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Best Men's Nail Kit

So, you take regular showers and use deodorant every day? Do you want a cookie? If you’re trying to keep up with other guys in the dating game, the old minimal effort just isn’t going to cut it anymore. You’re going to have to improve your fashion. You need to have interesting things today. It’s long past time to master manscaping. 

On top of all of that, you have to learn to manage the parts of your body that you’re used to overlooking. One example is your fingernails. You might clip them, but do you really care for them? When you have the best men’s nail kit, your nail care will transform, and you’ll be that much sexier than the other guys around you. 

The Shears

Finding the best nail kit is easy. We already did that for you. Understanding why it’s the best and how to get the most out of it will require further reading.

Quality Parts

Great tools are made from great materials. Everything in the Shears is crafted from tempered, stainless steel. That makes for incredibly strong and durable tools. It also means that your nail-cutting blades will remain sharp for a long time, and you won’t have to worry about water or other stains ruining your good nail set. These are battle-hardened resources for taking your nail game to a whole new level.


Within the Shears is a list of utensils that are precisely crafted to give you masterful control over your nail care. The only thing some of you will recognize in this set are nail clippers. The clippers in the kit are as good as it gets. They’re made from the same strong, reliable steel as the rest of the kit. They’re sharp and perfectly curved to help you get clean cuts every time. More importantly, they’re ergonomically engineered to improve your control. If you learn how to properly use these clippers, you’ll find that your hands are healthier, tougher and sexier than ever before. And, make no mistake, sexy hands are key to having a strong dating game.

best men's nail kit


While you’ve all seen scissors before, most of you have no idea what to do with the scissors in this kit. They’re primarily for your nose hairs. The fact that you don’t already have a set of such scissors is a huge problem. Every man past puberty has nose hair, and almost none of you ever do anything about it. At best, you might hide it with a mustache, but you know you’re wrong. Trimming nose hair is extremely easy, and it’s absolutely necessary if you have any hopes of maintaining sex appeal. These safety scissors make it hard to mess up nose-hair trimming, and like the rest of the kit, they’re designed to last. If it wasn’t so gross, your firstborn son could inherit these bad boys.

Refining File

Once again, we’re discussing a tool that you might recognize but don’t understand. Nail files are a core part of the hand-care lineup. After you cut the nails, there are likely going to be some jagged edges. It will take virtually no time at all for you to smooth those edges with the refining file.

Now, files come in a lot of shapes, sizes, and functions. We’re equipping you with an all-around design. The steel material will last, and you’ll get a smooth finish. Softer, smoother files exist, but unless you have a very specific job requirement, you don’t want nails that soft. This file will help you strike the right balance between smoothness and rugged masculinity.


Tweezers are not for picking up things in tight spaces. Well, some tweezers are, but these aren’t. If nothing else, these can be the tool that lets you tame that merciless unibrow you’ve been sporting since you were a teenager. Since these things are abnormally strong, they can actually serve a bunch of rolls in your self-care. 

On top of that, these (like the rest of the kit) are antimicrobial. The stainless steel is resistant to bacterial growth, so you can use them safely on your face. They’re also super easy to clean, and you should definitely keep your Shears kit clean.

 best men's nail kit

Ear Pick

The last tool in the bag is one that almost no one uses correctly. Ear picks are designed to clean gunk out of your ears, but they have to be used with caution. If you just jam this into your ear, you can easily cause damage. If, however, you use it correctly, then it can keep your ears clean, and you’ll feel great.

For starters, it’s ok to get help. Anyone with experience in this (from nurses to workers at beauty salons) can walk you through the basics. Only pick your ears in a calm, comfortable environment. Start slowly and don’t push hard or deep. Once you get used to it, you’ll find that the pick is one of your favorite tools.

Vegan Leather Case

The travel case isn’t exactly a tool in the kit, but it’s still nice to have. It’s strong, quality vegan leather that looks great and keeps your tools organized. It’s small, so traveling with your Shears will always be easy. That means you’ll never have an excuse to let your nails, nose hair or other hygiene get away from you. 

The Perfect Package

The Shears are amazing, but male nail care is only part of your hygiene routine. There’s a lot more to your body, and if you’re going to treat all of yourself as well as you do your nails, then you need a few more tools to get the job done. You can find all of them in The Perfect Package 2.0.

The Lawn Mower 2.0

This is the ultimate body-hair trimmer. It can handle all of your hair from shoulders to toes — literally. All male grooming starts here. It’s fast, powerful and easy to use. If you’ve ever had misgivings about manscaping, the Lawn Mower 2.0 can overcome all of them. There’s never been a better time to get started, because this tool simplifies everything.

The Plow

There are very few things the Lawn Mower 2.0 can’t do. Those things are covered perfectly by the Plow. It’s your go-to safety razor for body hair. Whether you want straight lines around the junk or a perfectly smooth exit hole, this device can get the job done safely and cleanly.

The Magic Mat

The worst part about manscaping is cleaning up the mess. The Magic Mat is the solution to that problem. Lay it on the ground like a newspaper and let it collect the hairs you cut. When you’re done, wad it up and toss it.

Crop Cleanser

Crop Cleanser is the only soap you need in your shower. It handles skin, body hair and head hair all with the same formula. Besides keeping you clean and making you smell great, it also has restorative elements that help your skin stave off razor burn and prevent infections if you’re a little clumsy with your cutting tools.

Crop Preserver

When you’re done grooming, there’s still an important element to manscaping. If you want your junk to be inviting, Crop Preserver is the welcoming party. It’s a ball deodorant that reduces friction, keeps you cool, manages moisture and promotes healthy skin below the belt. It’s arguably the most important part of your manscaping routine.

Crop Reviver

The last tool on the list is Crop Reviver. It’s designed to add a little punch to the health-inducing elements of Crop Cleanser and Crop Preserver. Reviver is a gentle toner. With one or two spritzes in the morning, you’ll find your junk is at its best, and you’ll find a new spring in your step.

When you have all of the right tools, being at your best is easy. You can take care of your hands, and the rest of your body, with surprisingly little investment. When you make use of the tools and knowledge at, you’ll find that this process is quite enjoyable.



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