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Gift good - The MANSCAPED™ Annual Gift Guide

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Gift good - MANSCAPED's Annual Gift Guide

For some of us, Christmas sneaks up on us every year. All of a sudden it’s here, and we don’t have any gifts. If that sounds relatable, then you might want a little help finding good gifts for some of the guys in your life. We want to help. A MANSCAPED™ gift can be a pleasant surprise, and it certainly democratizes the idea of male grooming and improved hygiene. Some of these gifts can be delightfully awkward. Some are downright selfish. All of them can prove a perfect choice under the tree this year.

For your dad

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. MANSCAPED™ is known for making products that tend to have a sexual nature, and that’s not exactly something most people want to bring into a gift for their father. That’s ok.

The truth is that there are a lot of things that we do. If you and your pops have a relationship where a MANSCAPED™ gift could be equal parts funny and genuine, then that makes things easy.

If you’re a little more hesitant, then we can recommend a traditional gift for a father that most will appreciate. Get him a bottle of cologne. Our Refined® Cologne is light, masculine, and pleasing. It’s vegan and cruelty-free, which is always important. It’s something he can appreciate, and the people around him will, too.

refined cologne

For your significant other

When you look into MANSCAPED™ products for your significant other, the gifts are as much for your benefit as theirs, and that’s ok. Why shouldn’t you get a little something back from all of your generosity?

In this category, we recommend two items above the rest: the Performance Package and the Crop Care Kit. We have to really break them down to show just how awesome these are as gifts and why you’ll appreciate them as much as your man.

The Performance Package 4.0 is streamlined to give a man amazing grooming tools and improved hygiene. It has five separate products, each for a purpose, and two bonus items. At the core of the package is The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer. This is our signature body hair trimmer, and it lets your guy control body hair anywhere. He can get groin hair under control. He can also trim his furry back, manage the armpits or do whatever else makes him a little more attractive.

Paired with The Lawn Mower is the Weed Whacker®. This is an ear and nose hair trimmer, and he will use it for the rest of his life. No one wants to look up into a nose full of hair during an intimate moment, so don’t.

Crop Preserver® is our anti-chafing ball deodorant. This will make him smell a lot better — especially on stressful days. It will also make him more comfortable, which he will definitely appreciate. On top of that, Crop Preserver® is good for the skin between the legs, so he’ll be healthier and happier across the board.

The last major item is Crop Reviver®. It’s a ball toner that can be sprayed as needed. If grooming ever leaves him feeling itchy or uncomfortable, a few spritzes will soothe the area, and he’ll be good to go. It also smells nice, which helps to combat sweaty ball days.

The package also comes with The Shed and our signature boxers. The Shed is a carrying case that keeps all of his grooming items together, and it’s great on the road. The boxers are designed to reduce friction and improve comfort. They’re great all the time, and they are especially suited for those special grooming days.

performance package 4.0

The Crop Care Kit includes Crop Preserver®, Crop Reviver®, Crop Cleanser®, Foot Duster® and a pack of Crop Mops®. Crop Cleanser is a body wash designed to freshen things up downstairs. Foot Duster is a foot deodorant. That pretty much speaks for itself.

Lastly, Crop Mops® are refreshing wipes that are designed for a man’s groin. If your guy ever needs these, you’ll appreciate this part of the gift more than most.

With these products, he’ll feel fresh and happy. He’ll smell great, and he might prove a little more appealing when you’re in a mood to enjoy such a thing.

For your best friend

Every friendship is different. Some besties share all of their dirtiest secrets. Others leave some topics off the table. If you and your friend are comfortable with sex discussions and dirty jokes, then everything is on the table. Pick something he’ll appreciate, but you can also make it just awkward enough to elicit a laugh. Why shouldn’t gifts be fun?

If you’re toeing some social lines, then we recommend The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer. As mentioned above, it’s a versatile tool that allows a guy to trim any part of his body that needs some hair management. 

What’s great about this gift is that it doesn’t have to emphasize use on the groin. It can be used to trim a beard, a back, or even feet. The idea is that you can help him take a little more control over how he looks and feels. He can appreciate getting a high-tech item that has a lot of applications, and when he embraces this gift, he’ll quickly learn that a groomed body is more comfortable.

It’s a genuine gift that provides something he can enjoy.

the lawn mower 4.0

For the office Secret Santa

Secret Santa exchanges are always a little weird. You do it with people you don’t know super well, so a lot of guesswork goes into the equation. Sometimes, people will be able to give you an idea of what they like, but you might not know what they already have. There are price limits to think about and all kinds of social landmines.

Despite that negative outlook, they can be a lot of fun. The key is to find something that is universally appreciated and that you can never have too much of. If you can mix in a little humor along the way, you’ve found the perfect Secret Santa gift.

We have two ideas that are great for just about any guy. The first is MANSCAPED™ Lip Balm. It comes in a three-pack. It’s in line with secret Santa types of gifts, and no one ever really has too much lip balm. What’s nice about this one, in particular, is that we crafted it to fit in with other MANSCAPED™ products. It feels properly masculine, but it also works very well. It is also vegan and cruelty-free, so you don’t have to worry about anything along those lines.

If you want to have a little more fun, try a pack of Crop Mops®. These are wipes we designed to help guys freshen up downstairs. They’re super convenient, and guys absolutely love them once they try them. But, if it comes out of the blue, you get a little bit of shock value without going over the top. You’ll get a genuine smile and some stupid joke about how nice it will be. Then, they’ll actually use the wipe at some point and love it. This gift fires on all cylinders. 

manscaped lip balm

For your son

It’s probably not too common for a parent to gift their son with a male grooming kit. Thankfully, we do a lot more than that around here. Depending on his age, there are MANSCAPED™ gifts that will prove perfect.

If he’s old enough to shave, The Plow® 2.0 safety razor is perfect. For a young man just learning to shave, it feels special and bears impact. A safety razor is a great tool, and every guy should know how to use it. If he’s a bit older, he’ll appreciate a quality razor that can keep his face fresh and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to maintain.

Another nice gift for sons of many ages is a set of The Shears. This is a nail care kit that provides everything a guy needs for well-manicured fingers. The tools include quality clippers, safety scissors, a great file, and precision tweezers. They provide high-level finger and nail care. They can be great for helping a young man learn more about hygiene. They’re a perfect tool for someone in or off to college. No matter the age, nail care is important, and this kit includes fine presentation with a magnetic enclosure that makes it a real gift rather than something you remember to pick up at the drugstore.

the shears

For your brother

Like many other relationships above, interactions with a brother can be all over the place. You might tease him about his sex life on a regular basis. There might be a mutual unspoken pact to never bring up such things. You could be anywhere in between.

Regardless, there are MANSCAPED™ gifts that are right for the occasion. You’ll find all of these explained in more detail above. You simply need to pick what feels comfortable for your bro.

The Shears, The Plow®, the Weed Whacker®, Refined® cologne and Lip Balm are all very safe, kosher choices. You don’t have to worry about broaching uncomfortable topics.

When that isn’t an issue, anything out of The Perfect Package works great. Crop Mops® and the rest of the lineup are all on point. You can even throw a bottle of Foot Duster® at him as a half-joke, half-plea. 

We’re not here saying that every gift you ever get for anyone in your life should come from MANSCAPED™. (Or maybe we are.) We’re simply pointing out that they could. So, if you’re looking for a little bit of creative inspiration, the MANSCAPED™ lineup can be a lifesaver. Browse it all. If you like something, get it. If you’re not sure, probe the guy in your life and see if he would appreciate it. Regardless, remember that gifts are fun and shouldn’t have to feel like a chore.

foot duster



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