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How QuietStroke™ Technology in The Lawn Mower 2.0 Improves Confidence

We’re proud of our engineering team. We think that they accomplished something truly remarkable with The Lawn Mower 2.0. It’s why we keep talking about it. Today’s topic might be the most important. We’re going to explain to you how the new QuietStroke™ technology is going to change how you view below-the-belt trimming. This is how How QuietStroke™ technology in The Lawn Mower 2.0 improves confidence!

Raw Power

The original motivation for redesigning The Lawn Mower had nothing to do with making a quiet trimmer. The real goal was to improve cutting power. We noticed that there were ways to make a trimmer that was even less likely to snag on dense bush, and we wanted to make that a reality. We did two things to implement this philosophy. The first decision was to upgrade the quality of the blade. The Lawn Mower 2.0 now uses a ceramic blade head, and we’re happy with those results. In fact, you can find us talking about the ceramics at length in another post.

The other big change was to the motor. We doubled the RPMs. This empowers the 2.0 to glide through the densest shrubs with little resistance. Snagging is a thing of the past, and the entire trimming process is easier and more comfortable. But, this new power came at a price. The stronger motor added massive vibrations to the trimmer. It was to the point that it felt like we were manhandling a fire hose between our legs, and that's to say nothing of the tingling in our hands. We knew something had to change. Rather than abandon our dream of an effortless trim, we redoubled the engineering and came up with QuietStroke™ technology.

Getting a Handle on Manscaping

With the new goal, our engineers found some interesting ways to dampen the vibrations of the new motor. One of those ways was the development of a new polymer case. It still has a comfortable, easy grip, but the material is specifically designed to absorb vibrations. You’ll find that your hand doesn’t tingle under the intense oscillations of the 2.0.

The engineers followed up on the new polymer by stuffing as many other dampeners as possible into the design of the trimmer. The final result is impressive. We took what felt like the power of a chainsaw and focused it into a technological marvel. The Lawn Mower 2.0 is now reminiscent of a high-end luxury vehicle. The ample horsepower under the hood is perfectly controlled, and when you drive the new trimmer, it feels perfectly smooth.

How QuietStroke™ Technology in The Lawn Mower 2.0 Improves Confidence

Instincts and Reflexes

There’s a side-effect to dampening the vibrations of a powerful motor: it makes everything quieter. In this case, the 2.0 mimics the quiet sound of a luxury car just as much as the smooth ride. Is that a new Mercedes C Class? No, it's just The Lawn Mower 2.0 from Manscaped.

Even if it is easy to handle, a loud trimmer is bad for quality manscaping. Boisterous, abrasive noises impact your mental state whether you realize it or not. You can see this in sports. High-intensity, compact sports like football love a loud crowd. The noise helps stimulate adrenaline production and gives a competitor’s edge. Conversely, golfers love the quiet. The reason is that an adrenal spike makes it more difficult to control the small muscles that steer a golf swing. Anything that requires such finite motor control is easier in the quiet.

So, if a surgeon is going to prefer a controlled noise climate to cut a person open, you might want to follow their footsteps when you’re operating a high-RPM, rotating razor near your balls. It’s probably something you don’t think about, but changing the ambient sound of your trimmer really does have a subtle impact on how well you can use it. Our new QuietStroke™ technology puts that edge in the palm of your hand. 

A Surprising Result

Satisfied with the results of our engineering, we tried the new trimmers ourselves. We are, after all, big believers in manscaping. When we felt the new power in our hands, something happened that surprised us. We felt more confident.

This might seem a little weird, but the soft hum of the new trimmer was actually soothing. Just like a loud device can subtly detract from your concentration and finite motor skills, the soft, gentle buzz of the new trimmer did the opposite. The relaxing noise improved our control, and we had the best trim of our lives.

Now, to be fair, we can’t give all of the credit to the harmonics of our new razor. It may have given us a nice mental edge, but the improved cutting prowess also helped. A trim with no fear of tugging on the hedges is an uplifting experience. No matter how we pushed the 2.0, it handled everything effortlessly. That, combined with the improved control and better mindset all came together, and our balls have never been happier. It probably sounds to you like we’re overhyping this, but it’s something you just have to try for yourself. We were right about the joys of ball deodorant, and we’re right about this. You’ll see.

Putting it to the Test

Here’s the thing. Reading about a body-hair trimmer can only take you so far. In the end, this is an experience, and until you have it firsthand, you won’t really understand what we’re saying. So, this is the point where we challenge you to try the 2.0. Veterans will instantly understand. Newcomers might not really know how good they have it. In either case, we have a challenge for you guys. To really put the 2.0 to the test, you need to elevate your man-trimming. Here are some suggestions.

How QuietStroke™ Technology in The Lawn Mower 2.0 Improves Confidence

Advanced Trimming

A true expert of hair cutting can layer your hair in a way that seamlessly transitions from short to long. When done correctly, you can’t pinpoint any of the so-called layers. While this isn’t always put into practice for body and facial hair, it has a place.

Here’s where it comes into play. A lot of guys follow the rules with their beards. They create a nice clean line at the jaw. Neck beards are no good, so they have a smooth neck and then a nice, thick chin beard. It can look really good, but not everyone has the face for it. Instead, a layered beard that is longer on the jaw but still visible underneath looks better. Google male actors at the most recent Emmy’s and you’ll see some great examples.

Now, you’re going to take that idea and apply it to your junk. It’ll take more time than a typical manscaping session, and you’ll have to become intimately familiar with the different cutting guards at your disposal. But, when you’re done, you’ll understand that The Lawn Mower 2.0 is giving you control and options that just didn’t exist before.

Once you take the challenge, you don’t have to marry the layered look. It’s not for everyone, but it will help you better understand just how far you can push your manscaping. That’s the real goal of this challenge.

A Shaving Tip

The other thing that you will inevitably learn from this challenge is that your razor is more capable than you realized. The Plow is intended for precision shaving. Elite trimming is going to draw you in to be more specific with your razor usage. It’s up to the challenge, and your shaving game is going to improve as a consequence of learning better trimming.

Maintain the Follow Through

The new Lawn Mower 2.0 is going to reduce the irritation that can come from trimming your nether regions, but it still won’t completely eliminate it for guys with sensitive skin (life is hard for the gingers out there). Also, spending more time with the trimmer and being more precise with your razor will undo some of this benefit. You need to maintain the rest of the manscaping routine to stay healthy down there. We’re going to remind you of the three essentials so you have no excuses to skimp on the best practices.

Don’t just lather and rinse with Crop Cleanser. Scrub. More specifically, gently exfoliate. That is what enables the Active pH Control to really do its job. As for Crop Preserver, remember to fully dry yourself (gently) before you apply it. A layer of water can act as a barrier to prevent it from absorbing it into the skin. The same is true of Crop Reviver. Your deodorant should be absorbed before you apply the final formula.

How QuietStroke™ Technology in The Lawn Mower 2.0 Improves Confidence

Take the challenge and let us know how you like The Lawn Mower 2.0. Feel free to brag about your most creative stylings. Also, keep an eye on We’ll keep updating with the latest news, technology and tips for all things related to manscaping.



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