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Complete Guide to Male Grooming Hacks That Everyone Must Know

When it comes to men's grooming, there are tips and tricks all over the internet. Some sites offer great tidbits of advice, while others lead you down a path that could ultimately be painful or leave you desiring more of your manscaping endeavors. Remember, manscaping is truly a head-to-toe experience, even if it tends to focus more on one particular area of the body than all the rest. With this in mind, if you've been wondering how to hack your bathroom habits and make the most out of your manly rituals, we've done a little digging and come up with the things you need to know to keep your body primped, primed, and ready to face the world. Once you've manscaped with these hacks, you'll never go back. Let's dive into these tips and tricks of the trade.

1. Lay Down a Disposable Mat Before You Manscape

Nobody enjoys picking up short and curlies from the corner of a bathroom months after they've been detached from their human. To prevent pubes from running amuck on your floor, toss The Magic Mat down before you get to work on your body. These disposable shaving mats will keep your bathroom neat and tidy, making post-manscaping cleanup a breeze. They're designed to be the perfect size to fit beneath your body, offering you the perfect distance to leave your legs apart when you need to reach those hidden parts of your nether region.

2. Always Trim Before You Shave

Even the most manscaped of men have hairs that need to be tamed from time to time. This is no task for your razor; it's a job for The Lawn Mower 3.0. By trimming before you shave, you'll get the long hairs out of the way immediately, ensuring you don't have to deal with pulling, tugging, or any other uncomfortable situation that can arise when tresses get tangled up within the confines of razor blades. Whether you're going all-in and plan to be bald down below, or you're simply cleaning up the pieces on your canvass so you present a clean portrait, the first step to manscaping always starts with trimming.

Complete Guide to Male Grooming Hacks That Everyone Must Know

3. Shave Before You Shower

You might read many articles that suggest you need to shave after you shower. While some of them make valid points, the fact is that you'll still be stuck with random hairs in places they don't belong after you've finished shaving if you wait until you're out of the shower. By shaving before you hit the hot water, you'll give your body the best chance at de-fuzzing all those extra follicles that get leftover after the razor's done doing its job. Here's the key: you need to make sure you have great shower and post-shower products to protect your private parts post-shave. Once your toolbox is full of the right products, you'll soon understand why showering after you shave is the right way to go.

4. Cleanse Your Crop with High-Quality Two-in-One Shampoo and Body Wash

Nobody needs to have 45 million different body washes, shampoos, conditioners, and shaving creams in their shower. Just no. You need just a few things that'll do the work of many. Ditch your bar soap (it's not good for your skin anyway), and toss your shampoo because MANSCAPED's Crop Cleanser does double duty, taking care of your top crop and the tuft you have down below. Whether you're a busy executive who's got to hit back-to-back meetings for many hours to come, or you're a stay-at-home-dad who will soon have his hair covered in Cheerios, this time-saving hack will usher you into the day with no fuss and no muss. 

5. Swap Shaving Cream for Hair Conditioner

Notice we didn't tell you to trash your hair conditioner in the comment above. Ditch your old shampoo, but keep a stash of conditioner on hand to handle your nether region. Shaving creams can be drying to the skin, which can be particularly harmful to the super-sensitive spots around the groin. Hair conditioner, on the other hand, is meant to moisturize both the follicles and the skin with which it comes into contact. Simply squirt a little into your hand and rub it onto the spots that need to be shaved. Gently rinse it off with warm water when you're finished, and your skin will feel soft and rejuvenated.

6. Deodorize Your Balls with Anti-Chafing Gel

Don't leave your balls to fend for themselves after you've put so much work into ensuring they look and feel their best. After you towel off, it's time to give them a barrier of protection, with which they can last for hours without enduring swamp crotch or uncomfortable itch. This is where Crop Preserver comes into play. If you're a businessman who's got to meet tons of people all day, the last thing you need is a weird aroma arising from your lower half. With Crop Preserver, you can shake hands with confidence, knowing you've taken care of everything that needs your attention down there.

