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Can Women Use Manscaped Products and The Lawn Mower 3.0 Trimmer?

When's the last time your lady grabbed for your razor when she was in the shower? You might share a ton of spit and other bodily fluids, but the sweat and skin cells that accumulate on your razor blades belong to you. It's not only bad hygiene to swap grooming products; it's bad for your style, too. The more hair that's subjected to the blades of your razor, the quicker it'll wear down. Beyond that, the microscopic pricks you may accidentally place on your delicate skin can leave tiny blood spatters behind on your blade. They're not going to hurt you, but we suspect those aren't the types of fluids you want to exchange with your favorite lady. Oh, and one more thing—your below-the-belt scene has a bad habit of backing up bad bacteria. It's gross, we know, but it's a truth that's can't be disguised. For this reason, and all those mentioned above, you and your lady shouldn't be sharing your male grooming products.

That's not to say, however, that this isn't the perfect opportunity to imbibe on a fresh way of looking at his-and-hers accessories in your household. Women can absolutely use The Lawn Mower 3.0 for their female grooming needs. Men and women may have different folds between the legs, but there are still plenty of follicles that need to be shaved.

Manscaped doesn't discriminate; here's how ladies can enjoy manscaping with a women's twist:

Light the Candles

Listen, ladies. We know landscaping your private parts is more of a journey in relaxation and primping than the efforts we take on our own balls. Own it! This is your time to unwind and relax after a long day. Pour a glass of wine, let the bubbles build up in the bathtub, and start your favorite songs. This is your time to decompress after a long workday, and we know you've got a ton of things on your mind. Let it all go and get ready to let your unwanted hair go, too. We have the tools; you have the time.

While everything's getting ready...

Lay Down the Magic Mat

Nobody wants to clean up curly Qs after they've relaxed and done what they need to do down there. By laying down the disposable Magic Mat ahead of your de-hairing endeavors, you'll ensure a quick clean up in short order. Simply place in on the floor where you suspect your hair will come into contact with gravity, and let it clean up the mess on your behalf. When it's all said and one, you can just pick it up and toss it away. The last thing you want to do is make more work for yourself after you're feeling primped and pretty. The Magic Mat takes care of the leftover hair that you get rid of from "down there" with no fuss and no muss. It goes straight into the trashcan so you can get on with your night without dealing with leftovers you could otherwise be sweeping up for days.

Put Your Trimmer to Work

The Lawn Mower 3.0 was initially designed to take care of men's down-under areas, but that doesn't mean women can't capitalize on the SkinSafe™ technology that'll keep their lady bits protected from the dangers of nether-region shaving efforts. 

The Lawn Mower 3.0 was specifically created to navigate the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies that harbor hair fuzz without causing trauma to the sensitive skin that holds the roots intact. 

For best results, start on your pelvic region and work your way down. Be sure to separate the skin folds gently and let the trimmer glide atop the parts of your body you want to remove the hair from. You can adjust the guards to get closer to the skin—or stay a safe distance—depending on the final look you're trying to achieve.

can women use manscaped products and the lawn mower 3.0

Soak in Your Bubbles

Now that you've prepped your skin and shaven off all the unwanted hair it's time to decompress from the rest of the day. If you've got hours ahead of you, slide into your bubble bath, pop in your earbuds, and drift off to your favorite book on tape. Pressed for time? A quick shower is okay, too.

Just make sure you utilize the power of a body wash that's formulated with soothing sea salt and aloe to ensure any post-shave problems are kept at a bare minimum. Manscaped's Crop Cleanser has all the properties you need to abolish body odor while reinvigorating freshly shaven bodies, but it might be too man-smelling for a lot of women. If you're averse to the smell, be sure to opt for natural cleansing products formulated with anti-inflammatory elements such as aloe and steer clear of artificial scents, as they can further irritation in sensitive spots that have recently lost their furry coating.

After You Towel Off

There's a lot of primping yet to be done, especially if you're heading out for a night of fun. Don't forget to top off your freshly shaven crop with a touch of aftershave solution. Crop Reviver is an aftershave and after-shower spritz that helps your body do right by itself by embracing the aloe and witch hazel ingredients that create buffers in sensitive areas. All you need to do is spray a squirt here and there and your lower half will be protected from dryness, itching, and uncomfortable irritation that can come from ladyscaping.

What's Next?

Now that you're feeling beautiful, step into that lacy pair of panties and pair them with the prettiest bra you've ever seen. Take a few selfies (even if they're just for yourself!) This is your time to shine and unwind, and Manscaped is here to help. You now have some of the softest, smoothest skin women have ever felt below the belt, and it's yours to do with it as you please. Snuggle up in your softest robe and binge on Netflix, or step into your sexiest heels and head for a night on the town. In any case, you know you've got your lower region covered because you used some of the highest-quality intimate grooming tools available.

What Do You Do with the Leftovers?

Manscaped's Perfect Package 3.0 includes one or two items that aren't necessarily applicable to you. But that's, okay. You can easily gift the Crop Preserver ball deodorizer to any of your male friends. You might want to make sure you have a pretty honest relationship before you do so, though. Otherwise, this gift could be taken like a ball-smack to the face.

Can You Enjoy Manscaping with Your Man?

Absolutely! The Perfect Package 3.0 works well for women and men. Buy him a package for his birthday—or just because its Tuesday—so you can enjoy the solace of soft, sensitive skin together. Make sure you use separate tools and have your own blades to ensure optimal hygiene. You can put them in separate baskets, tie a pink ribbon around the stuff that's yours, or write your initials in colored Sharpies so they won't get mixed up.

And if he wants to know what inspired you to get down and dirty with your between-the-sheets action, you can tell him Manscaped sent you. We won't be offended. In fact, we simply see this as our way of making sex just a little better for the entire world.

If you're coupled-up, Manscaped has everything to keep both of your below-the-belt regions clean, fresh, and ready to impress. With The Perfect Package 3.0, you'll get a clipper razor to take care of your lady bits. You can even snag the boxers for yourself! Then you can pass on the ball deodorant to your dude. Just call it the gift that keeps on giving.



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