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Can You Use MANSCAPED™ on Leg Hair?

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Can You Use Manscaped on Leg Hair?

By now, you've learned to trust MANSCAPED™ for the most critical aspects of your life. We take care of your special boy parts, and you're grateful for that. But, you're an adventurous spirit. You have bigger ambitions, and you want to know if you have the means to pursue them. Naturally, we're talking about grooming leg hair. Well, you've come to the right place to have all of your questions answered. Can MANSCAPED products manage your legs? Of course, they can, but we're not going to bore you with such a simple answer. Let's take a deep dive into the leg component of grooming.

Why Groom Leg Hair?

Before we even get into how you might reasonably ask why. There are plenty of reasons to go after the hairs on your legs. At the top of most hair control lists is a medical necessity. Some treatments require you to shave or trim hair. Some of those conditions are persistent. Others are a one-time issue. We won't go into medicine too much because you pretty much have to do what the doctor says; this is more about optional male grooming.

There's a second common reason to get rid of hair on your legs. That comes in the form of tattoos. Once again, we won't get too deep into it. It's common practice to shave the region for a tattoo right before getting the ink, so you don't need to worry about it too much. But, if you find yourself thinking along the lines of the rest of these reasons, then you'll want to learn more about how to do an excellent job with your leg hair.


It's the most common and apparent reason for a man to shave leg hair. In several sports, it helps performance. It's been a common practice in swimming and cycling for many years. When it comes to wrestling and other martial sports, shaving is often less about performance and more about being smart. The hair is going to come off one way or another. You might as well use a razor instead of some sweaty guy in the ring.

All of that said, the odds are that you, Mr. Random Guy reading this, don't need to shave your legs for sports. You have to get pretty darn competitive before leg hair matters. So, you might be shaving your legs for the sake of commitment. It might be a comfort issue. All of that is fine. But, if performance isn't an issue, you don't have to shave, and that's a point that we'll come back to in a minute.

Man Swimming In A Pool


Men's grooming is about two things: feeling good and looking good. When it comes to leg hair, both of these things apply, but we're going to talk about looking good first. Society is ok with you having hairy legs. You can be a teen wolf from the thighs down, and it won't keep you from getting dates. All of that said, there are powerful reasons to consider grooming your legs.

Let's start with a poll by Men's Health. It showed that 49 percent of women are OK with ungroomed hair. By that same token, 30 percent love trimmed legs, and about 10 percent say that guys absolutely must shave their legs. On the surface, that looks like a strong reason to leave things alone, but only about 10 percent of women say they won't date a guy with trimmer legs (the number is higher for shaving). If you want to play the odds, then some grooming is your best bet.

It all makes sense when you think about the whole picture. Bodybuilders shave their entire bodies for an apparent reason — it helps the muscles pop. So, if you've taken the time and put in the work on leg day, you have the stuff to show off. A little easy grooming is the best way to do that. It'll make your legs sexier, and that's a good thing for everybody.

The Feel

The first time a guy grooms below the waist, his whole life changes. It turns out that pubic hair is a total nuisance and a constant source of discomfort. Leg hair is less extreme, but it still holds. While you're in summer mode — sandals and shorts everywhere — you might forget about how much you hate your leg hair. But, once you're in socks all day, every day, you get that awful reminder. Socks tangle leg hairs (ok, not for everyone, but some of you are nodding vigorously), and it's miserable. It turns out that there's a simple solution. If the hairs are shorter, they can't tangle, and the discomfort goes away. You don't even have to shave. They just have to be short enough to stop curling over. That's it. 

Grooming your leg hair can put a new spring in your step, especially if you have to wear socks all the time.

Things to Consider Before You Groom 

By now, you're completely convinced that you need to groom your legs. Those arguments were indisputable, so we'll move on with the assumption that you're raring to take a blade to those leg hairs. Before you do that, there are a few things you need to know. 

Shaving Is Overrated

We mentioned this a little before, but you need to pay close attention. More women are turned off by shaved legs than attracted to it. That's not an ironclad rule, but if you're not a world-class athlete, then you might struggle to overcome the stigma of shaved legs. That's just the world we live in.

Just as important, shaving is a pain. It's a lot more work to shave your legs than your face (stop and appreciate how often ladies do this for us). Your risk of cuts and nicks goes way up. Plus, you get stubble and regrowth in a huge area. That's more razor burn. It's more effort. It's more trouble. You can have all of the benefits of grooming without ever touching a razor. 

If you want smooth legs, consider waxing or depilatories; they last longer. They skip the razor burn. They can be pretty easy (especially hair removal cream). They are simply superior methods to shaving. 

Still, we're ultimately recommending trimming over shaving. It's better for a lot of reasons, including being easier, cheaper, and more attractive. We'll talk about how to trim in a little bit. For now, we want you to think about whether or not you need to be getting a leg razor. 

You Need to Work on Your Legs

We told you to read this before you start grooming. Here is the biggest reason why. The short version is that hairy legs are universally more attractive than shapeless legs. A lot of us slack off on getting to the gym. Then, we slack off on working our legs because we have less time, and most guys think a strong upper body is more important. You're all wrong. A strong upper body is important, but women find legs much sexier than you think. Just watch them swoon over pro soccer players sometimes. They aren't staring at biceps.

If you groom your leg hair with lackluster legs, you're making yourself less sexy. Below the knee, you need very little exercise to keep things lean and shapely. Just walking or hiking every week is usually enough. The tone will be there, and you'll be fine.

