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Complete Gentlemen's Guide to Men's Grooming

When it comes to male grooming, there's a lot more going on than you may realize. You've got nooks and crannies all over your body—particularly in some of the places that deserve some extra special attention. Humans are inherently susceptible to being smelly and becoming hairy if they don't adhere to daily routines.

But how do you make sure you're adhering to male grooming best practices?

With this guide from MANSCAPED™, the ultimate male grooming experts, we'll make sure all the guys we know are in-the-know.

1. Make Your Bathroom Space a Place That's Comfortable

Every gentleman knows that great grooming makes him feel good. The process starts in a space that's conducive to enhancing his confidence.

We're not saying you have to set out candles and create an entire playlist that's solely comprised of songs by Marvin Gaye (although, frankly, we're not saying you shouldn't do that, either because that sounds like the perfect way to start any evening adventure in which you'll soon be bringing back a companion.) We're just saying your space should have all of the essentials that will enable you to embark on your manscaping adventure in a way that'll ensure an optimal outcome.

What do you need?

  • Something to catch the hair before it finds its way to your floor. The Magic Mat shaving mats will take care of that task.
  • Trimmers that will remove as much or as little hair as you want. That's what The Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer is for.

complete gentleman's guide to men's grooming 

2. Manage Your Chest Hair

Lots of trends have been recycled from the '70s, but ultra-hairy chests aren't on that list. As a gentleman, you need your pecs to be smooth and subtle, not furry and abrasive. To conquer the challenge of chest-hair removal, start with a trimmer that'll take away the coarse hair without ripping or pulling it from the roots. The phrase "no pain, no gain" doesn't belong in the book of Manscaping 101. Do yourself a favor and opt for tools that get rid of the fuzz without causing a further fuss.

3. Don't Do Your Neck a Disservice

Gentlemen want to put their best faces forward, but sometimes, they forget how much their necks factor into the equation.

Your neck needs to be well-groomed if you want to show people that you mean business. This means you need to maintenance both the front and back of this body part. If you're sporting a beard or a sexy 5 o'clock shadow, make sure you keep your neck trimmed so your follicles don't overshadow the look you're going for. If you've opted for a clean-cut look that's showcased by no hair whatsoever on your face, your neck needs to reflect this fashion decision, too. Go all-in if you're going to shave your face; leftover neck hair is just weird.

Don't forget that your neck has a side you can't see, too. The back of your neck can easily become an out-of-control mess if you're not taking care of your manly grooming duties like you're supposed to. This leads us to our next point.

4. See Your Barber Regularly

Your barber is tasked with keeping your top tresses trimmed, but he'll also make sure the nape of your neck doesn't look nasty. You need to be clean, cool, calm, and collected at every point in your life, but if your hair is a mess, the seriousness with which people take you will be less.

Get to know your barber and get on his calendar with a regular frequency so you can be sure you're not displaying rogue neck fuzz to the rest of the universe. Your potential clients, partners, and cohorts will appreciate your adherence to positive grooming tactics.

complete gentlemans guide to men's grooming

5. Make Sure You Take Care of Your Man Parts

Let's be honest—no matter how many times you shower in a day, you're still going to have crotch stink if you aren't taking care of your nuts and bolts the way they need to be cared for.

It all starts with a good shave. Get rid of the pubes that could impede a positive sexual experience by putting a trimmer to them. Once the top of the crop is out of the way, you can use a razor to nip the rest of the fuzz in the bud. The Perfect Package 3.0 grooming kit comes complete with The Lawn Mower 3.0, the Magic Mat, and plenty of other products you'll need to keep your below-the-waist region feeling (and smelling) its best.

6. Clean Between Your Crevices

Once the hair is gone, you've got a ways to go before you can be sure you're presenting your best self to the world. The crevices that live near your crack are the perfect holding grounds for bacteria that can make stuff go south really quickly—literally.

Avoid disparaging discomfort by cleaning your crevices correctly. The Crop Cleanser is a pH-balanced body and hair wash that'll send those stinky stenches right down the drain. It's perfect for post-shave prep because the aloe and sea salt ingredients help calm and hydrate skin that could otherwise be irritated after an engagement with a razor.

Once your balls are clean and ready to go, protect them with an anti-chafing ball deodorant that's built to say "no" to bad bacteria. MANSCAPED's Crop Preserver is created from a residue-free formula that's not made of oil or any other gross, sticky substances. It's a liquid talcum-like gel that quickly absorbs into your skin, working to protect your privates as though they're royalty. After all—we are talking about your crown jewels.

manscaped formulations

7. Step Out in Style

As a proper gentleman, you'll need to have a few favorite spritzes in your arsenal. Hair gel that comes in a spray bottle should be on your list if you've got enough hair to style. If you do spray deodorant, do that, too. (If you're the kind of guy who prefers a stick or gel deodorant, make sure you use that. The point is to make sure you don't step out of your house without protecting your armpits from the dangerous pitfalls that can happen throughout the day.)

You're not done with your liquid courage quite yet, my friend. You've still got to spray your body and balls before you head out.

When choosing a cologne, be sure to pick something that's not super overwhelming. It may smell good to you, but an overdose of a scent can leave potential partners comparing you to Pepe Le Pew. It's important not to overdose on your scents spritzer; this can be easy to do if you've worn the same cologne for a long time because your nose adapts to the smells it experiences in its own situations. Overcome the over-spraying conundrum by switching up your scents every few months.

One more thing: don't forget your nads! Your balls serve important functions, and you'd be remiss to leave them hanging.

Crop Reviver offers an invigorating feeling after a pelvic shave that won't burn your freshly exposed private parts. It's all about the aloe and witch hazel ingredients—both of which naturally calm and soothe sensitive spots. Crop Reviver helps ensure optimal pH levels without drying your skin or making you wish you had lotion on hand at awkward times of the day. You're a gentleman; you shouldn't be looking for lotion bottles when you head to the bathroom.

8. Take Care of Your Toes

Pedicures aren't just for the ladies; they're for you, too, dude. Get rid of gross toenails and make sure your stuff's fit to be seen, even if it's just when you're playing out a between-the-sheets scene. You don't have to wear flip flops to appreciate good foot habits, but if you leave your toes to the unknown, the process to get them looking good later on will be quite a feat (get it?). 

MANSCAPED offers an assortment of all things made for awesome male grooming. From trimmers that take the top off your crop, to ball deodorant that keeps your nuts from going rancid, you'll find everything you need right here. Your complete male grooming experience starts with the right tools. Get yours today



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