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Best Trimmer for Balls

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



best trimmer for balls

Grooming is a big part of a man’s life. It’s so important that an entire industry has popped up around the concept. Still, as broad as the topic can be, we all have one focus that enters our thoughts more than any other. There’s one place we think about grooming the most, and today, you’re going to get some help in tackling that bit of grooming. 

Protecting the Boys 

We’re not discussing body hair. We aren’t shaving our faces. We aren’t even worried about the pubes. Today’s discussion is specific. It’s all about the balls. No matter how much grooming you do, you’ll find that the two trickiest parts of the job are the balls and the ass. We’ll certainly cover the ass in other posts, but every man cares about his balls the most. That’s why you’re here right now.

An Easy Pass

When it comes to trimming the balls, you want to make the process as gentle and pain-free as possible. Accomplishing that requires a trimmer that can cut through dense bush in a single pass. If it takes multiple passes, you’re going to deal with tugging. While you can endure that on your face when you use a too-dull razor or trimmer, it’s a nightmare not worth experience on your balls.

One-pass trimming needs two things: a sharp blade and a powerful motor. The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer provides both of these things. The 7,000 RPM motor ensures that the blades easily munch through your worst hair day. Simultaneously, the ceramic blade module uses rigid material that can hold a wickedly sharp edge for a long time.

Look For A Flexible Trimmer

The Lawn Mower 3.0 Next To The Charging Doc

Now, a wickedly sharp edge is excellent for getting through a thick bush, but it elicits a fear response when you think about getting it close to your jewels. That’s reasonable, but we’re way ahead of you. If you’re going to trim with a sharp blade, you need to design around it. That’s why we chose to put a ceramic blade on the 3.0. It gives us options that don’t exist with steel.

One of those options is freedom of design with the blade itself. Ceramic blade teeth can be a lot smaller than steel without impacting performance. We got the teeth small enough on the 3.0 that it’s difficult for them to cut the skin. It’s one part of our unique SkinSafe technology.

When you add the final component of SkinSafe tech to these other features, you find that you can trim somewhat aggressively with a reduced risk of nicks and cuts. That last component is an effective blade guard. With it, you can press the blade into the skin and not draw blood. You don’t want to push too hard into your balls!

Heat Is Something To Consider

The blade isn’t the only part of a trimmer that can hurt you. A motor that cuts unruly pubic hair in a single pass has to generate a lot of heat to supply enough power. It’s just physics. Thankfully, some somewhat brilliant engineers on the Manscaped team have found a way to manage that heat and keep it away from your junk.

The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer utilizes a harmonic dampening system; this is a fancy way to say that we reduced the vibration coming off of the motor. Reduced vibration, combined with a heat shield, means you can shave up close and personal and never feel more than a comforting warmth.

The bonus side-effect of that harmonic dampening is that you get less vibration in your hand. It makes it easier to control the trimmer and get a clean result. It also keeps your hand from getting tingly after a long session.

Man Removing The Blade From The Lawn Mower

Making Male Grooming Convenient

Safety comes first when we’re talking about trimming the balls, but convenience matters too. The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer has a few features that are designed to make grooming easier all around. This engineering will help you do a better job, and it will take away some of the excuses to be lazy about maintaining a good routine. 

Fast-Change Blade Modules

Even though ceramic blades hold a great edge, they sometimes need to be changed. Whether they were damaged from reckless use or you just want a clean replacement, the process itself can’t possibly be easier. You simply snap off the old blade and snap a new one into place. You’re done.

This easy process makes it simple to keep your trimmer clean (so you don’t have to shave your face with your ass trimmer) and sharp (so things stay pleasant).

Waterproof Design

We’re not huge advocates of trimming in the shower. You’ll inevitably clog the drain. It keeps you in the water for too long (which is bad for your skin). There are more problems than solutions. But, you’re going to do it anyway, and we’ve planned around that. The 2.0 is waterproof, so when you ignore our advice, your trimmer will be perfectly safe in the shower.

Waterproof also necessitates that the trimmer is cordless. That comes with advantages out of the shower too. You’ll never have to fight with a tugging or awkward cord when you’re bending over backward to try and manage the hair growing out of your ass. We plan.

Low Maintenance

In some ways, maintenance is the most important part of designing a good trimmer. It doesn’t matter how well it works. If you have to go through a 6-hour, 37-step process between uses, the trimmer sucks. Maintaining the 3.0 is beyond easy. If you want to clean it, snap the blade out and rinse it (or replace it). Every once in a while, put it on the battery charger.

That’s all it takes. 

Here’s the spiel. If you’re going to trim your balls, you need to understand the basics of male grooming. It takes a lot more than a single pass with a trimmer to be properly groomed. The majority of male grooming has nothing to do with cutting hair. It’s about how you maintain yourself.


The first step in the process is trimming. We already talked about trimming, so we’ll keep that part brief. Instead of trimming in the shower, get a Magic Mat. It makes clean-up just as painless, and it doesn’t ruin your plumbing.


Showering after you shave is better for your skin. Showering after gives you time to gently rinse away hair clippings. It also gives you a chance to soothe and restore skin after you assault it with cutting tools. Considering how sensitive your ball sack is, you don’t want to have razor burn or a skin infection after you groom. Minimizing all of this requires that you gently exfoliate your sack with Crop Cleanser in a warm shower. You’ll be clean and refreshed.

Post Op 

Even after you shower, your nuts will still be a little more sensitive than usual. Friction and chafing are the enemies on grooming day, so you want something to take care of that issue. Crop Preserver is a ball deodorant that eliminates friction and helps you stay cool under the shorts. It’ll minimize excessive sweating without drying you out. All combined, it’ll make the boys feel like magic, even after a session with a razor. You’ll like it so much that you’ll use it daily — whether you groom or not.

In addition to Crop Preserver, we also have Crop Reviver. Crop Reviver is a special formula that is dedicated to maximizing skin health below the waist. It’s a gentle spritz. It grants all of the benefits of aftershave with none of the burn. It also smells amazing. If your balls ever feel less-than, a couple of spritzes should be enough to put everything right. 

What you’re going to find is that male grooming is a pursuit. You’re never done learning and improving, and that’s exactly why we maintain We want it to be the hub for grooming knowledge and exchanges, so check it out.




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