The quads are harder. They can't just be defined; they need some mass, too; this is the real reason everyone harps on leg day. Walking might keep you healthy, but it won't give you sexy quads. For that, you have to make them work with weight. If you're not into lifting, this means unweighted deep squats, lots of stairs (or bleachers), or jumping-based exercises. Make sure your quads are in good shape before you start removing leg hair. Thank us later.

Man Strengthening His Legs At The Gym

Getting a Natural Look

Here's your last little bit of advice. You want to have an aesthetic in mind before you commit blade to skin. It will help you avoid an embarrassing outcome. For anyone in doubt or without a clear idea, we're going to recommend the natural look. It's the easiest, and it's a safe route to take. When you try to keep things natural, you court the middle ground between smooth legs and unkempt jungles.

To get a natural look, all you need is a trimmer set. Use the longest cutting guard with the trimmer (usually a #4 or ½ inch). When trimming, use the guard to brush the leg hair with the grain. It'll move the hair before it gets cut; this leaves you with a longer final result. It also leaves you with softer hair ends and a more natural look. If you decide you want things to be a little shorter after you finish, you can always step down to the next guard.

Why You Want The Lawn Mower 4.0

Let's get back to the initial question. Can you use MANSCAPED tools with leg hair? That's a definite yes. The Lawn Mower™ 4.0 was designed for full-body grooming. While we recommend using separate trimmers (or blades) for the face and the body, this trimmer can tackle any body hair. Check out our guide on how to shave your legs with the MANSCAPED™ Lawn Mower® 4.0. For your legs, there are a few features that help you get the results that you want.

Polycarbonate Construction 

The Lawn Mower 4.0 is made with a polycarbonate outer shell. This outer shell is very durable, waterproof, and incredibly light. That means it's easy to handle and maneuver (there are potentially awkward situations when trimming your legs). You can use it in the shower or dry, and it can handle all of your legs in a single session.

The light, strong design helps it adjust to your legs' variable topography (and other body parts if you're going for it). You're getting a combination of convenience and performance because we thought about these things when we designed the shell.

Complementing Features

The polycarbonate shell is only one of several features that help you control your grooming session. We have multiple cutting guards (as you should expect from any quality trimmer), a rechargeable battery that allows cordless use, and a waterproof design.

If that's not enough, the entire thing was crafted to be ergonomic in your hands. The grip is easy to control, no matter how crazy your grooming might get. You can get clean cutting angles on all parts of your legs (and bodies). That helps you follow our previous advice of cutting with the grain.

SkinSafe™ Blade

We know what you're thinking. You've been shaving your face for years. Compared to that, the legs are a piece of cake. Every woman in the world is shaking their head condescendingly. While legs aren't the very most difficult thing in the world to groom, they're a completely different animal from your face. Those lessons will only go so far.

Fortunately for you, we've simplified all of this. The Lawn Mower 4.0 has SkinSafe™ technology; this is a cutting mechanism that is incredibly easy and safe to use. You can get a remarkably close trim (pretty much smooth skin). Across all of the weird little parts of your legs, you can get as short as you want with a reduced chance of nicks and cuts. None of this means that you should trim as closely as possible, but you can. That's what counts.

Cutting Power

Despite the impressive safety that we engineered into this trimmer, we didn't have to sacrifice any cutting power. Your leg hair is nowhere near as thick as your beard (we hope), but you have a lot more leg than face (again, we hope). You need more cutting power than you likely realize for leg grooming; this is especially true for your first time.

We've got you. The Lawn Mower 4.0 is incredibly gentle, and that's because it has powerful cutting mechanisms. First, it utilizes a ceramic blade; this allows the blade module to hold a ridiculously sharp edge without easily dulling. Steel blades don't last as long as ceramic, and when you add the vast real estate of your legs to your grooming, you'll be glad for that.

This trimmer also uses a powerful, fast motor. The 7,000 rotations per minute ensure that the blades are cutting fast enough to keep up with your trim. These powerful RPMs help avoid tugging or clogging of the mechanism, and it makes your leg trimming a breeze.

Grooming Your Legs

If you've followed any of our advice, then you already know that grooming is about a lot more than cutting hair. Trimming your leg hair is part of the process, but there are a few more important steps to take if you're going to truly groom below the junk.

The Perfect Package 4.0

Clean Your Crop

The Manscaped Crop Care KIt

We made Crop Cleanser™ so that even the laziest among you will take a proper shower. When you do other male grooming, we always recommend showering after you groom; this helps you wash away the clipped hair. It cleanses the skin to reduce infection risk (which is more important for shaving but still worth doing after a trim). It also restores the pH of your outer layer of skin. Even trimming can throw that out of whack, so a shower with Crop Cleanser is the best way to keep your mojo strong after you groom. It's just as true for your legs as any other part of your body.

We also need to emphasize exfoliation. It's an important part of showering after grooming. Your legs benefit from exfoliation too. Learn how to do it. It isn't hard.

General Skincare

When you take care of the boys, you want to follow your shower with Crop Preserver™ and Crop Reviver™. Technically, you could use those products on your legs, but you'll need refills a lot more often. Your legs are more rugged than the stuff right above them. General skincare is sufficient to properly groom the stems. You want to regularly use lotion to make sure they stay hydrated, and you want to avoid tight clothes after a close trim, shave, or total hair removal. If you follow through after you groom, your legs will look and feel great. That's what we're after, right?

That should answer your question — more thoroughly than you probably intended. You know what you need to groom your legs. Suppose you have more questions or lack proper tools to do the job, head over to Either way, we've got you covered.



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