacking at their own flesh with dollar store equipment? There’s no toughness here. Either you love your balls or you don’t. Let’s get rid of this idea that you’re more of a man because you’re sporting slash marks on your scrotum. Nobody needs that, and women definitely aren’t into it. 

For the rest of you (who are sane), growing up leads to the realization that you need a better razor. When it comes to body grooming, skip the slow learning process and start with quality. If you use your brain and do a little research, quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. 

Soft Materials

Most razors are made with soft plastics. You’ve never really thought about this before, but this is a big deal when it comes to cross contamination. When you shave your face, you use the same razor on repeat. Typically, that razor doesn’t touch anything but your face. You know better than to share with your lady friend, but you may not fully understand why.

You have bacteria and other microbes living on your skin, right now. Even fresh out of the shower, this is still true. More importantly, the microbes that prefer your face are not identical to the ones that prefer your balls. Everyone tells you not to use the same razor for your face and balls for this reason. Razors, even when you use them correctly, cause very small cuts on your skin. Cross contaminating your razor can lead to skin infections that are normally never a threat.

How does soft plastic play into this? Even though plastic is waterproof, a lot of razors have designs that allow some water to collect on the head of the razor and in the handle. That water can actually help you spread microbes from one part of your body to the other in a single grooming session. If, however, your razor is a hard, stainless steel, then rinsing the razor as you go will be more effective at protecting you from cross contamination. If you swap blades while you’re at it, you’ll be in great shape.

Soft Blades

Speaking of blades, they’re important too. Now, a soft blade is still going to be a hard metal. This isn’t about contamination. Instead, a soft blade won’t hold it’s edge as long. In fewer strokes, the blade stops cutting correctly, and your experience turns to misery. 

As you might guess, disposables are notorious for using softer, cheaper metals in the blade. A lot of times you won’t really care because you can replace the disposable pretty quickly. However, when you’re grooming your whole body, you might go through several razors in a single session.

Cartridge razors are a different animal. A lot of times you won’t notice a softer metal because the backup blades make up the difference, and they tend to give a decent shave even if they’re a little dull. But, you want a single blade for your manscaping. That means you need a strong steel that can handle a lot of shaving before it goes dull. Hard steel is the only way to get the job done.

What Makes a Great Razor?

best mens grooming shaver

Now, you know what to avoid. Multiple blades and simple plastic designs do great for your face. Your body has other demands. While you’re avoiding the above problems, you also want to look for some designs that are crucial to providing a happy, positive manscaping experience. The total list of things that could contribute to your grooming success is too long. We’ve condensed the most important points. 

The Safety Razor

You want a single-bladed razor that isn’t low quality? You need a safety razor. It’s ideal for body grooming for a lot of reasons. For starters, it’s highly adaptable. Because the design puts the blade perpendicular to the razor’s head, you can hit a lot of the weird parts of your body more easily. You’re not maneuvering an awkward razor shape all over the nooks and crannies. It’s nice.

The other great thing about safety razors is something we mention a lot. The design promotes shorter strokes. You might not realize this, but when it comes to shaving your body, your cheeks and neck are the only parts where long strokes make sense. For the rest of you, smaller, more controlled strokes are better for reducing irritation and getting an excellent aesthetic out of your efforts. 


That’s a word normally associated with computer chairs or something. When it comes to shaving, ergonomics are wildly overlooked. This is the design that goes into the grip of the razor. It’s not just about a comfortable grip, it’s about a reliable grip.

Think about it. Have you ever shaved your ass? If not, allow us to help you understand. Your body was not designed to give you unfailing access to your own bum. Working a razor between your sensitive cheeks is not easy work, and it will invariably require you to get into an awkward squat. You’re working a razor-sharp blade on one of the most sensitive parts of your entire body while testing your sense of balance. Do you want a razor that will slip in your hand, or do you want something that provides a sure grip even under the most tenuous circumstances?

