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How to choose an electric razor.

Christina Ablahad

Posted by Christina A.



How to choose an electric razor

You use a straight razor to shave your face? That’s pretty cool.

Oh, you’re a normal person and you realize there are other options? That’s cool, too.

It’s fun to make jokes, but in all honesty, picking the right razor can actually impact your daily life. If your razor leaves you scarred or itchy, that’s no fun. It can deter you from grooming, and that’s a whole mess to deal with.

If you have a great razor, it can leave you feeling fresh, clean, and fantastic. Who doesn’t want that?

In a world with so much amazing technology, it seems like there should be a modern razor that can do it all. You’re not unreasonable to want such a thing, and we have some good news for you. We built that exact razor.

We’re going to spend some time telling you about things that make for an amazing electric razor so that you know how to choose the best. It just so happens that this knowledge will lead you to the same conclusion we made a long time ago: The Lawn Mower® 4.0 is, in fact, the best.

The Lawn Mower 4.0

Focus on function


What’s the most important function of any electric razor? Waterproofing, of course!

Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme, but this really is a perfect example of how you can think about the functionality of a razor to make sure it works the way you want.

A waterproof electric razor is worth so much more than the alternative. You can use it around the sink without having to worry that you’re going to electrocute yourself. More conveniently, you can use it in the shower if you want.

That’s actually one of the core design elements behind The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer. We know that dealing with body hair trimming can be a chore, and doing it in the shower is easier. So, here’s a waterproof razor that makes life easier.

It’s a simple function that makes a huge difference in the quality of your grooming experience.


We can say similar things about the power functionality of your electric razor. Since it’s electric, it needs a source of electricity. That’s basic stuff, but how convenient and accessible is the electric power.

Many cheaper razors have a plug, and when you use them, you’re attached to the wall. It works, but it’s not optimal.

A better razor has batteries, and you have more freedom in how you use the razor. A cordless razor is easier to manage, especially if you’re grooming your whole body.

Even better razors have rechargeable batteries. That way you don’t have to constantly swap out new batteries. That whole experience is a bit of a pain.

The very best razors have long-lasting, high-powered rechargeable batteries and no need for a cord at any point. Wireless charging helps steer into the waterproofing designs we already discussed, and keeping the entire thing cordless means that you never have to fight with a cord when you’re grooming.

On top of all of that, your battery provides ample power for a strong motor that can easily cut through your hair. It all comes together.

Smooth cutting

The Lawn Mower 4.0 head

Perhaps we should spend a moment talking about how the razor actually cuts your hair. Naturally, you want something that can easily get through your hair with precision and without tugging or pulling on it.

To accomplish that, you need two things: a fast motor and a sharp blade.

A fast motor is going to exceed 5,000 RPM (The Lawn Mower® 4.0 runs at around 7,000 RPM). With such a fast rotation speed, the razor can make cuts very quickly. Those fast cuts are generally better when trimming through thick hair. The rotation speed reduces the risk of clogging, jamming, and pulling hairs as a result.

As for the blade, there’s not a fun measure of blade sharpness that will help you in your decision. If the blade is sharp, it cuts through hair with ease. If the blade is strong, it stays sharp for a longer period of time. The best way to gauge a blade is to test it. If it cuts your hair well, then you know you’re in good hands.

Adjustable cutting lengths

Another important function is adjustability. Not all shaves are the same. Sometimes, you want to leave some hair behind, and depending on where and when you’re shaving, you might want multiple adjustments at your fingertips.

It’s pretty easy. Get a razor that gives you options.

Consider the features

LED lights

LED lights on a razor are great. They make it easy to see what you’re doing. That prevents shadows and body contours from hiding hair and presenting challenges that can make it difficult to get a clean, even shave.

This matters doubly when you’re doing full-body grooming. Some parts of your body are not easy to see, and you cast your own shadow in the way. Let’s just say that things can get awkward.

By simply putting an LED spotlight on the razor, you can overcome a lot of that and easily see what’s going on to get a great shave or trim.

Advanced safety features

Maybe we should have listed this first. The thing about razors is that they’re designed to cut coarse, thick, unruly hair (and they can cut fine, ruly hair at the same time). A blade that can get through your beard or your pubes is going to be able to cut your skin just as easily.

So, we all need a little safety in our electric razors. 

Advanced safety features are invaluable, and as you scour the internet for all of the most compelling options, you’ll find that the SkinSafe™ technology in The Lawn Mower® 4.0 trimmer is of the highest caliber. It protects your skin so that you can groom with confidence.

Travel lock

There are countless other small features that just help with quality of life. Rather than take you through every last bit of minutia that you might appreciate, we’re going to highlight one of our favorites.

For an electric razor, a travel lock is quite nice. You can activate the lock, throw the razor in your travel bag, and then forget about it until you need it. The travel lock prevents the razor from accidentally turning on in transit.

You no longer have to face that awkward scenario when you’re going through TSA and your back starts vibrating. You can also skip the frustration of getting ready to shave in your hotel room only to find that your razor’s battery is drained.

It’s a simple thing that stops a lot of annoyances.

Ceramic blades

The Lawn Mower 4.0

One quality feature that is hard to oversell is the use of ceramic blades. We already talked about why you need strong, sharp blades. They help with smoother, gentler grooming.

Ceramic blades are top-tier when it comes to sharpness and hardness.

Well, any blade should be sharp out of the box. The manufacturer can sharpen a blade as much as they want. Ceramic blades offer two specific advantages.

First, ceramics are very hard, and these blades actually go dull slower than steel blades do. Since they can hold an edge for longer, you get better grooming, and you don’t have to replace your blades as often.

The other advantage is that ceramic blades are 100 percent waterproof. There’s no such thing as ceramic rust. Even with stainless steel, the blades can get scratched and compromised, and the stainless steel will rust a little bit. That rapidly degrades the blade, and it’s a problem.

If you’re using a metal that is less water-resistant than stainless steel, then rust can become a problem even faster.

Meanwhile, ceramic blades are completely impervious to this problem.

Quiet motors

Shhhh, we’re trimming here. The last feature we’re going to highlight is all about mentality.

Plenty of electric razors have roaring motors. It makes them sound nice and powerful, but when you have to put the contraption next to your skin, you find that the deafening noise and heavy vibrations in your hand aren’t all that reassuring.

Instead, you can get a quiet razor. It feels better in your hands, and it doesn’t sound like you’re taking a chainsaw to your body hair.

We call our razor The Lawn Mower® because it’s a fun play on words. It’s not a reference to the noise pollution associated with shaving.

Think about the cost

Ok. We’ve covered function and features, and we spent a lot of time on all of that because it matters so much.

There’s another obvious thing to consider when you’re choosing an electric razor. How much does it cost?

We’re not here to lecture you on finances; we’re just going to remind you of a few key things.

The upfront cost does matter, but so do long-term costs. So, think about maintenance, replacement costs, and how much you use the device. When you factor in all of that, you can find an affordable razor that works well and lasts a long time. It’s a good long-term financial move.

Make sure you like it

Here’s the last thing to consider. You should get a razor that you like. Everything else is to help you figure out what you might want and how to choose from razors that seem equally good.

Ultimately, choose a razor that looks and feels the way you want it to. Make sure it performs how you like it. If you enjoy your razor, then you made a good choice. That’s the bottom line.



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