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Best Safety Razor

You want smooth skin. That's a given if you're looking into manscaping possibilities. You've read the articles about manscaping, you've done your research, and now, you're ready to delve in. After everything you've learned, you know that you need an exceptional razor that's specifically designed to go below deck. But, how do you find the right tool for the job?

This is where Manscaped's The Plow comes into play.

This double-sided, single-blade razor is ready to do your down under justice, but before you take our word for it, check out some of the reasons it's a premier manscaping razor.

1. Single-Blade Design

A double- or triple-bladed razors may seem more efficient, but they're also setting your skin up for unwanted irritation. The more blades you have rubbing across your sensitive parts at one time, the more apt you'll be to experience itchiness and discomfort when your manscaping endeavor is over.

The Plow's single-blade design eliminates undue roughness on your nether region by ensuring only one blade comes into contact with this sensitive skin at any given time. Sure, you can make multiple swipes across your scrotum manually, but you won't be subjecting your balls to extraneous blades during the process.

best safety razor

2. Skin-Level Shave

Don't be fooled by the commercials of cheap razors, which show the follicles being raised above skin level so you can get the cleanest shave possible. This is a myth.

While you may feel smooth skin when you cut below the pores, you're also opening yourself up to a wide range of danger. Open pores, for example, can invite bad bacteria, which can lead to unsightly breakouts and unimaginable embarrassment if you find yourself in a sexy situation. Pubic hair that's cut beneath the skin also has a tendency to coil and curl, which typically causes ingrown hairs, irritation, and awkward red bumps that you don't want to have to explain when you're ready to get busy.

On the other hand, The Plow rides right along the skin's surface, removing hair where it can be seen without causing unwanted irritation, bumps, or itchiness.

3. Easy-Glide Design

Nobody wants you to press down hard on your nuts when you're shaving your southern region. In fact, doing so can lead to nicks, cuts, and even hospital visits.

This is why The Plow is such an important tool to have in your toolbox. Thanks to its easy-glide design, it simply slides over your most sensitive parts so you don't have to put pressure on places that don't need to feel super intimate with the blade. A quick swipe from back to front or bottom to top is all you need to get the hair to come away clean.

4. Rust-Proof, Stainless Steel Architecture

It doesn't matter if you're a man who chooses to do his manscaping in front of the bathroom mirror, over the toilet, or in the shower, at some point, your razor will come into contact with water if you clean it well (and we hope you do!)  

The Plow is manufactured from rust-proof, stainless steel, which enables it to be used in water, or exposed to water during cleanings, without corrupting the blade or handle. 

5. A Double-Edged Blade

"Swipe left, swipe right" takes on a different meaning when you're talking about manscaping, but really, all paths could lead to the same final goal. The Plow's double-edged blade enables you to do a quick swipe on one side of the blade, then rotate for a final pass-through before you send it into the skin to rinse it and start again. There's something so seamless about being about to plan your path, remove the hair, then start from the beginning to finish off the process. That's what a double-edged razor does best.

best safety razor

6. Safety Guard

Trust us—we know it can be scary to think about putting a razor blade below your belt. We get that! That's why The Plow comes equipped with a safety guard that allows the precision cast head to glide over skin for a close, intimate shave without pulling or nicks. We have your safety and comfort in mind, so you don't need to worry about cuts or the crazy things you might see online (unless you don't give yourself enough time to manscape properly!) Each Manscaped tool, including The Plow, will keep you hair-free and at ease with minimal effort.

7. Durable Construction

You don't want to subject your balls to anything less than the best, do you? Sure, you could opt for a supermarket clearance special, but we don't want to know how that turns out if you take it to your testicles. Of course, you could reach for your girlfriend's razor since it's conveniently staring at you in the shower, but do you really want to experiment with that pink foo-foo razor on your favorite parts?

Don't worry. The Plow is here to save the day. With its durable construction, it can withstand days in the shower, or unexpected bags-packed situations when your partner kicks you out. Don't worry; we won't tell. Our sole concern is making sure you've got a tool in your bag that can withstand normal (and extraordinary) use, and keep on ticking. 

Making the Most of The Plow

If you're considering The Plow, we want to ensure your manscaping efforts are correct from beginning to end. That means, you need to have the proper tools and products to do your privates justice. Here's a quick run-down of everything you need to manscape correctly.

The Magic Mat

If the idea of cleaning up leftover pubes doesn't entice you, you're not alone. However, if left to their own destiny, these little curlies can resurface anytime, anywhere—usually in the most awkward of situations. To eliminate unwanted stress, lay down the Magic Mat before you begin your trim-and-shave process. It'll collect the hair in one easy-to-clean-up spot so you can quickly toss it in the trash and get on with your life.

The Lawn Mower 2.0

You never want to shave your balls before you trim them. The long hairs can get caught up in a razor blade, leading to painful pulling and tearing from the roots. Sounds awful? We agree! Give your balls the best chance at being bare without pain by removing the top layer of hair first. The Lawn Mower 2.0 was intentionally designed for coarse down-below hair. It'll take a little off the top and get super close to the skin. You call the shots. The trimmer does the rest.

best safety razor

Crop Cleanser

While this body wash isn't part of The Perfect Package 2.0, it's a perfect complement to an overall clean and well-manscaped body. Crop Cleanser is a pH-balanced body wash that'll take care of you from head to toe. It's specially formulated to pay attention to areas you may have recently shaved, providing soothing aloe and sea salt in a way that keeps your skin's sebum levels where they need to be.

Crop Preserver

Don't leave your balls hanging out to dry. It would be great if they actually could hang out and dry, but that's not realistic. To help keep your guys clean, soft, and smelling as good as they can, you need to enlist the assistance of a ball deodorizer. Crop Preserver was formulated to stand up to the task of battling bad bacteria below the belt. Its liquid talcum-like gel absorbs quickly into the skin, providing an extra layer of protection to your body parts that could use a little reinforcement after they've experienced a razor blade firsthand.

Crop Reviver

When all is said and done, don't forget to spritz on an added layer of protection before you slip into your boxer shorts. Crop Reviver is formulated with aloe and witch hazel—the perfect ingredients for reducing inflammation and creating a barrier of protection between your boys and your boxers.

If you're ready to get your manscaping adventure started right, order The Perfect Package 2.0 today! It comes complete with everything you'll need for a great shave, and our site offers plenty of other products that are complementary to this essential set of tools.



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