Complete Guide to Male Grooming Hacks That Everyone Must Know

7. Refresh Your Lower Region with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel

Remember when we said you need the right tools in your toolbox? Aloe vera and witch hazel definitely have front-row seats in your house of manscaping needs. With Crop Reviver, you simply spritz on a bit of MANSCAPED's revolutionary formula and enjoy the anti-inflammatory, anti-burn protection that comes with each squirt. This magic bottle offers a great way to give your skin a barrier of protection right after you shave or any time you're looking for a little refresher during the day. 

8. Keep On-the-Go Ball Wipes with You at All Times

Nobody ever said having plumbing down south is easy. It takes a lot of work to keep the boys clean, which is why you should never leave home without MANSCAPED's Crop Mop. Thanks to these innovative creations, you can now clean your balls anytime, anywhere. Each individually wrapped wipe comes in a packet the size of a credit card, meaning you can stash them in your back pocket, laptop bag, or glove compartment seamlessly. Nobody has to know they're there, but they'll appreciate the freshness each wipe brings to your body. And, because they're flushable and biodegradable, you can swipe a wipe with guilt-free happiness. 

9. Say Goodbye to Swamp Crotch with Well-Designed Boxers

Sure, you could just wear any old boxers, but are they really going to do your man parts justice? If you really want to combat stench and sweat, you need to hug your boys in the proprietary Crop Cooling Technology™ that MANSCAPED's boxers are made from. They feature Breathable SmartBand Technology™ that's super elastic and won't roll when you sit down, stand up, or walk around. Plus, the microfiber blend ensures breathability while repelling moisture. It's the best of all worlds below the waist!

10. Stop Having Stinky Foot Funk Thanks to the Right Foot Deodorant

Smelly feet aren't doing you any favors. If they're funky enough to make you say, "Whew!" you can bet that your dates are turned off, too. Eliminate bad foot odors with a simple spray of Foot Duster. The cooling tea tree oil offers a therapeutic cooling sensation for up to 24 hours. It's a great way to neutralize odors and ensure you can continue your confidence long after your kick off your socks.

Complete Guide to Male Grooming Hacks That Everyone Must Know

11. Toss Tiny Mints in Your Bag or Back Pocket

Maybe you'll be kissing somebody today; maybe you won't. Perhaps you'll meet the person who could propel your career to the next level. You never know what could happen, so it only makes sense to stay prepared. By keeping a stash of Man Mints in your bag or back pocket, you can rest assured that you'll have fresh breath all day long. The discreet size of the package makes it easy to slide these little guys into anything you're carrying on you. Keep one in your bag, one near your wallet, and one in the car...just in case!

12. Exfoliate Your Lips with a Toothbrush

Speaking of kissing...have you checked in with your lips lately? The last thing you want to do is pucker up with a bunch of skin sloughing off your lips. That imagery is gross enough, but imagine being the person on the receiving end of your pucker! To eliminate unwanted dead skin cells, gently rub your toothbrush back and forth on your lips a few times. Be sure to thoroughly clean your toothbrush when you're finished. Or, better yet, keep a separate toothbrush on hand for exfoliating purposes only. You should also keep up with your smackers by incorporating DIY lip scrubs into your regular regimen.

14. Clean Your Ears with Olive Oil

Does the thought of poking another cotton swab down your eardrum make you cringe? In truth, it's a pretty unnatural thing we do to our bodies. If you're looking for a more organic way to get the gunk out of your ears, consider using olive oil instead of cotton swabs. To make this hack work, heat a small amount of olive oil to body temperature (be very careful not to make it too hot!!) Using a sterilized eyedropper, drop a couple of doses of olive oil into your ear while your head is tilted to one side. Then, drop some warm water to help dislodge the wax ball. Repeat on the other side.

15. Use Vaseline to Smell Better Longer

Did you know that Vaseline holds onto scents? If you're looking to give your cologne more staying power throughout your day, dab a bit of Vaseline onto your pulse points before spritzing your scent. Not only will your aroma last longer, but your skin will also enjoy the extra amount of moisturization Vaseline offers. 

