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How Often Should You Replace Your Manscaping Trimmer Blades?

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How Often Should You Replace Your Manscaping Trimmer Blades?

Do your trimmer's blades have an expiration date? Sure they do. Granted, they may not start to emit the stench of some other things that expire (like spoiled milk, for example), although, if you're conducting an unintentional science experiment in your shower, you might be surprised at the weird funk otherwise unfunky products can acquire. Who's to say your trimmer won't smell like month-old milk if you leave it hanging out long enough? Well, we don't have an answer for you on that one because we don't leave our blades to the hands of destiny for extended periods of time, and we'd highly recommend that you don't, either.

All we're saying is some weird sh*t can happen when your body products are constantly exposed to moisture, but there's usually nothing good to come out of the final product.

Is moisture the only thing that can make your stuff get gross? Nope! When you're talking about trimmer's blades, there's actually a pretty long list of reasons they can go bad. It's important to change your blades regularly no matter what area of the body they're coming into contact with, but if you're manscaping around your manhood, you need to take extra-special care to ensure your sharp tool embodies proper safety precautions.

Why? Good question! Let's find out.

What Causes Good Blades to Go Bad?

MANSCAPED's The Lawn Mower 3.0 is a tool that should be well cared for because its job is to care for your junk. But its blades can't wear a superhero cape without a little help once in a while. Even good blades go bad, so you've got to make sure you've got backups ready to step into place when your trimmer's sharp stuff starts to have an attitude problem.

What causes trimmer blades to break down?

the lawn mower blade module

They're Past Their Prime

Sometimes, nothing's happened to your blades at all, except for the passage of time. Standard use will eventually cause your blades to become dull, rendering them less effective than they were when they were new. Dull blades could result in uncomfortable pulling if the hair isn't able to easily be trimmed when it comes in contact with the formerly sharp substance.

To achieve optimal shaves every time you put your trimmer to your skin, it's best to change the blades at least every three months. Because the hair your trimmer comes into contact with is coarse and more stubborn than your standard head tresses, you need to make sure your blades are up to the challenge of tackling your ultra-tough follicles. 

Fresh blades every three months keep your trimmer ready to go to work, even if it hasn't encountered any other hazards in the past quarter of a year. This is the absolute longest time you should ever go without changing your trimmer's blades, but there are instances in which you may need to change them sooner.

You Dropped Your Trimmer

Did you know that an impact with the floor can cause your blades to grow nicks that are no good for your own nooks and crannies? Even if you have them protected behind the safe barrier of an adjustable comb, an accidental drop can leave your blades with microscopic interruptions to the otherwise smooth surface. This, in turn, can cause your hair to get caught in between the uneven spots, resulting in pulling and pain that's not typically associated with pleasure around your pubic region.

A dropped trimmer should always have its blades replaced for best results.

You Started Slacking on Your Post-Shave Cleaning Responsibilities

It's important to keep up with your post-shave cleaning tasks. Otherwise, your prized trimmer could do bad things to your prized parts. By neglecting your cleaning duties after your skin's freshly shaven, you're allowing gross things to build up beneath the surface of your trimmer and grow colonies of their own grossness. 

If you want to see how fast your trimmer's blades can rust, be sure to leave as much gunk and go on them as possible. Not interested in enduring a rusty shave around your nether region? Don't risk it. Take a few minutes to properly clean your trimmer and razor after use to ensure you keep the rust away. While you're at it, be sure to dry the blades thoroughly with a clean towel. Leaving excess moisture on your blades when you put your trimmer away is a sure way to cause unnecessary wear and tear that'll relegate your blades to early replacement before their natural time is up.

You Let Your Bush Get Excessively Bushy

Even great trimmer blades need a break if you continually let your bush grow rogue. You can keep your pubes as long or short as you want them to be, but asking your trimmer to plow through a super-dense forest every few weeks will almost assuredly dull the blades more quickly than if you keep your stuff trimmed on a regular basis. 

If you let your lower hair grow and notice your trimmer isn't doing everything it can to de-hair the area, it might be time to change your blades.

how often should you replace your manscaping trimmer blades?

How Can You Make Sure Your Manhood Always Has the Male Groooming Tools It Needs?

MANSCAPED is proud to introduce our new Replenish Plans. This ingenious automatic reorder option enables you to constantly keep your bathroom cabinets filled with everything you need for fresh below-the-belt experiences. From blade replacements for your trimmer to Crop Preserver—our ball deodorizer that'll save the day if you're afraid of sweat and stench below the waist— automatic re-orders make everything easier for busy men who want to make sure they're lower regions are always in great shape.

You can replenish the following:

  • Crop Cleanser -- Our invigorating all-in-one body wash and shampoo combo
  • Crop Preserver -- Our ball deodorizer and moisturizer that's meant to take your post-shave experience to a more pleasant level than any without-product situation could ever bring.
  • Crop Reviver -- A toner and refresher that captures the essence of a great below-the-belt shave with its soothing aloe and anti-inflammatory witch hazel ingredients. 

And more!

The easiest way to take advantage of the Replenishment Plan is to set yourself up on an automatic delivery schedule that simply brings your grooming essentials right to your door at the interval of your choice. Do you find that your balls need a new bottle of cleanser every four weeks? A monthly schedule would obviously work best for you. What if you're not using enough of your manscaping products to warrant a monthly delivery? Perhaps every other month would work better for you. 

You choose the frequency. We make the delivery. Manscaping has never been simpler.

What if You Need to Replenish Something That's Not in the Replenish Plan?

Not into the whole Replenish Pack? No worries!

MANSCAPED is meant to make your manscaping tasks easier. You can order any of our items as a la carte replacements if you're only in need of one or two things. Need a SkinSafe™ Blade Module? We've got you covered. Is the rest of your bathroom filled to capacity, but you somehow ran out of Crop Preserver before everything else is even halfway empty? We'll happily send you a single bottle of our ball deodorizer at your request.

This is your world, and those are your balls. We're just here to make your grooming needs as accessible as possible.

MANSCAPED men know how to protect their privates with premium tools that are specifically designed to perform high-quality hair removal in an area that can be susceptible to scary damage if they're not careful. If you're ready to get rid of your hair down there, you're ready to invest in the best tools for your tool. With our Replenish Packs, you can manscape on your own terms without ever worrying about running out of below-the-belt must-haves again. Get yourself on an automatic delivery plan today to make sure your lower half always has the tools it needs to succeed.



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