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How to Convince Your Partner to Shave Your Back Hair

As you learn and grow in your manscaping, you’re likely to hit a wall. It’s a challenge we all face, and there are no perfect solutions. We’re talking, naturally, about grooming your back. The kind of double-jointed insanity that is necessary to properly shave your own back is rare. That means you’re going to need help at some point. Professional waxing appointments are reliable, but some of us prefer to save that money. Besides, if you have a willing domestic partner in your life, why wouldn’t you want their help? This is as much for their sake as yours after all. In that spirit, we’re going to help you broach the topic. If you can convince your partner to shave your back hair, that’s one more of life’s challenges solved.

The Blunt Approach

Don’t try this without seriously thinking about it. There’s a fine line between blunt honesty and passive aggressiveness. The idea is that you want to shave your back for your partner’s benefit. Additionally, the job is done better with help. The key here is to not make it sound like your partner’s problem or fault. “I’m doing this for you, so you should help,” is wrong. “I want to do this for you, but I just can’t reach. Would you help me?” is much closer to correct. 

The idea of bluntness is that you can actually make it charming and endearing. Let your partner see you struggle a bit. Make a joke out of it. It’s still a completely straightforward request for assistance, but you’re putting effort into making it feel like something other than a chore. If you do it right, this will get the goal accomplished much more quickly than subtle hints or weird mind games.

 how to convince your partner to shave your back hair

Make it Foreplay

Disclaimer: this will not work for every relationship. One of the amazing things about sex is that it isn’t quite the same for any two people. Your relationship is in fact unique, so foreplay can be anything from the best to the worst idea. That said, if you think it could work, it’s pretty easy.

We often recommend not shaving in the shower, but this might be a fair exception. Shower foreplay can involve washing each other. Why can’t it also involve a little grooming? In the right setting, your partner’s gentle shaving can be a sensual experience that you both enjoy. And, if it works well enough, feel free to offer each other additional body parts for shaving. Just do what works for you!

Quid Pro Quo

This might be the most realistic way to get your SO to handle your back hair. Unless you really sell it, it’s probably not the most fun thing for them. In fact, it can be a little gross, conceptually speaking. A straight up trade might be your best bet. Creativity is the secret to success. Chances are most guys aren’t going to get to do a one for one trade. How many ladies need help shaving their backs (just one more way gay couples have it made)?

Maybe you’re trading chores. Dishes for back shaving seems fair enough. You might be trading other kinds of favors. Let her choose a date night. Offer her something in the bedroom that she likes but isn’t your favorite. Maybe she just wants a pizza. You have to know your other half, but if you can find the right carrot, you’ll have a smooth back for sure. 

Outright Bribes

Let’s piggyback (get it?) off of that last concept. In a quid pro quo, both parties feel like they’re getting fair value. That doesn’t always work. Your partner might feel like shaving your back is a lot more of a problem than it seems to you. After all, you’d do it yourself if you were physically able. When quid pro quo falls apart, you need to be ready to offer outright bribes. You might feel like you’re losing in the exchange, but that probably means he or she feels like they're winning. That’s a good thing, right?

 How to Convince Your Partner to Shave Your Back Hair


If they won’t listen to reason, then you’re going to have to play hardball. You have to make your back hair a big enough problem that they'll want to shave it. It’s the only way. Here are a few ideas to get your wheels spinning. You can use topical treatments to make your back extra furry. When it works, spend as much time shirtless as you can — especially in bed. A few nights of rolling face first into tufts of back fur might change his or her mind.

You can go even further. Dye your back hair an ostentatious color. Again, maximize shirtless time, but now you’re aiming for public displays. Get her friends to comment on your ridiculous back hair as much as possible. They'll break.

If none of that works, you might just have to threaten to go public with some of her embarrassing secrets. We’re not talking about going nuclear. Sharing dirty photos without permission is illegal. But, his or her parents or siblings might need to know about that embarrassing rash they had a few months ago. Better yet, maybe their loudmouth friend should be informed about some of her more ridiculous bathroom habits. There’s ammo in there somewhere.

Some of you are just too dense. This is satire. Don’t do these things. It’s a great way to end up single in a heartbeat. Except for dying your back hair. That might work.

But Is There Trust?

What’s that old saying? Talking him or her into it is only half the battle? That’s definitely true here. It’s great that you’re going to get some help, but not all of us are blessed with a partner who is also a surgeon. Some people have unsteady hands. Your back might be tougher than your balls, but you still don’t want a twitchy hand running a razor blade all up and down that surface.

The Lawn Mower 2.0

Necessity is the mother of all invention, and we anticipated some of these problems when we were designing our grooming tools. We already noticed that shaving your own back is tough, so we made a trimmer that is as foolproof as possible. It’s genuinely difficult to cut yourself with the 2.0, and that will translate to your partner lending aid to your back. He or she can use the 2.0 to get a surprisingly close trim across your back, and you won’t even feel a pinch. 

From the high-RPM motor to the flexible ceramic blades, the whole thing is intended to make trimming completely painless. If you can use it safely on your balls, it can be used safely on your back. It’s as simple as that.

A Razor’s Optional

Whether or not you need a razor depends on a few things. Most people know how to shave, but if you’re really not confident, it’s ok to skip this. The 2.0 got the job done. If you both want that extra-smooth finish, then The Plow can make a difference. She’ll need to learn how to use a two-edged safety razor. It’s different from standard leg shavers. Also, don’t skip the shaving cream/gel. You need a good lubricant. Other than that, she should be fine shaving your back. It’s not exactly complicated. 

how to convince your partner to shave your back

Have Fun in the Shower

The important thing is to follow up a back shaving like you do any other manscaping. You need that restorative shower. If the two of you shower together, great! Have her wash your back with some Crop Cleanser. If you’re on your own, do your best to gently massage the soap into the shaved area. It’ll keep you from having any irritation, and it’ll soften the hairs when they start to grow back.

Usually, this is the part where we remind you to use ball deodorant and Crop Reviver. Neither are necessary for your back. In fact, they’d be a little difficult to apply anyway. The restorative shower and a gentle drying session should take care of things without a worry. Congratulations! You now have a smooth back, and you and your partner were able to bond over the process. Well done.

Of course, a smooth back is only a part of the picture. If you want full-fledged manscaping, you still have much to learn. Thankfully, you should be able to handle most of the rest on your own (we’ll save ass work for another day). If you have any questions or doubts, you can find answers to all of your questions at We keep it stocked with goodies, so check in frequently.



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