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How to avoid sweaty balls

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how to avoid sweaty balls

Let’s talk about sweaty balls. How to avoid sweaty balls is a question that has passed most every man’s lips at some point. That, and where can one find the best wings.

When you have two balls hanging between your legs, and they get all moist, not-so-fun things happen. Things like your balls sticking to your legs, the boys getting caught up in your underwear, itching in the nether regions, and of course the oh-so-fun stinky, sweaty ball smell that just wafts up from your crotch.

You know it’s bad when you can smell yourself, but that probably means others are also experiencing that scent. Not good. The team at MANSCAPED™ is here to ensure that you won’t be labeled the “he smells like sweaty nuts” guy. 

To avoid sweating balls, we need to discuss three major components:

  • What causes sweaty balls
  • Side effects of sweaty balls
  • How to address sweaty balls

What causes sweaty balls?

man exercising

To understand sweaty balls, let’s first go through a few details about sweat in general. 

It’s not a secret that bodies produce sweat.

Sweat is a natural reaction and it is how your body helps to cool itself down. It comes out of sweat glands throughout your body when your body temperature rises. The idea is that sweat on the surface of your skin evaporates and that process cools the skin in an effort to regulate your temperature again. Science! 

Anyway, normal sweating occurs for a variety of reasons:

  • When the temperature outside is hot and humid
  • Due to exercise or exertion
  • The body’s reaction to eating spicy food 
  • Internal and bottled-in stress
  • As a fever or the breaking of a fever to combat an illness 

Then there are other causes of sweat that vary from person to person:

  • Genetics
  • Obesity
  • Diets high fatty, processed foods, and sugar 
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Diabetes
  • Reactions from medication 

Now, let’s zoom in on those nuts of yours. 

As we’ve laid out, there are many reasons a person might start to sweat (or keep sweating) and your balls are subject to sweating as well. 

Take a moment and think about where your balls are located. 

They’re tucked into a part of your body that is shut off from the world under a layer of underwear and ANOTHER layer of outerwear. There are quite a few reasons balls get all moist and sticky:

  • Their house is in a dark and confined environment to begin with
  • When you exercise and your body sweats, your ball region gets even more hot and sweaty because it cannot breathe very well, so your balls are getting hotter (and as we determined already, hotter = more sweat)
  • Scratch exercise for a second, when you get hot, just in general, your ball region is even hotter because there’s no cool breeze down there
  • The evaporation process that is supposed to occur when a body sweats does not work as well in an area where water cannot evaporate (meaning, little to no evaporation is occurring on your balls unless you’re swinging them around and letting them hang all loose and free)
  • The size of your balls combined with the type of underwear and pants you’re wearing can also cause restriction and added heat (for example, cotton underwear is a lot warmer than microfiber underwear)

Some of these causes of sweaty balls can be avoided, so being active, eating healthier foods, or even changing your underwear will help out a lot. For those of us who are just sweaty guys though, don’t worry, keep reading and we will definitely go through some tips and tricks for how to set your balls up for success. 

Side effects of sweaty balls

man exercising

We know, we know, we’re keeping you on the edge of your seat regarding how to address sweaty balls. Patience, friend.

We do want to take just a little time to discuss why the sweaty ball issue is something we need to navigate. Even though we know people sweat, and balls are in a particularly sweat-prone space, you do need to pay attention and take care down there. 

Sweaty balls are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which is what in turn creates the stanky nut odor. In addition to creating a smell that everyone wants to avoid, sweaty balls cause a whole host of other issues:

  • Chafing
  • Irritation and itchiness
  • Potential of bacterial and fungal infections (AKA jock itch)
  • Uncomfortable feeling which leads to distraction and affects confidence  
  • Sticky underwear 

Alright, now that you know the science, the causes, and the effects, let’s dive into what you can do about it. 

How to avoid sweaty balls

At MANSCAPED™ we want to help the men of the world understand that sweaty balls will happen, but you can do something to help the issue down there. Yes, YOU! 


Your balls, your choice, your actions, your change, and we’ve got you covered with the products and tools for the job. Teamwork, woohoo!

We want to be honest that there is no single solution to avoiding sweaty balls, but our main suggestion always comes back to good hygiene:

  • Trim your man bush and eliminate excess hair that causes heat and sweat to build-up
  • Wash yourself regularly and thoroughly (that means with soap and for more than 30-seconds, a rinse-off does not count)
  • Spend extra time in the shower and really wash your balls specifically
  • Shave your balls (we recommend at least once a week and we have an awesome article just about this if you need some pointers)
  • Let everything dry after a shower, starting with a dry space is better than shoving damp nuts back into a pair of underwear 
  • Moisturize after shaving (protection from irritation and dry skin)
  • Deodorize the balls at the beginning of the day just like you do to that other sweaty spot (if you are expected to put deodorant on your underarms, putting deodorant on your balls ALSO makes a lot of sense)    
  • Wear clean, breathable underwear 
  • Have products on hand throughout the day to refresh and revive the boys 

Fresh and clean and repeat is the key. This will keep your balls maintained, happy, and smelling better which is good news for everyone. In addition, jock itch is horrible and gross and can be avoided. Fungal infections don’t just pop up one day, they come from things sticking around in the nooks and crannies and not being attended to…

Addressing the sweaty ball situation means addressing your personal grooming and hygiene habits. Daily. 

