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How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair MANSCAPED™ Complete Depilatory Guide

We have hair all over our bodies, but as time goes by, we are losing more and more of it naturally. Where our ancestors had hair all over their bodies, we now only have body hair in a few select locations. If you’re not a fan of body hair, then it’s likely that you’ve already heard of depilation.

In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about pubic hair depilation. We’re going to cover everything from what depilation is to the techniques you can use to eliminate the hair.

By the end of our guide, you’ll be a male grooming expert who can keep his junk in perfect order. If you need the tools for it, feel free to check out The Perfect Package 3.0.

What is Depilation?

Before we get to the details of how you can depilate your pubic hair, we’re going to take a look at what depilation is to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Depilation is a simple term that is used to refer to the removal of hair. Typically, it is only used when referring to facial hair and body hair and not hair found on the head.

Depilation has been practiced since ancient times, with even the Ancient Egyptians shaving their body hair during the years BCE. Depilation has relatively few objective advantages besides making hygiene simpler, but it has the benefit of making you more attractive to people who don’t like body hair.

Depilation has typically been a cultural phenomenon, and some cultures still believe that body hair should be kept intact. On the other hand, some people despise the feeling of body hair, and they go to great lengths to stay waxed, shaven, or anything else. If you've never tried depilation, at least give it a shot and see if you prefer it.

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Areas to Depilate

The first thing you’re going to want to consider is where you’re planning on removing your pubic hair. You have the choice of removing all of your pubic hair or keeping some of it, depending on the style you would prefer, but you also have to consider that different techniques work better for various areas.

In this part of our guide, we’re going to cover the various pubic areas that you can depilate and some of the best ways to do so. This part will also contain some crucial tips for shaving certain tricky areas like your balls.


The area around the pubis is usually the one that you want to focus on when you’re depilating, as that has the most volume of pubic hair when compared to anywhere else. This spot is located just above your package, and it is where you will see the majority of the hair if you haven’t shaved in a while.

When shaving the pubis, you’ll want to opt for either trimmers or a razor. While trimmers will take longer, they will give you some control over the length of your pubic hair. They are often an excellent choice for those who want to trim their pubis since the hair is easily accessible.

Another option is a razor, and it works well on the pubis because of the relatively firm and smooth skin that is behind it. Since your razor will glide over the flesh with ease, it will work well when trying to eliminate all of the pubic hair in the area.

Taint or Perineum

Your taint or your perineum (if you prefer the medical term) is the spot that is located right between your balls and your butt. This area is often neglected because of how inaccessible it is, and some people may not even be aware that they have hair in that area.

If you’re going to completely depilate your pubic hair, then you’re going to have to deal with whatever you find on your taint too. Getting in position to trim or shave your taint can often be a challenge, and you’ll probably have to contort your body into an acrobatic position in front of a mirror.

With the help of the mirror, you can then depilate your perineum using your tool of choice. Tweezers will typically work for this area of the body since it will tend to contain less hair. Depending on how hairy you are, the taint can have anything from a few hairs to a veritable forest.


Your balls are one of the trickiest areas to depilate, especially if they’re relatively hairy. If you’re blessed with a smooth scrotum, then you likely won’t need to use more than a pair of tweezers, but if you have to use a razor or something a little more efficient, you may run into some trouble.

When trimming the pubic hair on your scrotum, you’re going to have to stretch out the skin on your balls until it’s taut enough to shave. This will help ensure that the razor glides smoothly over the skin and has the lowest possible chance of nicking you (which can be immensely painful).

It’s understandable if you want to avoid trimming your balls, and for those with relatively little body hair, it may not even be noticeable. Take a minute to look in the mirror and consider whether or not you want to trim the pubic hair on your balls. If you’re intimidated by the prospect—you may not have to.



You're going to want to deal with the pubic hair that's on your package itself, and this can also get dicey at some points. This will also depend on how hair you are, as less hairy individuals, will typically have fewer hairs on the shaft itself than on the surrounding pubic area.

The best advice for trimming the pubic hair on your penis is to use the same technique that you do for your balls. You’ll want to keep the relatively stretchy skin taut to ensure that the razor can glide over it smoothly. If this sounds risky, you can always opt for other techniques like tweezers.

Regardless of the way you manscape your penis, be sure not to forget about it. Since the hairs on your shaft are so visible, they will end up ruining the effect of all of your manscaping if you forget to deal with them.

Butt Hair

Butt hair is the final thing that you’ll have to deal with, and while some will argue that it isn’t technically pubic hair, it is still part of manscaping. Dealing with your butt hair can often be a challenge, especially since you can’t really see it when you’re trimming it.

Keep in mind that your butt hair is similar to the pubic hair around your package in that it can ruin the appearance of a well-done manscaping job. When dealing with butt hair, you’ll typically want to avoid using your razor anywhere else than on the cheeks due to the risk of getting nicked.

Most people choose to wax their butt hair because the pain is temporary and because you won’t have any sharp blades near your hole. Depilatory cream is another popular option for butt hair removal, but make sure that it’s one that won’t end up burning when you use it.

Depilation Methods

In this part of the guide, we’re going to look at seven of the most popular depilation methods that are used for pubic hair. Keep in mind that the area you’re depilating will play into what you use as well as your personal preference, so you may end up needing more than just a razor to depilate.

