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How to apply cologne

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how to apply cologne

Do you have cologne? Do you know how to use it and how to apply it? A problem most guys have is that they think they can wing anything. A lot of times, they’re right, but when it comes to cologne, they tend to be wrong. We're here to help you learn how to apply cologne so that you can prepare yourself for your next outing.

Really think about it for a moment. How many times have you smelled a guy who went way too strong with the cologne? How many times have you smelled a guy who should have gone stronger? And, how many times have you come across a guy who got it just right?

That last one is rare, and it’s because not enough guys know the secrets of how to apply cologne. We’re determined to end that right here and now.

Where should you place your cologne?

The general rule is to apply cologne to pulse points. These are areas on your body with high blood flow. As such, they’re warm, and they actually help to project the scent of the cologne.

Some of the best pulse points for cologne are the wrists, chest, neck, and inner elbows.

But, when you have a good cologne, you don’t need to apply too much of it. That can get overbearing. Instead, pick the pulse points that feel right for what you’re trying to accomplish. If you tend to get a little bit of natural musk during the day, use pulse points in proximity to the source of musk. If your pits get sweaty, use cologne on your elbows.

If you use every pulse point, it’ll be too much fragrance for most people around you. Instead, pick one point (or one pair of points), and you’ll be good to go.

man spraying cologne

When is the best time to apply it?

There isn’t a universal answer to this. Really, you should apply cologne when you want to smell good.

On an average day, it can be part of your morning routine. If you shower in the morning, once you are dry, put on a little cologne and then get dressed. This allows you to maintain a subtle but pleasant scent throughout the day.

If you’re getting ready for a special occasion, then put on a dab of cologne while you get ready. It’s the same idea, but refreshing the cologne before going out is never a bad idea.

How often should you use it?

You can definitely wear cologne on a daily basis — especially days where you go to work or go out. Basically, if you’re going to be around people, a proper splash of cologne is a good thing. It makes you smell nice, and that helps you to be more appealing to the people around you. It certainly beats smelling bad.

If you’re going to have a day where you don’t leave the house, then it makes sense to skip the cologne. Even if you’re working from home, having a chore day, or otherwise avoiding the general population, it’s really up to you. You don’t need cologne on those days, but if you think you benefit from it, there’s no shame. So if smelling nice is good for your mentality, then go ahead and apply a little in the morning. We’re all about what helps your mental health, even if it’s just a spritz of cologne.

Refined cologne

How do you layer cologne?

Layering cologne is something a lot of guys don’t really understand, and there are a few reasons for that.

Sure, every eighth-grader thinks they’ve mastered the art when they get their first bottle of cologne or body spray, but you know better than that by now.

The thing about layering is that it only works when you have multiple scented products that are designed to work together. If you’re splashing Aqua Velva on top of a heavy dose of Old Spice deodorant, you’re not creating good layers. Those smells are going to duke it out like a title fight in the UFC.

You want scents that complement each other, and for that, you really need to stick to a product line. That’s what makes MANSCAPED™ so great for this. There’s an entire line of Ultra Premium™ products that are built from the same cologne-quality scent: Refined™. Your body wash, shampoo, deodorant, and all the rest stem from this same fragrance. So, when you use the products together, you build a symphony for the nostrils. No competition is necessary.

Here’s the ultimate tip. Use each product as directed. The engineers already optimized everything for you. Your pits, junk, and other smelly parts will instead be pleasant, and the cologne will carry lilting aspects of your signature scent across a room. It will be light and delightful—a veritable symphony of scent.

Ultra Premium Collection

How much should you use?

This is actually the easiest part. You don’t need a close, direct application of large volumes of cologne. This stuff is made to waft, and it’s good at it. Instead, you won’t even spray the stuff directly at your skin. 

Actually, let’s clarify that statement. You want to aim the sprayer at the pulse points you choose, but you shouldn’t spray it point-blank. Instead, give yourself four to six inches of space between your flesh and the bottle. That allows the cologne to spread out a little and saturate the pulse point. It also prevents the stuff from saturating too strongly in an area. This gives you a light aroma that is present without being forceful.

There’s also the question of why you are wearing cologne. The light spray for your average workday is one thing. A subtly stronger dose before a romantic evening is another. Really, it’s the freshness of the cologne that changes. The amount you spray should stay relatively the same. If you have a big date, just refresh when you’re getting ready. That will be enough.

Therein lie all of the key secrets to using cologne. You’re now part of the elite club of men who know these things, so use this power wisely.



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