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Can all genders use Manscaped™?

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Can all genders use Manscaped™?

Here at Manscaped™, we try to take a light heart and make dumb jokes while we provide people with resources to cut the hair off of their bodies. It's not an industry that lends itself to excessive seriousness, but we straighten up and talk about real issues every once in a while. It's why we invest so much into testicular cancer awareness, and it's why we're taking a moment today to talk about Pride Month.

A company specializing in hair cutting tools and techniques can hardly make meaningful remarks on the state of society and what it means to live outside of cisgender or heteronormative ideals. All we can really offer is our solidarity. Considering how much of our marketing includes gendered language, we want to ensure that you're welcome anywhere we go, no matter who you are or how you identify. You don't need to be a cisgender male to be part of the Manscaped family.

Can all genders use Manscaped?

Yes! The original motivation for developing the brand and the products was to fill a niche that we saw underserved by other companies. In general, men were showing more interest in grooming their bodies, and they had inadequate tools for the job. So we set out to resolve that situation by creating a line of tools and products for men, and along the way, we experienced an incredible journey and learned more than we could have imagined.

What grew out of a simple concept has become something much more. Manscaped is about creating good products that give people freedom with their grooming. If you want to groom your body hair, we want you to be able to do it safely and effectively. No matter your gender or how you identify, Manscaped is here for anyone. Though designed for men, our tools are safe for anyone to use, no matter their gender identity. We can help with all aspects of body hair grooming, and our products are designed to be universally safe and easy to use. 

The Lawn Mower® 4.0

the lawn mower 4.0

Our flagship product is The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer. As the name suggests, it's the fourth iteration in the series, and each step along the way has allowed our engineers to push technology and improve the very concept of cutting body hair.

The first Lawn Mower trimmer was primarily designed for grooming around male genitalia, but as we got deeper into the science and technology, we learned that some of the components that make a great trimmer are universal.

The 4.0 trimmer is intended to be one of the safest and most convenient trimmers on the market. That is a concept that transcends gender or gender roles. A safe trimmer is one that can cut hair to the length you like without exposing you to undue risks of cuts or tugging. That's the very essence of The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer.

Other features like the LED light, wireless charging, and travel lock are equally universal. In every way, this is a trimmer that is designed to help you have an easy time feeling more comfortable in your body. We learned long ago that having control over your body hair can be great for self-image and confidence. It's very clear today that this is not exclusive to people who fit traditional male stereotypes. Everyone should have the freedom to feel that comfort, and our products are the one small contribution we can make towards that effort.

Ultra Smooth Package

the crop shaver

It's the same story with another of our latest products. The Ultra Smooth Package is a collection of tools that can help a person shave different parts of their body. Perhaps ironically, the one thing it doesn't do amazingly is shaving a beard off of a person's face. We have tools for that too, but the point of this package is that you need a few essentials to be able to safely and cleanly shave your body.

The tool in the package, The Crop Shaver™ groin razor was built with the idea that lower-body shaving is tricky. There are countless body types in the world. If you want to serve them all with one razor, it needs an accommodating design. We found that the trick to this is to use a pivoting head and a shorter, wider handle. This makes it easier to control the razor, and it can adapt to the various contours of the human body.

More importantly, a safe shave involves more than a razor. If you want the least amount of irritation after shaving, you start by exfoliating. There are many ways to do that, but we included an easy resource in this package. Crop Exfoliator™ groin exfoliator is great for men and women and helps you clear the pores, which leads to a gentler shave.

You also need good shaving gel. Crop Gel™ shaving gel is designed to take great care of your skin. With ingredients like rapeseed oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil, you can see that it is intended for universal use. It also applies clear, so anyone shaving sensitive areas can see what they're doing.

crop exfoliator crop gel

What you'll notice about each of these products and their features is that they are not gender-specific. We may have begun filling a niche, but we understand that everyone can make use of good grooming resources, and our goal is to fill that broader role today.

We highlight a few products because that's what we know best. We're inventors and developers. Pride Month speaks to issues that run much deeper than what you'll see from a body hair grooming company. We just wanted to take a moment to offer our support in the best way we know how. No matter who you are or how you identify, we're behind you. Everyone is welcome at Manscaped.



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