16. Pop Pimples with Tissues

Here's the thing, gents. Yes, you've outgrown puberty, but that doesn't mean those pesky facial blemishes don't come back to haunt you every now and then. Before you take to popping your latest unwelcome visitor, be sure to clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then, let a hot washcloth hang out on the culprit for five to ten minutes. This will soften the skin and help the pores open up. If you must continue with your pimple-popping agenda, do so with a layer of tissues between you and your skin. This will keep the bacteria from spreading to other pores while simultaneously protecting your face from those fingernail markings that are tell-tale signs you were messing with your skin.

17. Calm Chaotic Hair with a Dab of Conditioner

Conditioner comes to the rescue once again! You don't have to spend a fortune on hair supplies. If you have flyaways, tame them with a quick dollop of hair conditioner. You definitely don't want to use too much because it can quickly become heavy and weigh down your hair, but if you use just a dab on those pesky points, you can enjoy hair that lays where it's supposed to without weird flyaways coming into the mix.

18. De-Puff Your Face with Frozen Peas

Did you spend too many hours waiting for last call last night? Maybe you have a baby who loves to cry at 3:00 in the morning? There are dozens of reasons you might not be looking your best when the alarm clock goes off, but that doesn't mean you need to show your puffy face to the world at large. A bag of frozen peas can do amazing things to help reduce the swelling, inflammation, and overall yucky look of a night that went way longer than it should have. Embrace the power of the frozen foods section for five to ten minutes after you wake up and let a bag of frozen peas envelop your face. Your self-esteem will thank you.

19. Put Lip Balm on Your Shaving Nicks

Nobody wants to be nicked on their nether regions (or on their faces, for that matter), but accidents do happen. Instead of reaching for some sort of painful remedy that could totally offset all the manscaping you've been doing, try applying a bit of lip balm to your bleeding parts. The waxy texture helps seal the wound and creates a way for your body to begin clotting. 

20. Un-Stink Your Gym Bag with a Bar of Soap

You needn't offend anyone (including yourself) with a smelly gym bag. Sure, it's going to get funky; that's a fact of life. What you do with that funk, however, is up to you. An easy way to keep the stench at bay is to place a coal tar bar of soap into a porous bag, then leave it in the main compartment of your gym bag. Like magic, it'll begin to absorb the smell and keep the yuck at bay.

21. Take Nail Clippers to Rogue Hairs

Complete Guide to Male Grooming Hacks That Everyone Must Know

Have your nose hairs developed a zip code of their own? Have they begun reaching out and touching people in a way that's creepy and uncomfortable? Tweezing nose hairs can be an incredibly painful experience. (In fact, if you've ever done this, your eyes are probably watering as you're reading this!) But, you don't have to succumb to the pain of male beauty. You can simply take a snip to those buggers that hang out by your boogers with a great set of nail clippers. Clipping the hairs leaves them intact at the roots, so you won't have to deal with any eye-watering experiences, but your face will be ready to meet and greet anyone you come across with confidence.

22. Temper a Sun Burn with Cold Tea Bags

The best way to deal with a sunburn is to avoid one in the first place. It's important to regularly apply sunscreen and take breaks from the blazing rays at normal intervals. However, if you've found yourself already burnt from an excursion in the sun, and there's no after-sun lotion to be found, try wrapping your body in a bath of cold pre-soaked tea bags. The tannins in the tea can help calm your skin and draw out the burn.

Here at MANSCAPED, we believe guys should be armed with all the hacks necessary to do life right. That's why we created The Perfect Package 3.0. In it, you'll find many of the things you need to experience your manscaping journey the right way. Thanks to our MANSCAPED boxers, you can have no-sweat protection and all the things you need to keep your boys safe and clean. Of course, Crop Preserver, Crop Reviver, and our famous Lawn Mower 3.0 will be there to tackle your hairy situation from beginning to end. This is your life, dear gent. Hack it with sincerity!



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