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Complete Guide to Men's Grooming Products

Manscaping is a hot industry. Everybody is trying to get in on it, so you have a plethora of options when you choose your tools and products. To help you avoid any tragic mistakes when you choose, we crafted this guide.

The Perfect Package 2.0 

It’s actually easy to summarize everything you need to know about men’s grooming products. The best stuff is all consolidated in the Perfect Package 2.0. Pick one up, and you’re good to go. For anyone who likes to take a deeper look into things, we’ll explain why this package is all you need.

The Lawn Mower 2.0

A good trimmer lies at the heart of all manscaping. None of the rest of this matters if your trimmer can’t cut. Whether it’s from dull blades, overheating or any other problem, if you can’t trim, your manscaping efforts won’t succeed. The Lawn Mower 2.0 was engineered with this understanding. Every facet of its designed is built to empower your manscaping.

Let’s start with the ceramic blade modules. They’re incredibly sharp, and the hard ceramic material holds an edge through many cuts. Even so, everything eventually dulls. When that happens with the 2.0, you simply swap in a new blade module. It’s a snap-in, so the process is easy.

Best of all, that immense cutting power is tempered with peak safety in mind. You can trim aggressively with the 2.0 and never cut yourself. The SkinSafe technology protects you, even if you’re not on top of your game.

There are countless other features that make The Lawn Mower 2.0 amazing, and you can find them all explained here.

The Plow

Second only to your trimmer, your razor is the most important asset in your grooming kit. While the trimmer does the heavy lifting, the razor does the intricate and delicate work. It also is a sharp blade that gets close to your balls, so we all want to take our razor choice seriously.

You definitely want a razor that is intended for use on the body. Facial razors have multiple blades and contour around the face. They’re great for that, but they can quickly turn into a cheese grater when you take them downstairs.

No, you want a Plow because of the simple elegance baked into the design. It’s a two-edged safety razor. It’s also made from stainless steel. That means it can handle the various things you’re going to throw at it, and it will encourage you to use good technique when you work on the sensitive bits. Most importantly, you can swap blades as frequently as you need to ensure that you always have a clean, sharp tool.

Complete Guide to Men's Grooming Products

The Magic Mat

The Magic Mat offers a solution to manscaping that a lot of men overlook. Cleaning up after yourself is a pain. In fact, it’s annoying enough to discourage a lot of guys from keeping on top of their grooming. The Magic Mat makes that problem disappear. Lay it on the floor, do your thing, and then toss the mess.

Crop Preserver

Crop Preserver solves another problem that you’ve been ignoring for too long. Your balls are gross. Don’t deny it. As a modern man, you take good care of the skin on your face. You moisturize, apply aftershave and do what it takes to keep the skin in good health. Why don’t you treat your balls as well as your face? They’re certainly more important. 

Crop Preserver is a deodorant for your balls, but it’s also a lot more. The Active pH Control formula helps restore your skin after a shave. The anti-chafing base reduces friction and keeps you cool. While it’s doing all of that, the deodorant also works as advertised and keeps your balls from turning into swamp thing. Gone are the days when you catch a whiff of something nasty and have to wonder if it’s emanating from your own crotch.

Crop Reviver

The last item in the Perfect Package 2.0 is Crop Reviver. It’s a toner and refresher. It’s designed to complement the formula in your ball deodorant for maximum skin health. It’s also super gentle, so if you’re ever having a rough day and need a little extra to keep your junk spry, an extra spritz is perfectly safe.

More Goodies

The Perfect Package 2.0 has all of the essentials, but there are some extras that can push your male grooming and hygiene to greater heights. 

Complete Guide to Men's Grooming Products

Crop Cleanser

This is our all-in-one soap, shampoo and conditioner. It’s the only bottle you need in your shower, and it’s particularly amazing after a grooming session. Like all of our formulas, it has restorative elements that help your skin recover from shaving with minimal irritation and razor burn. If you actually exfoliate with this soap (like you should with any body soap), you’ll get results that change your outlook on life. You can be manly and have comfortable skin. That’s the beauty of the modern age.

Crop Mop

These things are awesome. They’re single-use wipes designed for the boys. Some days are hotter or more stressful than others. And, some days you forget your ball deodorant. Whatever the reason, there are times when your junk is dirty and gross, and you want to get it clean. Crop Mop is individually packaged, so you can keep a spare in your wallet at all times. In any scenario, you can cool, clean and restore your downstairs in a jiffy.

Foot Duster

The last item we’re going to highlight today is foot deodorant. It makes sense. You’re already applying deodorant to you pits and balls. Why wouldn’t you hit the last great source of body odor? It’s built with the same goodies as all of our formulas but adapts them for your feet. When you’re hoofin it all day, you don’t have to worry about who can smell your feet. A single application lasts up to 24 hours, and the cooling sensation will be particularly enjoyable when you’re cooped up on a long day. It can go a long way to helping you maintain healthy work relationships.

Use Them Wisely

With so many tools at your disposal, it can be easy to get inefficient in their use. A simple guide will help you organize your manscaping routine and keep you pristine at all times. This won't just help your dating game; it will help you be your best in every facet of your life. 

First, Groom

So many manscaping blogs and advice pieces tell you to shower first. They’re all wrong. Sure, a shower gets you nice and clean before you groom, and it can even help the hair stand up before you shave, but it comes at a price. If you shower before you groom, you’re going to have to shower again right after. Otherwise, all of those hair clippings are going to annoy you throughout the day. So, most guys just groom in the shower. This is bad for your skin and your plumbing.

We’ve solved the conundrum. Groom over your Magic Mat and you don’t have a problem with mess. As for getting the skin in the right condition, that only matters for shaving, and any shaving cream or gel worth its salt will accomplish the same ends as a pre-shower. Groom first.

Then, Shower

complete gentleman's guide to men's grooming

We already mentioned some of this. When you shower after you groom, you get to begin the healing process right away. You remove irritants, and you clear microbes that could otherwise get into the small fissures created by shaving. Best of all, a proper shower helps prevent razor burn and gets a moisturizing agent onto the shaved skin right away. 

Obviously, this is less important if you trim without shaving, but it all does still apply — especially if you get in close with your trimmer. 

Apply Your Formulas 

After a shower, you want to gently pat dry (your skin is still sensitive). Rub some deodorant into your balls. It takes a minute, tops. When that’s done, you can go ahead and treat yourself to a spritz or two of Crop Reviver. This one-two combo will set you up for a more pleasant day, downstairs, than you’ve ever had. Seriously, you have to try it to understand.

Dust Your Feet

The last part of the daily routine is to use Foot Duster before you put your shoes on. It’s obvious, but it’s also easy to forget until you build the habit. Use a checklist if you need to. Once you get into the groove, you’ll be happy to be wearing foot deodorant on a daily basis.

The Rest as Needed

For Crop Mop and any other pick-me-ups, use them as needed. There’s really nothing else to add. 

Ok. That is a comprehensive guide to men’s grooming products. If you want detailed guides on each individual product, you can find them all at



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