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How to Get a Smooth Shave Manscaping

The idea of shaving one's balls usually goes one way or the other: some men are excited about the idea and all of the benefits smooth scrotum skin can bring; Others are averse to the idea of sticking sharp objects around their most prized, well...objects. We discuss this a bit in our MANSCAPED before and after piece. Rest assured, getting your balls into well-groomed shape doesn't have to be something that makes you cringe and hide under your couch. In fact, once you have the right grooming tools in-hand, and you understand the proper way to get a smooth shave, you may never go back to a hairy southern hemisphere again. 

The key is knowing what kinds of tools and products you need to utilize down below to get your balls looking and feeling their best. So, with this in mind, let's explore the ultimate way you can get skin-level smoothness after you've manscaped.

1. Leave Yourself Enough Time to Do the Job Right

How does MANSCAPED work? First things first—this isn't a task to be begun if you're under the gun in terms of time. If you're rushing out of the door and running to whatever the day (or night) holds, save your manscaping endeavors for another day. In instances where time is of the essence, a quick trim job with The Lawn Mower 2.0 will leave you looking tidy and feeling confident without over-doing the time that's left on your clock.

Your hair won't grow back insanely quickly, so you might consider shaving the night before a big date if your calendar's all full the following day. A night-before-shave can also give your skin time to absorb aloe vera and other after-shave essentials that are formulated to keep your sensitive spots healthy and hydrated after they've encountered a razor blade.

Once you've determined that you have all the time in the world to do your down-under justice, it's time to set up shop on your bathroom sink.

the lawn mower 2.0

2. Get Your Tools Ready

When it's time to take off your pubic hair, the last thing you want to do is get halfway done, only to discover that you're out of your favorite product or left your special razor at your girlfriend's house the night before. This is no time to leave the details to the last minute! Instead, set everything out that you'll need before you get started so you can easily reach for the next item on the list as you work your way down your manscaping regimen.

Here are the tools you'll want to lay out and have ready to go:

  • A floor mat. Do yourself a favor and make sure this isn't an afterthought item; you'll thank yourself when it's all over if you can simply grab Magic Mat shaving mat by the sides and toss it—and all of your recently-removed body fuzz—right into the trash without worrying about leftover pubes floating around your house or apartment for weeks to come. 
  • A trimmer. Never dive into the task of minimizing your mop before you trim the hedges first! Long body fur—whether it's chest hair, pubic hair, or fuzz that roots itself somewhere else on your body—should never be exposed to a razor when it's in its rogue form. Long hair that's gotten a little out of control is at risk of being pulled, stretched, tugged, and torn if you don't trim it first. If none of those words sound like things you want to happen around your willy, you're quite right! Take away a level of treachery by trimming your tree, chest, and anywhere else you'll put a razor before you find out why your razor should never be the first thing you reach forfor. Once you're all trimmed up, you can reach for the best razor for manscaping.
  • A high-quality body wash. Pull this guy out of the shower before you begin your manscaping session because the goodness that comes in a bottle of Crop Cleanser hair and body wash is great for pre-shave prep and post-shave cleanup, too.
  • Ball deodorizer. You don't really want your efforts to go to waste if nobody wants to go below your waist. Crop Preserver, MANSCAPED's solution to non-sweaty balls for guys everywhere, should always be applied after you step out of the shower and towel off or just before you put on a fresh set of boxers to start your day.
  • After-shave spritz. While the right tools for the job will help you eliminate unwanted friction and itchiness, you still want to make sure you complete the manscaping process by cooling your skin with an aloe-based aftershave that promotes optimum pH levels and reduces inflammation in your newly shaved spots. That's what Crop Reviver was designed to do. A quick spritz or two will keep your skin calm and give your high-friction areas a barrier of protection before you put on your pants.

manscaped formulations

2. Do a Quick Rinse

Your balls collect a lot of gross goo throughout the day and when you're sleeping. Even the cleanest guy gets bacteria down below. Before you set your blades into action, take a washcloth and some quality body wash to your lower half. A little warm water and some sudsing action will help clear the area so you can get a clean shave on freshly cleaned body parts.

3. Start with a Trim

Even if you plan to get a smooth shave with a razor, you still need to start with a trimmer. The shorter your pubic hair is, the easier it'll be for your razor to do the work it's supposed to do. Be careful not to trim with a razor that has circular, rotating blades. That's a recipe for rips and tears since your pubic hair is coarser and longer than other hair you might trim on your face or other places. You need a razor that cuts with a horizontal motion, taking the hair off as it glides over your skin, just as a good barber would do with a close trim on your head. 

4. Lube Yourself

Okay, you're not ready to go there just yet, but you do need to lube your skin up to ensure you get a nice, clean shave. Never try to shave your balls with dry skin! This is a warning you should heed from the beginning, but if you dare try to give it a go, you'll soon learn why it's something you should never do!

Shave oil is not only a substance that enables you to track your progress as you make strokes with your razor; it also plumps the hair, which makes it easier for the blade to grab onto. Beyond this, it nourishes the skin, helping to combat irritation and discomfort while you complete your manscaping mission.

5. Get Into Position

This is the most uncomfortable—yet, perhaps most important—part of getting a smooth shave. When you're getting your balls to go bare, you're working with hard-to-reach areas that are also sensitive and filled with blood vessels that have no qualms with telling you when you've nicked the skin.

Prop one leg up on the toilet so you can grab one testicle at a time. Pull the skin as taut as you possibly can while still being reasonably comfortable. Begin shaving in short strokes, working from the back of your balls to the shaft in slow strides. Take care to rinse the razor after every swipe or two to get the hair out of the blades. Repeat with your other leg on the toilet.

6. Go Slow

Yes, we mentioned this before, but when it comes to your balls, it's worth mentioning again. Take your time and give your guys your full attention!

7. Work Your Way Down the Pelvic Bone

Once the hard stuff's out of the way, you can start back toward the top of your waistline and work your way down. This will give you some relief after you've been standing in an awkward position for a while. If your skin's super sensitive, or if you've never manscaped before, start by going with the grain. You can go against the grain after you've gotten used to the process.

8. Shower

how to get a smooth shave manscaping

Step in the shower to get rid of the rest of dirt and grime on your body, as well as those leftover hairs. Crop Cleanser's formulation is intended to soothe freshly shaven skin to keep it calm and cool with aloe and sea salt. 

9. Finish Up

With your skin smooth and ready to go, all you need to do is towel off, rub some ball deodorant on your boys, and spritz a few sprays of after-shave to combat any unwanted irritation or itchiness that may occur.

MANSCAPED is a universe that's filled with all the tools and products men need to properly take care of their pubes and pelvic regions. Whether you're starting from scratch and need to employ the power of one of our kits to get you going, or you simply need blade replacements to ensure you don't cause unwanted nicks and scrapes to your sensitive parts, you'll find everything you need at our online store. Peruse our products and make purchases 24-hours a day!


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