Now that you’ve got the steps, let’s go through the products and tools that our awesome team at MANSCAPED™ has to help:

The Lawn Mower® 4.0 

the lawn mower 4.0

Recently released with all the bells and whistles (plus it’s pretty, so you’ll be super stylish), this is the perfect tool for trimming body and pubic hair. The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is cordless, can be used dry or wet, and comes with an assortment of guards. 

By using this trimmer you’ll be able to reduce the bulk of man bush hair and keep that area tamer (among other things). We recommended trimming at least once a week, but depending on your hair growth and personal preference you might trim more often. 

Crop Cleanser®     

Clean, clean, clean. It’s not just important to clean your underarms, it’s important to clean your balls. Our Crop Cleanser® groin wash is specifically designed for your crotch. In fact, we have “Groin Wash” stamped right on the bottle. 

This area is a little more sensitive, so we’ve developed a special ball washing formula that is made of natural ingredients to smooth and hydrate. Lather it up and get in there. 

Then rinse. 

The Crop Shaver™ + Crop Gel™

This is a twofer. To really give your balls their full chance at being happy, shave them, too. The extra hair is not necessary, hairy balls are almost as bad as sweaty balls, and…just think of your partner. After you’ve cleaned everything down there, rinse it off and apply Crop Gel™. 

This is our CLEAR groin shaving gel so you can actually see what you’re doing (don’t worry, we know shaving this area is a little more nerve-wracking, so we’ve thought through this). Then grab The Crop Shaver™ with a clean and sharp blade that was designed specifically for the job (yes, lots of hours of ball shaving experimentation went on to perfect this razor. You’re welcome).

Similar to trimming, we recommend shaving your balls and shaft at least once a week, but figure out what works for your body. 

Shave, rinse, and then DRY. Take your time after the shower and pat and air dry. 

Crop Preserver®

After trimming, washing, shaving, and drying, the next step is to protect. 

Crop Preserver® is our groundbreaking gel talcum formula. It actually goes on dry, but it is a moisturizing deodorant at the same time. 

Is your mind blown, or what? 

We know. We know. We’re kind of brilliant. 

This product not only moisturizes the boys, keeping them soft and smooth, it also deodorizes, keeping them dry and funk-free. Just apply directly to the nuts and let our formula get to work. 

But there’s more! Yes, the team at MANSCAPED™ truly wants you to avoid sweaty balls in whatever way you can. You know, if you’re still not convinced…

crop preserver

Crop Reviver®

We’ve established that sweating can occur throughout the day. Even if you start your day off with a good hygiene routine, things can happen from the time you leave your house to the time you return that cause sweaty balls. Crop Reviver® is what we call a body spritz or body toner and it’s awesome. 

It does for your junk what a cool, refreshing drink does for you on a hot summer afternoon, except it refreshes and revives your balls. You can even use this spritz after Crop Preserver® if you need extra coverage or at any time during the day when you need to freshen up your junk. It helps with scent and sweat. 

Some men keep this unique product in their cars or desks so it’s readily available whenever they need a quick freshening-up without jumping into the shower.

Remember this is a refreshing product though, NOT a cleaning/washing product. You still need to take a shower, but this will help throughout the day. 

Crop Mop®

Individually wrapped, our Crop Mop® wipes are also a convenient thing for men to have available throughout the day. They are small and discreet and can be easily thrown into a gym bag, a work backpack, or even a pocket. These wipes are created to be soft and are infused with cooling ingredients that refresh the nut sack thoroughly. 

“Below-the-waist confidence” is kind of our jam at MANSCAPED™, so we will never steer you wrong. 

End with a smile

After using these just-for-men products to avoid sweaty balls and to turn your package into an attractive, appealing area of your body, it’s time to smile! Not every man knows that MANSCAPED™ exists for that sole reason. It makes us complete. 

Want to know what real Manscaped customers have to say about how they avoided sweaty balls by using MANSCAPED™? Check it out!

“My life is completely different now that I use The Perfect Package! My friend got it for me as a secret Santa gift, but it turned out to be a real game-changer! I can’t believe I lived 29 years without using Crop Preserver®! This one product alone keeps my balls from being sweaty and stinky!” - Marc E., Boston, MA

“MANSCAPED™ made these tools and products for men like me. I’ve used baby powder and real underarm deodorant on my junk. Yes, it’s true. Neither worked very well, and they both irritated my skin down there.” Fred K., Sacramento, CA  



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