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How The Lawn Mower Replacement Blade Subscription Works

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How The Lawn Mower Replacement Blade Subscription Works

We put a lot of effort into making below-the-waist grooming as easy and painless as possible. Sometimes that comes in the form of technology that reduces physical pain. Other times, it's a matter of convenience. The replacement blade subscription service is the latter, and we think you'll like it. Gentlemen, this is how The Lawn Mower 3.0 replacement blade subscription works.

Blade Modules

The subscription plan is nice, but it makes little sense until you fully understand The Lawn Mower 3.0 blade module's value. It's packed to the brim with brand-new technology that makes male grooming easier, safer, and more precise than ever before.

The blade itself is ceramic. That's wonderful for several reasons. Chief among them is that ceramics are harder and hold an edge longer than steel. That means you won't be needing a special kit to take care of your blade, and even the densest bushes in the world won't force you to replace the blade very often. Another great advantage of ceramic blades is that they are easier to shape. The 3.0 has more cutting components than its predecessor, and that makes it better at trimming those ultra-thick shrubs. Ceramics are also heat resistant. That's important because the 3.0 has a much more powerful motor, but the new blade won't conduct the heat from that motor to your precious jewels. Lastly, ceramics are highly microbe-resistant. Being harder and even less porous than steel, these blades are the cleanest on the market.

SkinSafe™ Technology

The material isn't the only thing making these blade modules unique. They're also designed with new SkinSafe technology. It allows you to press harder with a reduced risk of nicks and cuts. This new trimmer gives you the freedom to trim more aggressively and with more precision than anything else out there.

the lawn mower 3.0 blade module

The Refill Subscription

So, now that you know what your blade module can do, you're going to want to keep it in top shape. Even though ceramic is the best material we can legally use to make a blade for your trimmer, it has limits. Some of you guys are packing redwood forests down there, and the excellent, hard, sharp ceramic blade will still succumb. When that happens, you want to have a replacement ready.

Shipped Right To Your Door

The subscription is pretty simple. A replacement blade costs $14.99 and is shipped straight to your door. You can turn on automatic renewals, and you'll have your fresh blade timed perfectly for when you next need it. The default setting is three months (an average expectation for most guys to want to swap), but you can customize the service to better suit your routine. When you get a feel for how frequently you need a new module, you can set that up with us, and we'll make sure you never forget. The days of having to grin and bear a subpar grooming trim are behind you.

Cleaning Your Trimmer

This service is already nice, but there's more to replaceable blade modules than sharpness. As antimicrobial as ceramics are, they can still enable cross-contamination of bacteria and other microbes if you don't use them right. In reality, you want to wash your trimmer between uses on different parts of your body. The stuff that is native to your armpits can cause damage to your junk, and you don't want that. A good scrubbing between those trims is in order, but who has time for that? The easier route is to have a few blade modules and dedicate them to your body's specific regions. Instead of having to scrub a trimmer blade, you can just swap and go.

Dedicate Your Modules

The problem is that you aren't made of money. We get that. You can spread your investment out a little, and the subscription service will keep you stocked with enough modules to make life easy without forcing you to live on ramen and PBJs for a pair of weeks. Once you have enough blades to stay clean, you can adjust your subscription timer to make sure you're always packing a sharp blade. The best part is that dedicating your modules like this will improve their lifespan by quite a bit. Being clean can save you money!

Complement it with The Perfect Package 3.0

Now that you're set up with a magnificent trimmer and an endless supply of refill blades, you want to take care of the rest of your grooming resources. Just like we made blade management easy, we've completely simplified the rest of your tool kit. The Perfect Package 3.0 is a consolidated kit that has everything you need for top-notch grooming.

Crop Preserver

MANSCAPED Crop Preserver

We're experts in the realm of men's grooming. We've been doing this a lot. We've genuinely invested in science and engineering to master the art. Despite all of that, we still get pushback when we tell guys to trim and shave before they shower. Yes, Joe Blow Youtuber told you to shower first to soften the hair follicles. Yes, shaving in the shower feels convenient. We even made our tools waterproof in acknowledgment of that fact. But, if you want the absolute best results, the shower needs to come second.

Apply Ball Deodorant To Clean Skin

Crop Preserver is one of the main reasons why. It's ball deodorant that is best applied to clean skin. If you shower first, then shave, you're going to reduce Crop Preserver's impact. If you shave, shower, dry off thoroughly and then apply Crop Preserver, you'll find that redness, irritation, and razor bumps all magically stop being a major problem.

Can You Trim And Shave In The Shower?

Now, technically, you can just trim and shave in the shower before you wash and still apply the deodorant after. If you feel compelled, you'll still get a decent grooming session out of it. The price you pay is that your skin will suffer from your showers being too long, and your plumbing will eventually succumb to the power of your pubes. You've been fairly warned.

Crop Reviver

MANSCAPED Crop Reviver

The next wonderful item on your list is Crop Reviver. After you shower, you want to gently pat dry (helps avoid ingrown hairs). Before you dress, you can apply Crop Reviver. It has a formula designed to complement Crop Preserver and accelerate the healing process of your skin. While the deodorant controls moisture and works on pH restoration, Reviver provides topical healing relief. It also smells really good, so if you're worried about developing a funk at the end of a long day, a couple of extra spritzes can pull you out of trouble.

Magic Mat

Man Standing On The Magic Mat

Logically, we might have listed the Magic Mat first. You want it on the floor when you trim and shave to make cleanup easy. But, since we skipped trimming in this part, we figured we could close with the Magic Mat for emphasis. The Perfect Package 3.0 comes with a starter set of mats to let you see how lovely they are. Not wanting to make a mess is one of the most common excuses guys use to fall out of their grooming routine. The Magic Mat solves that problem instantly. Like the other disposable items we sell, you can get refills with no hassle at all.

We Build Tools For The Man Who Grooms

We build tools that are optimized for the aspiring man who grooms. We teach you how to use them. Then, we streamline the upkeep process. You couldn't ask for more, and yet we still deliver. is stuffed with every kind of knowledge you could hope to need as a man who takes good care of himself, and it's updated regularly.




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