We’re going to cover the advantages of each of these methods, but we’ll also look at some of their downsides when compared to the other choices. By the end of this section, you should at least know which of the following methods you’re more likely to prefer.


Shaving is one of the simplest ways to keep your pubic hair trimmed, as most people will know how to shave by the time they’re teenagers. Some of the other tools may require an acclimatization period, but all you have to do with your trusty razor is run it over the hair that you want to see gone.

Make sure to use plenty of high-quality shaving cream if you’re going to use a razor on your pubic area, as that will reduce the likelihood of nicks and scratches from the blade. You can either use a safety razor or a multi-blade razor, depending on your preference.


Quality trimming scissors can get pricey, but they are well worth the money, as they will give you supreme control over the length of your pubic hair. If you're not trying to eliminate your pubic hair entirely, then you may want to style it using trimmers, but this may take some practice, especially when working around your junk.

Trimmers also have the benefit of reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs and other issues that can be caused by shaving. The only problem with trimmers is that they will never cut the pubic hair as closely as a razor, so if you’re looking for smoothness, you’ll want to stick with the previous option.

the lawn mower 3.0


Tweezers are another choice when it comes to plucking your pubic hair, but it is one of the more painful options on this list. You’ll only want to use tweezers around your pubic area when you have a few hairs that are difficult to reach. Using tweezers for a large number of hairs is both tedious and painful.

While tweezers certainly have their disadvantages, they also have a few benefits that you won’t get from other methods. For example, tweezing your pubic hair is the only way you can be precise enough to target a specific hair that has been causing you trouble.


Waxing may sound like a painful choice, and that’s true, but it’s a temporary pain that is well worth it. When you have your pubic hair waxed, you’ll save a lot of time on shaving trimming, and more. As well as the full coverage you get with waxing, you can also avoid the risk of infection from cuts and nicks.

You can either wax your pubic hair on your own, or you can have it done professionally, but if you've never tried waxing, then you should try the latter option. When you have a bit of experience with professional waxing, you'll likely understand the technique better and do a superior job.

Complete Depilatory Guide

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal may sound like a futuristic and dangerous procedure, but the lasers used in it aren’t as powerful as sci-fi lasers. This method is more expensive than the other choices, but it has the benefit of being more versatile and less painful than waxing (although there is still some pain).

Your budget is the limit when it comes to laser hair removal, and you can use it on pubic hair or any other kind of hair. While laser hair removal is not permanent like electrolysis, you’ll find that it slows hair growth quite a bit, ensuring that you have to depilate less frequently.


Threading is a technique in which threads are used to remove hair, and it can be a little more painful than some of the other methods. Threading also takes plenty of practice, so you’ll want to be sure to get your pubic hair threaded at a reputable place where the staff is qualified.

Threading is more of a precision technique that is often used to create pubic hair styles. If you need your pubic hair to stop at an exact point or if you just want it to be cleanly cut, threading will be an excellent choice. Threading is also relatively quick when dealing with small amounts of hair.

Chemical Hair Removal

Finally, you can also have your hair chemically removed, which is often a little more affordable than laser hair removal. Keep in mind that some chemicals used in hair removal are irritants that can bother the sensitive skin around your pubic area, so be sure to use the right ones.

You can typically buy hair removal cremes and gels over the counter, so you’ll have to do your research to find the right one for your needs. There are a few products that are formulated with pubic hair in mind, so they will be far less likely to cause rashes or irritation.

Potential Issues to Deal With

Complete Depilatory Guide

There are also a few problems that you may run into when you're done depilating your pubic hair. These can either occur naturally, or they can be the result of poor shaving technique, but you're going to want to get these minor pubic hair problems sorted out to keep the area looking fresh.

Keep in mind that none of these are major issues unless they get more severe, so they may end up causing discomfort, but they won't be threatening. Problems like ingrown hairs can ruin the aesthetics of your freshly groomed pubic hairs and rashes are simply itchy and irritating.

Ingrown Hairs

Ingrown hairs can be unpleasant, and if they get worse, they can result in an infection. While many people will get the tweezers out when they see an ingrown hair, you'll actually want to avoid doing so. Using tweezers on ingrown hairs can increase the risk of them getting infected.

The best thing you can do when you come across an ingrown hair is to massage it with warm water daily until it stops bothering you. You’ll also want to refrain from shaving while you have ingrown hairs, as that will also increase the risk of infection.


Bumps can also get annoying after you’re done shaving, and there are a few ways to avoid them popping up in the first place. To start, you may want to try using an electric razor (like The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer) instead of a manual one, as this can help cut down on the occurrence of bumps.

If you shave very frequently, then the likelihood of bumps will increase, as they are a result of irritation from the razor. When the hair under the bump grows back, then it will gradually disappear, so you just have to give it time instead of squeezing it or poking at it.


Rashes are also a possible issue when grooming, and they’re particularly common when you use a poor technique or make a mistake while depilating. A rash can be extremely irritating and itchy, but you’re going to need to resist the urge to touch it, as that may end up getting it infected.

There are plenty of creams and other products you can use to reduce the itchiness of your rash, but you’re going to have to give it time to go away. The more you bother the rash, the more it will get irritated, so try your best to ignore it and the burning feeling.

We already style the hair on our heads, so there’s no reason why we shouldn’t style the hair on our bodies, including pubic hair. We hope that this complete guide to removing pubic hair has provided you with the advice you were looking for, feel free to browse our featured products to help you in your grooming and depilatory needs.



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