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How often should you replace the blade on the Weed Whacker™?

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How often should you replace the blade on the Weed Whacker™?

It’s good that you take nose and ear hair seriously. No one enjoys looking at growths of hair that stick out of orifices. Since you got your Weed Whacker™ ear and nose hair trimmer, you can be proactive about this problem. We’re proud of you.

We also want you to be able to take good care of the trimmer. For that, we’re doling out a bit of advice. Today, we’re going to answer a common question. How often should you replace the blade on the Weed Whacker™ trimmer?

Replace your blade this often

In practice, no two blades will last the exact same amount of time. A whole bunch of factors can lengthen or shorten the life of your blade, and we’ll cover all of that in a moment. The general rule is that you should have a new blade for your Weed Whacker™ trimmer every three months.

This keeps things running optimally. As you can imagine, hair will build up on the blade module over time. If you don’t replace the blade, this buildup will inhibit trimming and ultimately kill the blade.

The blade also becomes less sanitary over time because the buildup includes dead skin cells and the bacteria that are naturally in your ears and nose. If you regularly replace the blade, you mitigate all of this.

weed whacker blade head

Ways to extend the life of your blade

The three-month rule is nice, but you need to take a more nuanced look at your blade. Obviously, how you use it matters the most. If you only trim once a month, you’ll probably have nose and ear hairs sticking out to the attention of everyone around you. But, your blades will likely last a lot longer than three months.

If you trim every day, your nostrils and ears might get irritated, and your blade definitely won’t last as long. You know how razors are. Daily use wears them down a lot faster.

Typically, you only need to trim around once a week. Some guys might need twice a week, but that’s a healthy range for just about everyone.

If you really want to maximize the life of your blade module, clean it between uses. To do this, turn everything completely off. Pop off the blade module and brush it to remove debris. You can rinse it under water, but make sure you pat it dry when you’re done. When it’s dry, you can reassemble.

If you want that extra level of cleanliness, you can use isopropyl alcohol to sanitize the blade. You can use a Q-tip to apply the alcohol.

Stay stocked with the Peak Hygiene Plan

Since you have to replace the blade every now and then, you need easy access to new blade modules. You can use our Peak Hygiene Plan to ensure that you always have the next blade before you need it. Log into your account at From there, you can modify your plan. Whenever you’re in need, select a Weed Whacker™ trimmer replacement blade for your next shipment. 

The Weed Whacker™ trimmer can keep your nose and ears clear of excess growth. When you take care of the blade, it will last longer, stay cleaner, and work better.



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