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Best Men's Lifestyle Razor and Trimmer

When it comes to men's hair removal, there are razors and trimmers and then there are razors and trimmers.

Does that sound redundant? Sure it does. So do the advertisements and offerings available from most body care lines. 

It's kind of like walking into the toothbrush aisle of the grocery store. Let's take a look at this analogy for just a second.

  • You know you need a tool that can do the job. Check.
  • You know you want something that won't hurt you while it's doing its job. Check.
  • You know you're looking for a device that's specifically made to do the job it's supposed to do. Check.

So, you go to the store, walk down the aisle, and face down ten thousand toothbrushes that all check those boxes. But, they're not the same toothbrushes. Some of them have softer bristles, which might be too soft to get the job done. Others have hard bristles, which may be too hard and ultimately cause pain. Then you have the toothbrushes that have quirky, kitschy advertisements, colors, and logos, but they probably don't really offer anything great at all—except a higher price point.

Now, let's relate this to your manscaping endeavors.

You want to keep your body looking its best, devoid of unwanted fuzz, particularly in those special areas. You need a trimmer and razor combo that are built for the task at hand—tools that won't leave you with Band-Aids on your balls or unnecessary trips to the emergency room. But, when you stand in the razor aisle of your grocery store, you're overcome by a billion blades that may or may not the job right.

So, what do you do?

For starters, you stop looking for razors and trimmers at your grocery store. If you related to this analogy, step number one is removing yourself from the place that's causing you shaving anxiety because you won't find the solutions to your problems there anyway. When you're searching for the best lifestyle razor and trimmer, you won't find it hiding amongst the deodorant and baby food at your local grocers. You have to look beyond the habits you might have already formed when it comes to shopping for manscaping products and look toward the companies that are founded with the sole purpose of making sure your man parts are cared for properly.

Now that we've talked about what you shouldn't be looking for, let's explore what you should look for when you're ready to build your male grooming arsenal. 

Best Men's Lifestyle Razor and Trimmer

The Lawn Mower 2.0: The Beauty of Tangle-Free Testicles

As if the title wasn't enough to get your attention, we'd like to tell you why tangle-free testicles are important—and why we designed The Lawn Mower 2.0 to deliver this promise each and every time you decide to tackle your hairy tuft. 

The simple answer: tangled testicles are no laughing matter. Of course, we're talking about the hair ON your testicles because if you actually have tangled testicles, that's a matter for a medical professional. However, where hair is concerned, tangled tresses on your trunk can cause an enormous amount of discomfort, pain, and irritation. Circular trimmers are renowned for creating a pulling and tugging motion that's simply unacceptable, particularly around your male anatomy.

The Lawn Mower 2.0 doesn't believe in making your balls undergo pain so you can gain. The SkinSafe™ technology ensures you won't have to worry about nicks or snags while the 6,000 RPM motor goes to work on the coarse hair that covers your lower landscape. 

What Makes The Lawn Mower 2.0 Awesome?

The Lawn Mower 2.0 isn't an off-the-shelf device that was designed without a care in the world as to what goes on down there. Quite the contrary! It features:

  • Non-slip, ergonomic shape. Okay, the last thing you want to happen when you're shaving your sack is to have a slip-and-fall incident with your trimmer. Fear not! The rubberized, soft-touch grip and ergonomic shape of this tool make it easy to maneuver around all of your man parts without fear of falling into an uncomfortable situation.
  • Waterproof design. Maybe you want to shave around the sink, or perhaps you're in a hurry and need to get your nads looking right while you're in the shower. We've got you. With The Lawn Mower 2.0's waterproof design, you can do due justice to your junk, no matter where you are or how wet the area may be.
  • Easy Cleaning. Built-up gunk is just gross, especially when it's around your genitals. Thanks to the easy-clean design of The Lawn Mower 2.0, you can simply remove the trimming comb when you're done and brush the gross stuff away.

Best Men's Lifestyle Razor and Trimmer

The Plow: Sensitive Skin That's In a Safe and Happy Place

Manscaping doesn't end with a good trim. No, our friends—that's just the beginning. Once your top hair is out of the way, you've paved the path for a more important tool to take center stage. Enter: The Plow.

The Plow isn't your everyday razor. Oh, no. It's specifically manufactured for men, created with a design that'll get into the crevices and crannies of your cock and balls without causing you any discomfort along the way.

Why Do You Need The Plow?

If you're ready to manscape, you're ready to do it right. You need the tools that'll protect your privates while still delivering the close shave that stimulates your special organs. Not every razor can do this job. Trust us—we know!

We created The Plow to keep private parts protected from irritation, itchiness, and inflammation while still enabling guys to get the most out of their shaving experiences. It was a big task, but we were up for the challenge. The design of this bathroom utensil may seem simple on the outside, but there was a lot of thought that went into it. This tool provides:

  • A refined, close shave. After you've trimmed the tops of your tufts, The Plow is ready to take over, providing a smooth, fine finish to your body-inspired masterpiece.
  • Precision engineering. Thanks to the single-blade, double-edged design, you can achieve skin-close softness without the prickles that'll likely be leftover by other razors.
  • An easy-glide design. Nothing's worse than clumsily trying to keep your razor in its rightful position when you're heading down south. With The Plow, everything stays intact because it's designed to provide ease-of-movement in hard-to-reach spots.
  • Skin-level cuts. If you think cutting below the skin will save you from shaving more often, think again. It's not necessarily the number of times you have the shave that you should be thinking about; it's the amount of irritation your skin has to endure if you're not using the right razor. When razors are built to cut below the skin, you're inviting irritation, bacteria, and inflammation. Obviously, none of these are things you probably put on your wishlist before you step out to impress somebody. By cutting at the skin-level, The Plow reduces these negative effects, leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling baby-soft. 

Best Men's Lifestyle Razor and Trimmer

How to Tackle the Rest of Your Manscaping Needs

Thorough preparedness is always essential for the proper gentleman. Trimming and shaving aren't the only marks of a well-groomed guy. You also need to know how to utilize the rest of your resources to ensure you're making the most of your efforts. Here are a few bathroom essentials that’ll complete your trim-and-razor adventures:

  • Body wash. Of course, we don’t mean just any old body wash. We mean a body wash that’ll do right by your body—balls and all. Crop Cleanser is a pH-balanced body-and-hair wash that’s literally formulated for your entire body, from head to toe.
  • Ball deodorant. That’s right. Your armpits no longer get to have all the glory after you get out of the shower. This is the time for your balls to shine, and Crop Preserver was created to make that happen. Say goodbye to crotch stench because this anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory formula proudly gives guys confidence and reassurance that they won’t stink up the backseat of a Lyft when they’re going from place to place.
  • Finishing spray. Your boys aren’t done until they can actually breathe again. Crop Reviver is a finishing spray that’s formulated to reduce irritation and protect sensitive spots from razor burn and discomfort. 

Manscaped is the place where man parts and happy shaving come together in a peaceful friendship that's meant to make you and your partner happy. If you're ready to rid yourself of grocery-store solutions in favor of products that were specifically designed for your pelvic region, we've got you covered. Order your Perfect Package 2.0 today, and get ready to say goodbye to grocery store buys forever.



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