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How Much Manscaping Should You Do?

Once you start experimenting with manscaping, you’re going to develop a lot more questions than answers. That’s perfectly normal. Thankfully, you have us, and we love answering questions. One we get a lot is how much manscaping should a man do? There isn’t a single, simple answer to that question. Instead, we’re going to break it down in full detail right now.

Upper Body

The upper body here is referring to the chest, belly and armpits. Deciding how much manscaping needs to be applied here really depends on the guy. Generally speaking, you can leave this hair alone if you want. If you’re particularly hairy — as in you have tufts poking out of your shirt — then you want to invest in a bit of trimming. The idea isn’t to give your chest or pits a crew cut. You’re just trying to tone things down a bit.

You want to use the longest cutting guard you have on your trimmer and you’re going to aim for light strokes that leave the hair pretty long. This is the general way to go.

Then again, there are good reasons to treat your upper body abnormally. The three most common are girls, sports and medical conditions. So, if you have such a good reason, then you’re aiming to make your upper body completely smooth. This means you’re going to have to manscape more frequently. A typical hairy guy can usually get away with trimming his chest every few weeks. The man who goes bare will have to shave one to two times a week. Any more than that, and you’re looking at having dry, red or irritated skin all over your body.

how much manscaping should you do?

The Back

We’re talking about the back above your ass right now. We’ll get to the rest later. Back hair has a different stigma from chest hair. On average, ladyfolk are far less tolerant of bushy backs than they are chests. That said, plenty of guys out there don’t really need to manscape their backs. We’re not worried about a few stray hairs. You’re concerned if there’s density back there. 

When that’s the case, you’re going to have to face some hard truths. The first is that you can’t really get away with just trimming. The only thing worse than a bushy back is a stubbly back. That means you have to shave or wax. We’re big fans of shaving around here, but even we can admit that shaving your own back is completely impossible for a lot of guys. It’s really ok to just get a waxing appointment. This will keep you smooth. It will help you avoid some of the side effects of shaving too much. Most importantly, it makes this part of male grooming easy. It might hurt, but a man’s back is usually one of the tougher parts of his body, and you only have to endure it once a month or less.

The Groin

This is the focal point for most guys. Aside from your face, it demands more of your attention than any other grooming. Part of that is because you value the boys. The part is because there’s room for creativity down there. There are only two rules you really want to consider. Don’t leave an untamed jungle between your legs, and don’t go completely bald. Think of it this way. You don’t pour concrete over the front yard just because the grass got a little long.

When you keep those principles in mind, you’ll realize that you have a lot of choices. You can create tapered or layered looks. In fact, that’s pretty normal these days. A lot of guys shave some areas and only trim others. Just remember this advice, anything that gets trimmed below a half-inch in length is going to get pokey. Make your decisions wisely.

As for frequency, you want to avoid shaving anywhere in this region more than once a week if you can. Trimming can be done more regularly, but few guys really need more than a weekly upkeep. If you've ever wondered how porn stars shave, you can bet that it begins with attention to the lower region on a regular basis.

The Butt

Lastly, we’re addressing those of you with a bit of grass on the ass. Who are we kidding? That’s pretty much all of you. The ass is a bit simpler. If you have anything more noticeable than peach fuzz, you want to go for smooth. This takes us back to shaving and waxing.

Despite what you might think, you, in fact, can shave your own ass. It takes a little practice and a lot of patience, but it’s a real option. The trick is to squat over a mirror. Anyway, keeping a smooth ass will require you to make some tough decisions. The ass is much more tender than the upper back, so waxing will definitely make you squeal. That said, shaving is going to introduce you to the fiery itch of stubble between your ass cheeks. It’s not exactly fun. 

Our recommendation is to shave the ass as frequently as the skin can tolerate and supplement the shaving with advanced skin care. We’ll talk about that more in a bit, but doing things to keep the skin hydrated, the hairs soft and stubble time minimized is the key to an ass that is both happy and beautiful. 

the lawn mower 2.0

The Routine 

So, you’re likely to be grooming different parts of your body with unique timing intervals. By all means, you can consolidate that grooming, but the point is that you probably won’t be trimming and shaving every day. So, we’re going to break the traditional manscaping routine into two parts: infrequent activities and daily musts. You'll find the tools we reference consolidated in grooming kits from MANSCAPED.

Irregular Upkeep

In practice, you should try to put your grooming on a schedule. That aside, your body grooming will be part of a greater routine. There’s a trade secret that almost everyone gets wrong. You want to trim and shave before you shower. This is the best way to minimize skin damage, protect against infections, and get a clean manscaping look that doesn’t come at a price of discomfort.

So, every grooming session begins with two tools: The Lawn Mower 2.0 and the Magic Mat shaving mat. Do all of your trimming in one session. If you prefer to split body parts into different days, that’s perfectly fine. What matters is that you trim before you shave. It just makes things easier. Of course, you don't want just any razor; you want the best razor for manscaping.

The Daily Routine

Once you’re done grooming, you’ll start your daily routine. If today isn’t a grooming day, then this becomes step one. You’re going to take a shower. It’s easy enough, but we know how guys are in the shower. You’re going to correct some bad habits. First, a shower should be warm. Cold showers have their place, but they’re not optimal for cleaning bacteria. That’s especially important if you just shaved and happened to nick yourself. The shower also shouldn’t be blisteringly hot. Warm is ideal.

manscaped formulations

Second, you are going to actually scrub yourself. Crop Cleanser hair and body wash is some of the best soap you can get. The Active pH Control helps heal skin after a shave. But, it’s not magical. If you just rub a little on yourself and call it a day, you’re hurting yourself. Get a loofah or other gentle agitator and actually scrub your skin. It doesn’t require vigor. The goal is to clear the pores. It just takes a little time. This is also a step in how to manscape without getting ingrown hairs.

After you shower, you’re going to pat yourself dry. This is another technique that is better for your skin. Once dry, you’re going to apply Crop Preserver. This is ball deodorant, but it does a lot more than just make the boys smell nice. It helps maintain healthy moisture levels that are good for your skin, and it reduces friction on your nuts. You don’t know how much you need it until you try it. 

The last step in the daily routine is the application of Crop Reviver toner. This is another formula that is designed to help your skin withstand manscaping. In some ways, it acts as an aftershave, but it’s so gentle that you won’t really think of it that way. Crop Reviver is perfect to apply any time your nuts need a little refresher, but the daily application will help keep new hair growth softer and skin smoother.

Hopefully, you learned something valuable today. If you have any other questions or concerns, you can find most answers at MANSCAPED.COM. From information about teen manscaping to tips and tricks you may have never thought of, we've got a full library of information for your whole body.


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