That’s what ergonomics means in manscaping. You need a razor that was designed by people who understand this challenge — and possibly by guys who know the pain of having a razor slip in their hands. Learn from our suffering.


You probably won’t have to shave your body as often as your face (some of you are more sasquatch than others), but the cost of manscaping can still add up over time. You need a razor that gives you everything your grooming demands without sending you into bankruptcy. This is actually another reason you want a safety razor. You can get a quality safety razor for $20 or so. Once you have the razor, you only need refill blades, and these tend to cost a lot less than disposable razors or replacement cartridges. 

Technically, a straight razor could be even cheaper, but that’s something a man allows near his testicles. No matter what delusions you’re entertaining right now, it’s not worth it. Trust us. You don’t want to end up like Greg. Shudder. 

With a safety razor, you can get high-quality steel blades for stupidly low cost. It’s the best of both worlds.


It’s obvious, but when you’re getting caught up in all of marketing and the shopping experience, it’s easy to overlook the thing that matters most. You need a razor that doesn’t turn your balls into swiss cheese. No matter how adept you are with a razor, people eventually make a mistake. A few simple safety features can save you from yourself without sacrificing the quality of the shave.

Now, most razors are going to have some level of cutting guard. It’s a must, but not all cutting guards are designed the same. Some use steel wires to keep the blades from pushing too deep into the skin. Others use the blade head to control the depth of the stroke. Make sure you understand how to use your razor for maximum safety. Technique can play a big role in actually benefiting from that safety, but as long as you understand the mechanism, it should be enough to keep you out of trouble.

best mens grooming shaver

The Manscaping Experience 

At the end of the day, manscaping is about a whole lot more than just shaving. Having the right shaver matters, but you need all of the other tools in the package too. A quick tutorial will show you how all of these tools come together to optimize your manscaping experience.

The Trim

The very first thing you should do when manscaping is grab a Magic Mat. It’s a friendly little device that’s going to keep you from making an annoying mess. With the mat on the ground, you’re going to unsheathe The Lawn Mower 2.0 and start doing important work. The Lawn Mower 2.0 does fine with a dry trim. It will not cause any distress. Using the different cutting guards, you can get most of your body hair to the exact length you want. It’s the most important step.

Shave Before You Shower

The second step is to shave your body. Ideally, you want to do this while you’re still over your mat. Shaving before you shower is ideal because it reduces stress on the skin by keeping your showers to a manageable length. Even when you ignore this advice and shave in the shower, be sure to do the grooming before you wash. That will prevent any nicks or micro fissures from leading to a skin rash or infection.

Wash Thoroughly

best mens grooming shaver

When you cleanse your body after your shave, you want to employ the use of Crop Cleanser. This all-in-one shower cleanser is ideal for post-shaving showers because it has ingredients specifically designed to restore your skin and reduce razor burn. The Active pH Control formula is the chief among those ingredients, but no soap can really do the job unless you use it correctly. Gently massage the skin that was groomed in order to exfoliate the pores. This helps you prevent ingrown hairs. 

Provide a Little TLC

Out of the shower, gently towel dry. When your skin is dry, you want to apply Crop Preserver. This is your best friend. The ball deodorant will reduce friction, chafing and excessive sweating, but it won’t dry you out in the process. The restorative work that was started with Crop Cleanser is continued with Crop Preserver. 

When the ball deodorant successfully dries, you want to spray a dose of Crop Reviver. The final key ingredient to your success contains aloe and other alleviating resources. This soothes the skin after your male grooming session, and it has an amazing scent that will keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

There you go. The Plow is the shaver you need. When you complement it with The Perfect Package 2.0, you have everything necessary for excellent manscaping and total body care. You won’t just look your sexiest. You’ll feel like more of a man, and you’ll get that extra special strut in your step. You can find all of this at As if that wasn’t enough, you can also find extensive tutorials, life advice and pretty much everything you could ever hope to need as a man. It’s pretty much the online Mecca for all things masculine. Enjoy.



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